Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hacker News stories for 9 PM on Thursday May 03, 2012

0.996 Machine Learning in Python Has Never Been Easier comments

0.986 Dustin Moskvitz: Y Combinator’s “No Idea” Round Bad for Silicon Valley comments

0.984 Startups Party at the Patent Office comments

0.942 Python Programming Trivia comments

0.882 Accel Big Data Conference Ticket Giveaway comments

0.857 The Looping Problem, Using Python Iterators comments

0.824 What startups can learn from Astro Boy comments

0.812 Best Practices & Lessons Learned from 30,000 A/B and Multivariate Tests comments

0.800 Luck and the entrepreneur comments

0.779 10 Startup Lessons from James Brown comments

0.774 Samsung Galaxy S III: 1.4GHz quad-core, 720p 4.8”, 4G LTE comments

0.756 QuickCheck for Node comments

0.734 Kindle Sales Plunge Made’s Gross Margin Look Better comments

0.717 Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone unveiled comments

0.712 Lava’s XOLO X900, Intel Atom (1.6 GHz) based smartphone comments

0.640 Identifying polygons with a genetic algorithm comments

0.637 Review our super duper Ruby SDK, find a bug win a prize comments

0.616 Awesome interactive scale: How do you compare to nano particles? comments

0.610 A pessimistic, yet insightful, look at the future of Facebook comments

0.598 Osama bin Laden didn’t use encryption: 17 documents released comments

0.594 Quantum Computers to Simulate Reality Better? comments

0.592 Want a job at Pinterest? Launch a Pinterest campaign on Pinterest comments

0.566 The Life Cycle of a (Mozilla) Crash comments

0.549 The Decline and Fall of the Library Empire comments

0.538 Researcher Causes Endless Restart Loop on Samsung TVs comments

0.533 cvdazzle: Camouflage from Computer Vision comments

0.525 Here’s The Latest Incubator Class At Utah-Based BoomStartup comments

0.506 Multiple var statements in JavaScript, not superfluous comments

0.495 Insights in Human Knowledge, From the Minds of Babies comments

0.467 Gear Obsession comments

0.467 ‘EA Indie Bundle’ ruffles feathers comments

0.467 On Tiger Moms comments

0.467 ‘Designed for Humans’ comments

0.467 The Activity Feed comments

0.461 Geeklist’s 1st Hackathon comments

0.432 Interesting presentation of the scale of the universe. comments

0.431 The “Beauty” of Internet Company Accounting comments

0.427 Getting the closest string match comments

0.426 Oh My Zsh comments

0.417 13-year-old finds mistake in Metropolitan Museum of Art map comments

0.402 Digital Dominance: Learn to code. Now. comments

0.400 Why OpenPhoto will defeat Flickr and Picasa comments

0.398 Matterport: create 3D models of spaces and objects in minutes comments

0.392 LinkedIn Is Buying SlideShare For $119 Million comments

0.388 Real time clock comments

0.342 Small Investors May Get to Own a Bit of Facebook comments

0.341 The Mozilla Corp. Cheat Sheet for New Employees comments

0.329 How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal comments

0.316 Git Subtree merged into mainline git comments

0.303 Super PAC Man Gobbles Up Regulators’ Time, Patience comments

0.300 Pitchaholics Anonymous comments

0.296 Startups: For The Love of the Game | Om Malik comments

0.294 Top 6 Best Accountants on TV comments

0.276 Facebook’s numbers comments

0.250 J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon agrees with Occupy comments

0.250 Pottermore Review comments

0.246 Extensive list of .js toolkits for visualization comments

0.244 HootSuite to raise $50 Million from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google comments

0.240 Evernote raises $70M at $1bn Valuation comments

0.233 kodeincloud - Heroku for HTML5 comments

0.232 Happy Star Wars Day - May the fourth be with you video comments

0.201 Lasting value comments

0.171 Computational Journalism Reading List » Borasky Research Journal comments

0.164 Getting started with HTML 5 and JavaScript comments

0.120 Google’s Search for Clean Energy comments

0.097 Rate my name comments

0.093 We built Instapaper for Music at Music Hack Day Sydney comments

0.070 3 Ways to Access Your Linux Partitions From Windows comments

0.068 The Tech Investment Metric System — A New Type Of “Gram” comments

0.068 Windows 8 to support Dolby Digital Plus audio codec comments

0.064 Facebook CEO to take home $1B on IPO day comments

0.059 Ask HN - Small cool niche conferences worth attending comments

0.052 Facebook’s valuation for IPO will be lower than initially expected comments

0.030 Update on killing of elderly black ex-Marine by police: no charges will be filed comments

0.029 Hacker forced largest poker forum offline on April 26th - still down comments

0.018 Show HN: A Random Wiki Page Every Day (via RSS) comments

0.010 Skype Hack Reveals Users’ IP Addresses comments

0.002 Ask HN: Would you use this app? comments

0.002 Ask HN: What feature should I add to my job tracker web app? comments

0.001 Ask HN: Interested in porting a game to Android and splitting revenue/IP 50/50? comments

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