Friday, May 4, 2012

Hacker News stories for 10 AM on Friday May 04, 2012

0.964 Code aging:Can a computer program age? comments

0.936 EU rules that computer languages cannot be copyrighted comments

0.865 DIDO Interference Cancellation Explained in Patent comments

0.815 Is Memcache recommended when using mongoDB as database? comments

0.813 Samsung Galaxy S3 specs and features comments

0.773 If You Want People to Like You, Then Kill Yourself comments

0.770 “Learning Go” Book comments

0.723 The High-Heel Bubble never popped, and the Education Bubble may not either comments

0.704 Molecular biologist tells story of greatest Rube Goldberg machine ever built comments

0.703 Pypal, a Pythonic PayPal IPN library comments

0.700 GCC and static analysis comments

0.700 Using AlchemyAPI for semantic analysis and text mining comments

0.696 Monitor: An open-source Robo-Surgeon comments

0.655 Japan’s Last Reactor Shuts Down This Weekend comments

0.641 How To Make A Scrum/Kanban/Whatever Magnet Out Of A Champagne Bottle comments

0.627 The boomlet in financial services startups - one VC’s perspective comments

0.607 Light Table creator: “I’d like to see someone like O’Reilly take an interest” comments

0.606 Internal coding sprints at startups comments

0.605 Free ebooks: Great content from Microsoft Press that won’t cost you a penny comments

0.602 When a stream is just a trickle: LastGreatThing: one item a day, no archives comments

0.595 Calling All Startups: TechCrunch New York Just Posted Office Hours comments

0.549 Ask HN: Best place to find short-term Python/Erlang gigs/contracts? comments

0.500 Understand comments

0.500 Your move, HTC comments

0.467 Corporate Culture for Introverts comments

0.439 The undecidability of the halting problem is not very important comments

0.437 Fun Programming: Videos for learning creative programming comments

0.432 Pipistrel Slovenia wins first prize in NASA Green Flight Challenge comments

0.429 Nilay Patel and T.C. Sottek of the Verge AMA on CISPA comments

0.407 Jim Henson’s Violent Wilkins Coffee Commercials (1957-1961) comments

0.401 Start-ups: Fewer launches, less hiring, declining importance? comments

0.396 Your Next Gadget Might Be Packaged in … Mushrooms? comments

0.371 Who Will I Know There? comments

0.363 The YouTube Experiment comments

0.352 Raising a seed round? Get some armor. comments

0.348 Worlds Longest Invoice comments

0.320 Drop-in open source library for crazy UITableView animations comments

0.300 New college grads stay clear of startups comments

0.294 Personal injury lawyer comments

0.241 Startup Speed Dating: VeloCity Style comments

0.238 Meet the Zipcar for electric scooters video comments

0.210 Task Management Web app Sandglaz API released comments

0.199 to produce its own TV shows comments

0.160 The Vignelli Canon comments

0.146 HTML5 spinner/scroller engine comments

0.137 Monetizing News: The Newsonomics of Pricing 101 comments

0.096 You Design It, They Do It comments

0.096 Ruby Motion Samples - Write iPhone Apps In Ruby comments

0.082 WCGridView, simple grid view and controller setup for iOS comments

0.053 Video Friday: Robot Termites, Dust Puppies, and Serious Social Issues comments

0.051 Show HN: Find and rescue struggling Kickstarter projects closing soon. comments

0.045 Is mark zuckerberg a risk factor for Facebook IPO? comments

0.039 New Keyboard Method for iPad comments

0.034 Ask HN: “Preferred Domain Availability Notification” - Is it bait? comments

0.005 Show HN: My Weekend Project (Turn a website into a set of PDF’s) comments

0.004 Hacker News ★ (HN iPhone Client) comments

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