Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 AM on Wednesday May 02, 2012

0.994 Four Performance Bottlenecks for Machine Learning Applications comments

0.975 DoT.js playground: fastest templating for Node.js and browsers comments

0.959 A..program & the programming language can’t be..copyrighted (COJ EU) comments

0.954 After Testifying in Oracle-Google Trial, Scott McNealy Speaks Out comments

0.954 Paul Tyma - How to get your resume “Silicon Valley Ready” comments

0.937 Best Machine Learning Video Lectures On The Internet comments

0.920 What the Heck? Did someone just get a patent on “managing appointments”? comments

0.875 Mining the Sky is a BIG Deal comments

0.875 Five Minute Vimscript comments

0.872 Pirate Bay enjoys record traffic on the back of news that UK ISPs must block it comments

0.859 RESTful Drag & Drop with Rails and Multiple Models comments

0.853 Blizzard to take up to 15 percent of Diablo III real-money auction house sales comments

0.850 Fck Grad School. I 10 Products in 1 year.]( comments

0.850 MIT/Stanford VLAB: Office Hours for Startup Founders comments

0.839 Technical Debt - Why You Should Care comments

0.834 Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert comments

0.833 Trying the Stand-Up Desk comments

0.828 10 Products in 1 year. comments

0.813 Code rant: The Database As Queue Anti-Pattern comments

0.802 Are desk jobs killing us? comments

0.793 We Rejected Dan Shipper (And What I Learned About Hiring) comments

0.792 The F-word in court comments

0.784 I’m having a domain name garage sale. comments

0.782 You don’t need Testers - Or do you? comments

0.773 7 Tips For Marketing With A $0 Budget comments

0.767 Hitchhiker’s guide to high-performance with netsniff-ng comments

0.765 PressNomics 2012 : The Economics of WordPress Conference comments

0.765 12 Ways To Increase Throughput By 32X And Reduce Latency By 20X comments

0.761 After 2 Years Of Pivots, ShowMe Has 500,000 Lessons Being Added Every Month comments

0.759 The UK’s battle for open standards comments

0.746 ISPs Improve Their DNS Hijacking and How to Stop It comments

0.743 The dark side of Internet marketing comments

0.740 The Worst Data Breaches of the Past 5 Years: Part 1 comments

0.738 Easy tricks for improving performance of a site (ASP.Net MVC) comments

0.716 The 2012 list: 13 hot french entrepreneurs under 30 comments

0.712 Know a Delay: Nagle’s Algorithm and You. comments

0.695 Amazon Gets Into the Sitcom Business comments

0.688 The Lead Engineer should be the Release Engineer comments

0.664 Breakthrough Science Says Gas Fields Make Lousy Habitats. comments

0.647 How startup made Russian clone back down comments

0.643 Stop solving problems you don’t yet have comments

0.640 On Saving Lives, Money, and Reputation - We’re making a difference comments

0.630 What The Open Compute Project Means To Me comments

0.624 Confidence vs. Overthinking comments

0.622 Snowy Evening Bug Tracking - Easy for clients, Powerful for developers comments

0.621 It’s 2012 and every company should offer flex time comments

0.619 Financial planning made ​​easy. comments

0.613 Jessica Alba and the Rise of Startups as Charity comments

0.605 Clickfree Founder Says Never Expect to Raise Financing comments


0.594 Look, Men Shop Online, Too comments

