Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hacker News stories for 9 AM on Sunday May 06, 2012

0.988 How did Ruby and Python prevent fragmentation while ML and Lisp did not? comments

0.931 Tips for maximizing your exhibition time in TechCrunch’s Disrupt Startup Alley comments

0.923 Why memes matter (or what I learned at ROFLCon) comments

0.906 The Lengthening Arm of Uncle Sam’s ‘Pirate’ Justice comments

0.890 Xperf Wait Analysis–Finding Idle Time comments

0.878 Python in operator explained comments

0.861 MUST WATCH:Dwolla Founder Ben Milne Reveals How To Court Programmers comments

0.833 11 best places to start a business comments

0.828 Implementing a Custom Tree Model in Ember.js comments

0.790 The genesis of the perfect programming language comments

0.778 The Education Revolution Cometh comments

0.768 7 Business lessons from Caine’s Arcade comments

0.756 How to run a hack day and not take the piss comments

0.733 Growing Mistrust of India’s Biometric ID Scheme comments

0.723 Test PAC’s ad against SOPA sponsor Lamar Smith. comments

0.695 Android Widget Tutorial: Using Threads For Asynchronous Tasks comments

0.686 What are the best hackathons in London? comments

0.679 Jewel - Manage DOM elements like they’re ActiveRecord models. comments

0.675 Down Argentina Way comments

0.668 Website Automation with Python, Firefox and Selenium comments

0.667 The Outsourced Life comments

0.642 Nobody Seems to Understand What Jeff Bezos is Doing. Does He? comments

0.639 Social Media Beginner Jobs comments

0.631 Technique for Producing Ideas (circa 1939) comments

0.607 CyanogenMod 9 Nightly Builds Are Alive comments

0.601 DCPU-16 Toolchain binary release on 12th May comments

0.593 Using Photoshop is writing code comments

0.571 The Ultimate Retro Console Collectors’ Guide comments

0.567 How to deal with difficult customers? comments

0.555 A round peg fits better into a square hole, until dimension 9. comments

0.533 CodeIgniter is dead, apparently. comments

0.533 Blogger BlogThis - Saved comments

0.500 Low Budget DIY comments

0.500 Leaving Wall Street comments

0.489 A blog on distributed, scalable, software systems design and development. comments

0.484 Ceres: solving complex problems using computing muscle comments

0.476 Apple Legacy Filevault Hole comments

0.474 Putting Plans to Work: Best Practices for Hackathon Demo Days comments

0.472 Never write more than two pages on any subject comments

0.470 Patent covering Reactive Extensions? comments

0.467 Gel Cleanscell. | Sci Center Thai comments

0.467 Sci Center Thailand comments

0.467 Cel Fixtion. | Sci Center Thai comments

0.467 Sci Center Thailand comments

0.461 The Recession’s Invisible Victim is Trust comments

0.444 The Bank of Apple: Using Capital to Ensure Additional Capacity and Supply comments

0.438 Why checking all your links HTTP Status is important | Monitor Backlinks Blog comments

0.429 The Physics of Spilled Coffee comments

0.427 What I Want My College Graduation To Be Like comments

0.426 Disqus 2012 and The State of Online Commenting comments

0.421 IQueryable Vs IEnumerable comments

0.419 Facebook COO: ‘Our dream is to save lives’ comments

0.413 Google Penguin Creates Mass Unemployment in India comments

0.379 The Samsung Galactic Empire comments

0.375 US pipeline industry under “major cyber attack” comments

0.351 Common HTTP Header Error codes and fixes | Monitor Backlinks Blog comments

0.333 Face the Nation comments

0.333 Retrospective: Second Sight comments

0.328 JSON versus PLIST, the Ultimate Showdown comments

0.310 Bertrand Russell’s 10 Commandments for Teachers comments

0.310 Tiszafüred szállás comments

0.308 Pinterest, circa 1600 comments

0.302 Backbone.offline allows your Backbone.js app to work offline with localStorage comments

0.301 What is SPDY? comments

0.297 Eventbrite API Gotchas comments

0.297 Redis monitoring with simple nodejs web app comments

0.284 Alerts: Cyber attack aimed at pipeline industry - CS Monitor comments

0.281 A laptop with a wired detachable touch screen comments

0.281 Apple extends MobileMe 20GB of free storage until September 30 comments

0.264 Microsoft has $60b in cash while Nokia’s market cap is just $12b comments

0.263 CGit, Nginx and Arch Linux comments

0.255 Global typographic styles suck comments

0.253 3 Signs That It’s Time To Quit Your Job. comments

0.243 Facebook “linkbait” for security developers comments

0.236 The Nature of Type Design in the Digital Age comments

0.234 Fermat’s Last Theorem (BBC Horizon documentary) comments

0.229 Launchy - Launching cross-platform applications in a fire and forget manner comments

0.217 A tale of openness and secrecy: The Philadelphia Story comments

0.216 Sloppy shipping leads to new treatment path for eye disease comments

0.201 How Etsy Helped us Deploy comments

0.199 How Verizon tried to unsell me an iPhone comments

0.196 Electronic Arts to Produce Games for Linux comments

0.184 The great Google storage price hike of 2012 comments

0.180 Live until your dying day comments

0.165 Why I will always love RSS comments

0.162 Fexl now uses setrlimit to impose safe limits on child processes. comments

0.161 Friendly Numbers comments

0.132 Everything Allen needed to know about Windows 95, all on one page. comments

0.123 A trip through the Graphics Pipeline 2011 comments

0.114 Introducing BrainFearGone, listen to their awesome music. comments

0.112 Ubuntu updates per week. comments

0.109 Job Offer at Google… Take or Not? comments

0.101 (Trailer) Thanks for your support of Steve Jobs — The Lost Interview comments

0.090 Hackers Attempt to Blackmail Belgian Credit Provider comments

0.088 Nightclub security uses Facebook for identification comments

0.085 Is Google Burying Firefox With User Agent Strings? comments

0.078 Spheres and Plane Sections of the Cylinder - 3D geometric drawing with TikZ comments

0.064 Why Big Game Publishers Make Sucky Apps (Hint: It’s You) comments

0.064 Ask HN: Solutions to stop the pop under plague? comments

0.052 Buffett and Munger won’t buy Facebook stock comments

0.052 Sunday hack: Instagram / Google maps mashup - feedback? comments

0.043 Enhancing Touch Interaction on Humans, Screens, Liquids, and Everyday Objects comments

0.032 Video Stabilization on YouTube comments

0.023 Show HN: Interests based social network pre-launch comments

0.021 Ask HN: Hiring a PHP developer familiar with Code Igniter framework comments

0.021 Ask HN: Any cool startups in Amsterdam hiring? comments

0.013 Show HN: My first web app - Rankique - Save money & time, while shopping Online comments

0.009 Ask HN: Experienced programmer, beginner to iOS (objective-C). Where to begin? comments

0.007 Ask HN: Map-based Application vs. classic layout comments

0.001 Steve Jobs played FDR in internal Apple corporate video comments

0.000 Tell HN: I am selling my recurring revenue web app for $7.5k comments

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