Monday, May 7, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 AM on Monday May 07, 2012

0.934 How to set up your own Pirate Bay proxy comments

0.934 Just Do One Thing Really, Really Well comments

0.931 Future U: Classroom tech doesn’t mean handing out tablets comments

0.931 Tips for maximizing your exhibition time in TechCrunch’s Disrupt Startup Alley comments

0.928 Y Combinator’s “No Idea” Round Isn’t a Bad Idea, It’s Awesome comments

0.924 Battle To Change The Future Of Brain Research comments

0.923 Magnetic bacteria may be building future bio-computers comments

0.885 Future U: Classroom tech doesn’t mean handing out tablets comments

0.870 What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 2 – P2P Has No Effect on Music Sales comments

0.856 Positive Signs at #BBWC and #BB10Jam Bode Well for RIM comments

0.854 All you wanted to know about our billing system and even more comments

0.852 Functional Programming at Facebook comments

0.852 Young women stil the best Internet bait. Lessons from ESPN’s blogger scandal comments

0.848 How do you know if someone is great at data analysis? comments

0.848 What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 4 – MPAA Preserving It’s Oligopoly comments

0.843 Pirate Party joins Schleswig-Holstein parliament comments

0.817 Synesthesia may explain healers claims of seeing people’s ‘aura’ comments

0.789 It’s easier to learn hacking than find a hacker for your startup. comments

0.788 The dead dream of the dirigible (airship) comments

0.781 How to get 4x the performance out of Heroku with Unicorn comments

0.772 Gevent For the Working Python Developer comments

0.765 The Wacky Cold Email That Got Us an Instant Meeting With a VC. comments

0.757 What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 1 – Litigation a Failure? comments

0.756 Going multithreaded on Heroku with jRuby comments

0.752 How to avoid null statements in Java comments

0.741 Boltzmann brains comments

0.736 Daily chart: The sun never sets comments

0.727 Armed police raid McAfee founder, kill dog comments

0.720 What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 3 – RIAA Suppresses Innovation comments

0.715 Experience of a Singularity University course attendee comments

0.699 Hacking work: How to break the rules to work better comments

0.693 Exercises in democracy: building a digital public library comments

0.693 US judge sanctions Samsung, kills important defense against Apple comments

0.692 Fábrica dos Milionários - uma enganação? onde estão os milionários? comments

0.678 Could Technology Tame the Internet Meme? comments

0.670 The Future of Web Design Looks Very Promising comments

0.665 The Funniest Graph I’ve Ever Seen About Why the Euro Is Totally Doomed comments

0.662 Writing and Speaking, inspired by PG’s essay comments

0.659 Why work in a startup? comments

0.658 Why Do Our Best and Brightest End Up in Silicon Valley and Not D.C.? comments

0.656 Quantum computers are leaping ahead comments

0.656 My brain can’t handle OOP anymore comments

0.651 Hiring in tech start-up comments

0.621 Consolidating the Online Content Experience comments

0.620 Note on Unix Philosophy comments

0.614 Blueseed startup ship of dreams has hundreds knocking at its door comments

0.602 Evernote will set up a data centre in China comments

0.600 VFX roll call for The Avengers comments

0.600 CEP Sparks the Database Deathwatch comments

0.599 Doublelinx, an online marketing platorm, opens to sellers comments

0.585 How Gaming Companies Are Trying To Be The Next Draw Something comments

0.566 DocTrackr: file tracking “for paranoid people by paranoid people” comments

0.553 Real programmers comments

0.545 Test comments

0.545 Automating boring testing activities with tox comments

0.537 Windows 8 won’t play DVDs comments

0.530 JavaScript Pubsub / Observer Pattern in CoffeeScript comments

0.529 The Black RNG Engine comments

0.528 The Theory That Could Explain Emergence, Organisation And The Origin of Life comments

0.522 I Am Not a Ninja or a Rockstar comments

0.511 Yesterday’s gone comments

0.510 How dopamine impacts your willingness to work comments

0.510 Dopamine impacts your willingness to work comments

0.500 Biofuels On The Brink in Europe comments

0.495 Fancycwab’s Law of Stan Lee Cameos comments

0.495 Totango Accelerates Revenues for Engine Yard Customers comments

0.489 How to Record your Y Combinator Application comments

0.488 Neal Stephenson Responds With Wit and Humor comments

0.477 To IDE or not to IDE comments

0.477 Avengers, Assembled (and Visualized) comments

0.476 Zuck WaY comments

0.476 Ample Way comments

0.474 Philips’ new 100W-equivalent LED bulb runs on just 23W comments

0.467 Friv Y8 comments

0.467 Doramad Radioactive Toothpaste comments

0.467 甲沟炎 comments

0.460 The Pivot: The Moment Where Startups Change or Die comments

0.455 Interview with FounderFuel’s GM, Ian Jeffrey comments

0.455 How DigiCash Blew Everything comments

0.444 XKCD - Every Major’s Terrible comments

0.432 State Bank of Me comments

0.417 Halo 4 release on Nov 6th: using gaming to influence elections comments

0.415 Ben Folds Five Funding New Album via PledgeMusic (KickStarter for Bands) comments

0.406 AMD’s Chuck Moore has passed away comments

0.385 Best Business comments

0.384 91 Ways to become the Coolest Developer in the World comments

0.381 Are Hungry Bears in Yellowstone Attacking Humans for Food? comments

0.375 Evernote Acquires Penultimate comments

0.370 Something has hijacked my Google comments

0.365 Using JSON in PHP comments

