Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 PM on Wednesday May 02, 2012

0.952 EBook Review – Guide To: Learning Python Decorators comments

0.934 This is how you actually teach people to program comments

0.912 If Peas Can Talk, Should We Eat Them? comments

0.820 63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of comments

0.817 Stride: Simple, Quick, Beautiful Deal Management - The Industry comments

0.807 Seesmic: We’re “Passing The Torch” To DoubleDutch On CRM comments

0.782 Online Haskell typechecker comments

0.766 What’s a Free Software Non-Profit For? comments

0.758 Kim Dotcom: Inside the Wild Life, Dramatic Fall of the Nerd Who Burned Hollywood comments

0.751 Harvard and MIT Create EDX to Offer Free Online Courses comments

0.741 The Girl Effect comments

0.676 Mouse Gestures retired from Gmail Labs comments

0.669 Discover: Improved personalization algorithms and real-time indexing in Twitter comments

0.663 Free Corporations For First Time Entrepreneurs comments

0.658 India’s Ambitious National Identification Program comments

0.646 Mutant-flu paper published comments

0.633 The Scale of the Universe 2 comments

0.625 Cloudflare Outage Post-Mortem comments

0.593 Dreamweaver CS6 w/ PhoneGap Build comments

0.589 The Frustrating Tale of Convincing People to Pay for Online Subscription comments

0.561 Arguments By Analogy are Fallacies comments

0.509 Recyclable Furniture Is What All Young Nomads Need Genius comments

0.500 Pull Hard comments

0.484 HTML5-based MeeGo successor Tizen hits 1.0 milestone comments

0.464 Do we really need a start-up incubator (or) an investor for a software product? comments

0.455 Spherical Cows on Fedora names comments

0.444 The Decline and Fall of ‘Draw Something’ comments

0.442 Summer of Code at Twitter comments

0.438 Has the fat lady already sung about CSS vendor prefixes? comments

0.385 On the need to use error-correcting memory comments

0.363 Execution Speed As Competitive Advantage comments

0.345 The Netherlands introduces new law concerning marijuana comments

0.343 ‘Iceman’ Mummy Holds World’s Oldest Blood Cells comments

0.336 Walmart’s Foundation Gives $71 Million to the Environment comments

0.330 Founding philosophers comments

0.299 Rdio launches in the UK and France comments

0.297 Announcing, an open-source mechanism for social discovery. comments

0.291 Don’t Make Me Steal comments

0.269 A new way to organize your life comments

0.266 Help My Stylesheets are a Mess (CSS best practices) comments

0.251 Private repositories generally available in Gitorious comments

0.222 Yelp $27.4M in Revenue But 3x Net Loss comments

0.199 Windows Live service agreement comments

0.191 Launch of to compete with Pinterest and Tumblr comments

0.146 Making Data Pretty - Beauty is in the Data, not the Tools comments

0.130 WAT, A lightning talk by Gary Bernhardt (Video, worth it though) comments

0.119 Second Layer - bringing social to websites. comments

0.118 Do you need a BA, MA, MBA, JD and PhD? comments

0.060 Russian mafia doubles cybercrimes to $2.3 Billion comments

0.047 Ask HN: Going Viral… comments

0.018 Google Docs adds 450 fonts and 60 templates, sadly includes Comic Sans comments

0.016 15-Year-Old’s App Turns iPad Into A Windows-like OS comments

0.014 Ask HN: communicating a set of positive responses to a user survey? comments

0.011 The World’s First Shoppable Music Video comments

0.009 Show HN: tries to solve the problem of what I’m cooking tonight comments

0.006 Ask HN: Find out where all of your mobile app installs are coming from. comments

0.003 Bizarre internal Apple video shows Steve Jobs rallying the troops against IBM comments

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