0.591 The dark side of in-app purchases: EA shuts down Rock Band for iPhone comments

0.587 Protesters Plan to Destroy GM Wheat Crop Research comments

0.581 Why having an MBA is a negative hiring signal (for startups) comments

0.579 Goodbye mashups: welcome to API applications comments

0.578 Learn iOS design tips and tricks with our weekly newsletter comments

0.566 120,000+ computer narrated Wikipedia image slideshows comments

0.556 A walkthrough of the SSL certificate signature process comments

0.555 Tumblr launches Sponsors comments

0.536 What every programmer should know about memory, Part 1 comments

0.533 Socialcam #1 comments

0.533 Foursquare partners with OpenTable comments

0.528 Technology, Politics, Money, Data - Travelling Salesman Movie comments

0.525 Google Teaches Employees To ‘Search Inside Yourself’ comments

0.522 Hakin9 Magazine May Issue Released: Cloud Computing comments

0.522 Enough With Google+ification, Says Wil Wheaton — YouTube Doesn’t Need It comments

0.510 European Founders at Work comments

0.506 The 5 dumbest VC deals getting done right now comments

0.504 How To Increase Your Powers of Observation comments

0.504 Hipstamatic creates lens for photojournalist Ben Lowy comments

0.500 Focus. Focus. Focus. comments

0.500 A unified inbox for maintaining relationships comments

0.500 Europe selects 1bn-euro Juice probe to Jupiter comments

0.500 Sigrok - Cross-platform, Open-Source Logic Analyzer comments

0.488 Code of Duty II comments

0.488 Just My Type comments

0.476 Airbnb Commits To SF By Signing a 10-Year, 169,000 Square Foot Lease comments

0.471 What Online Social Networks May Know about Non-members comments

0.467 L’arme absolue comments

0.467 Itty Bitty Sub Torpedoes Oil Slicks comments

0.467 Drones invade campus comments

0.467 GRANJA ROSENDO comments

0.467 Anneler Günü Hediyesi comments

0.467 Coder Wall comments

0.467 A Cartography of the Anthropocene comments

0.467 Borrowing in Rust comments

0.462 Change Wordpress Autosave Settings comments

0.461 Science fiction no more: The perfect city is under construction comments

0.455 European privacy police say Google “duped” them over Street View comments

0.455 The unlikely commercial success of Sword & Sworcery comments

0.453 Nine rules to live by in college comments

0.432 Computer-forensics firm proves Turkish gov’t faked documents to convict enemies comments

0.430 WTF is CISPA? comments

0.427 Mapping Wikipedia: the world as dots comments

0.421 Multi-threaded QuickSort vs single-threaded Quicksort vs std::sort() comments

0.409 Zerg Rush: How to influence Google comments

0.403 Spindlytext: a library for writing in the sky with the Google Earth API comments

0.401 Public commenting on the JOBS Act is open comments

0.400 Washington Post Hiring Digg Tech Team. Digg’s not done, but close. comments

0.396 Grading The Online Dating Industry comments

0.391 Tristan Walker leaves Foursquare for Andreessen Horowitz comments

0.387 MIT Green Building Display plugin interface comments

0.377 Purchased copies of EA’s Rock Band for iOS ‘no longer playable’ after May 31 comments

0.376 Timedb, a lightweight, high-perf RRDtool-like time series data base comments

0.373 Gmail doesn’t recognize email addresses at fully qualified domains comments

0.371 Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s Salary is just $756 comments

