Friday, May 4, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 AM on Friday May 04, 2012

0.964 Vert.x – JVM Polyglot Alternative to Node.js comments

0.857 RIAA Behind US Government’s Failed Domain Name Seizure comments

0.801 This week in Scala (04/05/12) comments

0.783 Singapore Startup Demo Day Pitches comments

0.719 Should the CIO Know How to Code? comments

0.701 Facebook’s ownership structure comments

0.662 Writing a jQuery plugin in CoffeeScript comments

0.625 What Mobile Developers can learn from Game Studios comments

0.619 Steal my startup idea: Rent-a-mum comments

0.613 Ranbir and Shahid Kapoor Reluctant to Work with Sonakshi Sinha comments

0.565 What the real online storage should be comments

0.507 Overpriced Developer Conferences comments

0.467 Gs and MoreRubySource comments

0.455 Joss Whedon Interview on the Avengers comments

0.421 Arianna Huffington vs. AOL comments

0.392 Chiclet Keyboard on Upcoming Thinkpad X230? comments

0.377 Computer Repair New york comments

0.375 Analyzing your Gmail with Matplotlib comments

0.373 The Only 300 Words You Should Read Today comments

0.343 Q&A with Chris Granger (ibdknox), creator of Light Table IDE comments

0.302 RIM stock price falls to eight-year low following BlackBerry 10 reveal comments

0.301 Why Real-time Collaboration? comments

0.281 CSS: The Good Parts comments

0.167 Startup scene in Eastern Europe is steaming hot Weekly update. comments

0.089 Apple finally acknowledges OpenStreetMap data use in iPhoto for iOS comments

0.083 Are Mobile Devices repeating PC History? comments

0.066 When a billionaire trader loses his edge comments

0.044 Malicious apps hosted in Google store turn Android phones into zombies comments

0.006 Show HN: temporal extensions for PostgreSQL, with Active Record in mind comments

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