Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 AM on Wednesday May 09, 2012

1.000 How can I go about applying machine learning algorithms to stock markets? comments

0.988 Update on scikit-learn: recent developments for machine learning in Python comments

0.987 MongoDB emerges as a NoSQL leader comments

0.981 Functional programming in C# comments

0.975 What happens when people can pick their own price for a product comments

0.933 Joe Justice from Team Wikispeed on the Future of Manufacturing (and Consumption) comments

0.913 My Take on Haskell vs Scala comments

0.823 Applying Cybertechniques to Urban Problems comments

0.822 How To Create a Simple Virus comments

0.766 Better PostgreSQL backups using WAL archiving comments

0.729 Dylan’s Desk: How Mechanical Turk can help you find your next startup idea comments

0.721 Steal Your Startup Design from the Best comments

0.703 The Twitter Attack That Wasn’t comments

0.687 French StartupMyBee: Intelligent payments the easy way comments

0.674 Great Pacific Garbage Patch has increased 100-fold since the 1970s comments

0.635 Netherlands first country in Europe with net neutrality comments

0.628 Things “Everyone Knows” comments

0.617 An Effort to Bury a Throwaway Culture One Repair at a Time comments

0.610 RESTful services as intelligent websites comments

0.606 Here’s Everything Tim Armstrong Is Doing Wrong SLIDE DECK comments

0.595 The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Web Designer comments

0.571 Post-Recession Consumer Trends comments

0.563 Y U No Support SPDY Yet? comments

0.530 We are moving from decentralized to centralized social media, not the reverse. comments

0.526 Reldb, database for relations and dependencies comments

0.489 Beautiful Websites comments

0.467 The laziness paradox comments

0.467 The Experimentation Layer comments

0.467 Aspartame Poisoning comments

0.467 Golf comments

0.467 Roger vivier e boutique comments

0.467 Peek into CSS4 comments

0.465 Beginning of the end for bufferbloat comments

0.463 Burden for Some or Blessing for Many? comments

0.453 Will somebody please disrupt Poetry already comments

0.443 Apache 3.4 released comments

0.427 Skydrive currently supports only 150,000 files comments

0.407 NZ’s TelstraClear advertises Net Neutrality infringement comments

0.363 Combining In-Person and Remote Research comments

0.362 Viber Founder Threatened with Arrest comments

0.333 DNA seen through the eyes of a coder comments

0.310 Analysis on leaked Twitter passwords (May 9, 2012) comments

0.282 Should Zuckerberg have worn a hoodie to Wall Street? comments

0.279 When Path Met Pinterest comments

0.259 Odd analyst mocks Zuck’s hoodie comments

0.255 Amazon announces RDS for SQL Server comments

0.218 So many messages, so little time comments

0.215 Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec: Get advance access to my new book now comments

0.214 Http:// comments

0.166 Google+ notifications arriving in Gmail will spice up the cloud wars comments

0.147 Why you should ALWAYS Cc someone comments

0.135 How Goldman Sachs Blew The Facebook IPO comments

0.135 How Goldman Sachs blew the Facebook IPO comments

0.126 Pair (YC W12) is getting sued comments

0.124 The Real Reason They Still Play ‘Mrs. Robinson’ On The Radio comments

0.124 Hacker Jobs Meets… Douglas Squirrel - comments

0.119 A separate mobile website: no forking way comments

0.112 Bugs cost billions. Let’s do something about it comments

0.107 ‘Angry Birds’ Now a $100 Million Business comments

0.061 How I brought HTML5 to the Space Quest Creators’ Kickstarter comments

0.039 New iPad to hit 30 more Countries this Weekend comments

0.025 Triposo’s Mobile Travel Guide Now Actively Recommends Your Next Destination comments

0.011 We Tore Down the San Francisco Embarcadero Freeway for THIS?? comments

0.004 Ask HN: Any indie mobile app developers doing consistently well? comments

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