0.363 Remember the Telephone comments

0.351 Google’s BigQuery provides big-data analytics in a hosted offering comments

0.347 Turing was right comments

0.343 Food Trucks Come to the Workers comments

0.338 Multiprocessing, multithreading and evented I/O: the trade-offs in Web servers comments

0.333 BlackBerry WebWorks +1 for PhoneGap comments

0.333 Crowdsourcing Demand comments

0.328 Travis CI - Announcing Pull Request Support comments

0.318 Local First comments

0.310 Digging into Facebook hate comments

0.306 A weekend hobby project : hashedOut comments

0.305 Rule #2: Don’t give your customers what they ask for comments

0.304 Stop Sharing Session State between Multiple Tabs of Browser comments

0.303 Porn Surfing Is Safer Than Browsing Religious Sites | WebProNews comments

0.300 ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber comments

0.294 Pinstagram: This Could Be Huge comments

0.282 Is Valve Too Good to be True? comments

0.280 Zerply Gets 600k to Jazz up Professional Networking comments

0.278 The digital age promised vast libraries, but they remain incomplete comments

0.249 Bubbles vs Growth comments

0.249 A Stock Exchange for Your Personal Data comments

0.240 Secure Coding Practices for Middleware pdf comments

0.238 Android Fragmentation: Good Or Bad For Consumers? comments

0.228 Intel researchers plot a smarter, personalized cloud comments

0.227 M-Pulse #14: Mobile development trends in Africa comments

0.225 59% of apps don’t make enough to recoup development costs comments

0.221 Cloud Computing Basic Concepts Interview Questions comments

0.219 Pebble watch gets its first app partner: RunKeeper comments

0.213 Amazon’s HPC cloud: not for HPC comments

0.205 Celebrities should to startups over charities to leave their mark on the world comments

0.204 SPDY : An Application Layer protocol by Google comments

0.203 Engulf, A Graphical HTTP Benchmarker written in Clojure + D3.js comments

0.194 Purchased copies of “Rock Band” for iPhone to become unplayable comments

0.191 Who Believes In Facebook? comments

0.185 Improve Accessibility of Forms with User Input in ASP.NET comments

0.184 Taverna: an open source and domain-independent workflow management system comments

0.174 Millennials: The Greatest Generation or the Most Narcissistic? comments

0.170 Eventual Consistency on S3: How soon is eventual? comments

0.160 PHP C Extension Framework comments

0.159 Microsoft to offer $99 Xbox 360 with $15 subscription comments

0.156 First Release of Intel and Samsung’s Linux Phone Platform comments

0.154 Controlling a website on your desktop browser from your mobile using WebSockets comments

0.154 Burbank based Rovi is looking for a UX Researcher comments

0.147 Apple Business Profiles - Mission: Cats comments

0.140 I sell services. What the #$% does the customer buy? comments

0.139 Mnesia – new chapter in comments

0.135 HTML5 Development For ASP.NET Developers comments

0.135 BlackBerry 10, webOS and the platform predicament comments

0.130 Facebook Opens Up Hardware World With Magic Hinge comments

0.126 Customizing VLC 2.0’s Mac interface. How to get rid of playlist or sidebar? comments

0.125 SQL Query Interview Questions Using SQL Server comments

0.122 Making A Easy-To-Setup $50 Linux Multi-Seat Computer comments

0.121 Stock exchange for personal data comments

0.121 Look Out Pair, Cupple Is Out To Break Up This Cosy Private Sharing Party comments

0.115 Text Ascii Art Generator comments

0.115 Steganography: how al-Qaeda hid secret documents in a porn video comments

0.112 How Hacker News Saved My Startup comments

0.108 Forbes with quotes about Reddit from CEO Yishan, NDTyson, Ken Jennings comments

0.105 Errors vs. Bugs and the End of Stupidity comments

0.101 Distant Exploding Nova Recorded by Space Satellite comments

0.083 The iPhone is the new arcade comments

0.080 Facebook, Google… Let’s not be friends comments

0.079 Ask HN: Who is going to ‘Work at a Startup 2012’? comments

0.078 WeightHacker: losing weight for hackers comments

0.077 Show HN: a minimal Lisp with closures, macros and gc in 1400 lines of C comments

0.076 Amazon Cloud Drive Desktop App comments

0.075 How the Blind Are Reinventing the iPhone comments

0.072 EA’s $4.99 Rock Band iPhone Game to Stop Working on May 31st comments

0.072 DB2 Express-C 10 is now out comments

0.070 Show HN: We built a local, social, disruptive coupon platform. comments

0.063 block now in effect for UK Virgin Media customers comments

0.058 FREE Learning iOS Development Screencasts on YouTube comments

0.052 Scalability of Gamooga (a realtime messaging backend for apps) comments

0.050 Google’s HTML/CSS Style Guide (announced on Webmaster Central) comments

0.047 Report: Microsoft to offer $99 Xbox 360 bundle with online service commitment comments

0.037 Blackberry’s $10,000 app guarantee to developers comments

0.036 Detailed Look into iPad Application UI Design comments

0.036 Looking for directory list of every incubator (incl equity and cash avail) comments

0.034 Spotify launches iPad app comments

0.034 Show HN: Tasskr. Re-written for the 5th time. comments

0.034 ShopLocket Announces Support for Stripe, helping bring Stripe to non-developers. comments

0.033 Ask HN: Are you using MonoTouch/MonoForAndroid? comments

0.032 $99 Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle launching next week with two-year subscription comments

0.030 EA Disabling Rockband for Paying Customers on iOS comments

0.030 Spotify iPad app comments

0.028 First ever image of a flat torus in 3D comments

0.027 Clean Google Search: Chrome Extension comments

0.024 OS X Mountain Lion Preview updated with Do Not Disturb feature comments

0.004 Ask HN: Do they really build an MVP in a weekend? comments

0.003 Why iOS apps look better than android apps comments

0.002 Vungle Hustles Its Way Into $2M Seed Round For Mobile App Video Trailers comments

0.002 Amazon Cloud Drive Desktop App for Windows and Mac comments

0.002 Amazon cloud drive desktop app for windows and mac comments

0.001 Weebly W07 Adds Slick iOS App To Its Quietly Huge Web Site Creation Business comments

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