0.363 What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 5 – Loss Less Than $2 Per Album comments

0.360 Apple’s Lion Security Hole Could Be A Wider Issue Than Just FileVault? comments

0.359 The Lazy Man’s URL Parsing comments

0.315 Forbes: Does the Internet Need a Global Regulator? comments

0.315 Google “instant answers” is live. And it’s terrific. comments

0.302 Google Code Jam 2012 Round 1C comments

0.289 Microsoft creates Kinect-like system using your laptop speaker & microphone comments

0.286 Brazil retailer using Facebook likes… on its clothing hangers comments

0.284 20 years of SMS, now serving 4 billion people comments

0.283 Has The Lean Startup Methodology Produced Results? Depends On Who You Ask comments

0.281 Rise of the Brogrammer comments

0.281 ISS ready for new zero-g experiments, students asked to float ideas comments

0.280 ShopLocket: An Ecommerce Solution to Solve a Personal Problem | 21times comments

0.278 The tech world’s Willy Wonka comments

0.268 Detect DOM Node Insertions with JavaScript and CSS Animations comments

0.268 JQuery Plugin for Responsive images comments

0.259 Abercrombie pays US$1 million per month in rent. Burberry is paying $850,000. comments

0.255 Gmvault: gmail backup. Liberate your emails comments

0.250 Access panels comments

0.250 Apple’s inspirational note to new hires comments

0.248 Pkgconf - a rewrite of pkg-config for embedded systems comments

0.247 Walking EVERY mile in your user’s shoes comments

0.244 RIM takes shots at Apple and iPhone owners with new campaign comments

0.244 Which Site is America’s Most Engaging Social Networking Site? comments

0.238 Why working prototypes attract investors comments

0.238 NASA Space Pen Story. comments

0.230 Today’s Stockholders’ Letter comments

0.219 Evernote acquires handwriting app Penultimate comments

0.212 Is your user interface culturally insensitive? comments

0.206 Apple reportedly to release US$799 MacBook Air in 3Q12 comments

0.203 Redwood Robotics Brings Big Names to Next Gen Robot Arms comments

0.201 Naqeshny: A Social Network for Debating comments

0.199 NASA and ESA confirm hacks by ‘The Unknowns’ comments

0.186 Evernote Buys Penultimate. comments

0.180 What the requestAnimationFrame API Should Have Looked Like comments

0.175 The Technology Behind Couchbase comments

0.174 What you Really Need to Know About WordPress & SEO comments

0.161 Finland’s Alekstra is quietly building the first Global Virtual Network Operator comments

0.157 Arduino around the world – Africa comments

0.155 Socialcam App’s Bad Behavior comments

0.155 Facebook IPO Roadshow comments

0.153 Icelandic Anger Brings Debt Forgiveness in Best Recovery Story comments

0.140 $106million thanks to Angry Birds comments

0.124 GitHub Live comments

0.119 Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps - Web Based Apps vs. Native Apps comments

0.115 The Maturation of the Billionaire Boy-Man Mark Zuckerberg comments

0.114 Opa Event-driven non-blocking strongly statically typed web with JavaScript comments

0.106 Hangouts On Air Launches to Google+ Users Worldwide comments

0.096 MasterCard:Singapore,Canada,US,Kenya And S. Korea Most Ready for Mobile Payments comments

0.090 Security Review - creating secure php login script comments

0.067 A jQuery plugin that adds keyframe based events for CSS animations comments

0.066 Evernote Acquires Handwriting App Penultimate comments

0.065 Picture Tube: Render Images on the Terminal comments

0.062 Ask HN: Is startups cooler than science? comments

0.060 Surveillance cameras so strong they can zoom in to read text messages comments

0.056 Experimental 3D page layout inspired by Flipboard comments

0.050 How to manage the FileVault password hole in OS X 10.7.3 comments

0.049 Google Play 15Billion downloads. comments

0.049 Apple dominating Android with 84 percent of mobile gaming revenue comments

0.046 DBMS Research: First 50 Years, Next 50 Years pdf comments

0.044 Upload Files To Google Drive/Docs via Email comments

0.042 Groupon CEO Andrew Mason to Stockholders: OS for eCommerce comments

0.038 Google+ Hangouts On Air: broadcast your conversation to the world comments

0.036 This Is All Your App Is: a Collection of Tiny Details comments

0.034 Blekko Confirmation Email lands in Gmail Spam comments

0.034 This Week in Location Based Marketing #76: PunchCard, PayPal + why QR codes suck comments

0.033 Show HN: Publishing a 700 page e-book in 4 seconds comments

0.031 Ask HN: Thoughts on 4GL Code Generators? comments

0.025 Make your Google+ looks like pinterest! comments

0.021 Google Facebook On Mobile, But 4 Of 5 Mobile Media Minutes Spent In Apps comments

0.014 Show HN: Javascript operating system comments

0.011 I appeared on CNN this morning to talk about why I’m not buying Facebook (CISPA) comments

0.011 Startup Deck is now available for Android thanks to iPG comments

0.009 Make The iPad Enterprise-Friendly: Mobile SharePoint Collaboration comments

0.008 SMS Flash as gesture based notification for Android apps in full screen comments

0.008 Ask HN: How do you prefer to anonymously receive money? comments

0.007 Show HN: How The Web Can Be Used for App Discovery. comments

0.006 Show HN: HackerNew for Chrome comments

0.005 Ask HN: Browser/Mobile Bank Interface Technology? comments

0.002 Taking Your Mobile Local- Using Kinvey for Location Based iOS Apps comments

0.001 Personal Takes Its Secure Vault For Your Private Mobile data With iOS App comments

0.000 Show HN: New Today, My First iOS App comments

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