Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hacker News stories for 12 PM on Wednesday May 02, 2012

0.989 Node.js - Convincing the boss guide comments

0.987 Questions from Oracle v. Google jury hint at copyright violation comments

0.985 5 things Entrepreneurs should learn from Indian Movies comments

0.984 EU Court of Justice: No Copyright on Computer Functionality or Languages comments

0.982 Programming languages not copyrightable, rules highest EU court comments

0.977 John Carmack on Functional programming in C++ comments

0.971 The Perfect Milk Machine: How Big Data Transformed the Dairy Industry comments

0.970 Building It Is Not Enough: 5 Practical Tips On User Acquisition comments

0.964 In Southern Italy, Fake Euros That Even the Police Admire comments

0.957 Nokia cites 45 patents in lawsuits against HTC, RIM, Viewsonic comments

0.945 Megaupload Prosecution Is Lawless and Unconstitutional, Law Professor Says comments

0.940 How to build a news aggregator with backbone.js - Part 2 comments

0.915 4 Ways to Get Feedback on Your Idea Before You Even Build It | 21times comments

0.913 How to run a tech startup comments

0.908 Implementing a RESTful Web API with Python & Flask comments

0.903 An Internet business working backwards: building a web start-up in Zimbabwe comments

0.900 Why Amazon Reserved Instances don’t make economic sense for startups comments

0.893 Welcome to Spectral Python comments

0.893 Why There Are No Bosses at Valve comments

0.890 From the Internet of Things to the Internet ON Things. comments

0.879 Nokia launches patent lawsuits against HTC, RIM and ViewSonic comments

0.879 The Ballerinas of Silicon Valley comments

0.869 Wikipedia Meets Politifact: Stats of the Union, Collaborative Fact-Checking comments

0.867 Scala for the Intrigued comments

0.861 Confusing/irrelevant Python errors comments

0.861 Reasons Why You Need to Teach a Skillshare Class comments

0.860 Building A Social Network for Productivity (Hojoki) comments

0.850 Obsolete communications law stifles innovation, hurts consumers comments

0.847 Spray - a node based load testing framework comments

0.836 File-sharers look to VPNs as alternative to Pirate Bay comments

0.822 LASER 2012: Summer School on Innovative Languages for Software Engineering comments

0.813 Tutorial: developer mode of OpenAphid comments

0.795 Quantum Entanglement Can Reach Into the Past comments

0.771 Network programming with Go comments

0.767 Tictrac lets you track all your activities in one place comments

0.753 ‘Facebooks’ for Companies Beef Up comments

0.748 A graphic timeline of high speed Internet in the U.S. comments

0.744 Avoid VCs like the plague comments

0.738 Can Energy Startups Be Saved? comments

0.733 Install Cyanogenmod 9 On HTC One X–Easy Tutorial comments

0.726 The First Ever Data Scientist comments

0.718 Ditch The Community Manager. Hire The Community Analyst comments

0.705 Why Are Physicists Hating On Philosophy? comments

0.691 Harvard and MIT team up to launch $60m edX for online learning comments

0.691 Former Cricket Asif to be Released Tomorrow from British Jail comments

0.689 How To Raise Startup Funding in Atlanta comments

0.685 The unintended product experiment we had this monday comments

0.679 Sell more software with actionable techniques that actually work comments

0.678 OpenBSD 5.1 Release comments

0.674 Boots closes 160 of its photography labs as demand for film processing dries up comments

0.662 Mag.js - German JavaScript Magazine comments

0.662 Interview with James Ward, Developer Evangelist at Heroku comments

0.651 Oracle Releases Java 7 comments

0.643 Sony: Internet video service on hold due to Comcast data cap comments

0.640 New York City Sets Social Media Rules for Teachers comments

0.636 Irish News Paper funding startups to disrupt its own business comments

0.636 The Great Ars Cloud office suite shootout comments

0.630 You’re not at the cutting edge and that’s fine comments

0.625 Lawyer: Student likely owns falling bear photo, not newspaper | Poynter. comments

0.624 Harvard, MIT to announce online learning project comments

0.622 MIT’s STAR: Cluster - open source cluster-computing toolkit for EC2 comments

0.611 Experiments underestimate plant responses to climate change comments

0.608 NameCheap Closing in on 3 Million Domains Registered comments

0.604 Space-X Launch Delayed Again comments

0.603 Firefox Australis: One browser interface to rule them all comments

0.600 Call 347-776-8001 for Dial-A-Poem comments

0.600 EdX - Harvard & MIT comments

0.591 The Big Doubt Over Facebook’s IPO comments

0.578 Testing Intel SSD 520 comments

0.571 Handling Situations comments

0.571 Reasonably-Priced And Greatest Level Of Quality comments

0.563 Measuring CPU Utilization in Embedded Systems comments

0.562 The top 35 startups Techcrunch missed out on for April 2012 comments

0.561 When you are undecided on a difficult decision, flip a coin. comments

0.556 Learning to App: Course Hero comments

0.554 Startup Looking for Rails Enthusiasts comments

0.554 Gosling: Fears Over Consequences of Possible Oracle Trial Win Overblown comments

0.546 Yahoo Launches Online Marketing Dashboard For Small Businesses comments

0.541 Amazon’s HPC cloud: supercomputing for the 99% comments

0.534 Big Maconomics: How McDonald’s Explains the World comments

0.533 Monster beats by dre NFL Detroit Lions headphones comments

0.531 Gosling: comments around Oracle v Google comments

0.522 News & Social Media. Relevancy & Content Localization | Māris Antons comments

0.521 Google Plans Google+ Hangouts with top Silicon Valley Figures comments

0.517 MIT and Harvard announce edX comments

0.512 Google Wins $35 Million U.S. Government Contract Over Microsoft comments

0.511 Why we chose Composer for managing dependencies in PHP comments

0.510 Flock caveats, implementing locking and job sequences comments

0.500 A Tale of Ten Hobbies comments

0.500 followup Quantified Self: Vitamin D in the Morning & Sleep comments

0.500 Berkeley Wins the Simons comments

0.500 The Cab Ride I’ll Never Forget. comments

0.496 A Rebellion at the Federal Reserve? comments

0.488 Snooze energy-efficient cloud manager is available as open-source comments

0.484 Oracle Vs Google side effects: Mind the Gap comments

0.475 The Big Picture Trumps Technology Every Time comments

0.471 What does Twitter know about me? My .zip file with 50Mb of data comments

0.468 Ridiculously Effective Technique for Online Lead Generation comments

0.467 منتديات رأس الوادي نت comments

0.467 NounProject comments

0.467 John Poisson on the genesis of Wantful’s mass-customized gift catalogs comments

0.448 Even Most Secure-Seeming Computer Is Shockingly Vulnerable to Attack comments

0.447 The Google Hack That Could Be The Antidote To Search Engine Spam comments

0.438 Online Reputation - Directory Listing comments

0.433 Show HN: Our startup got featured on HN and BetaList: Statistics, comparison. comments

0.429 Shallow inside Meteor comments

0.422 PHP - Some strings are more equal than others comments

0.420 Interview with the inventor of email comments

0.417 Getting insights into your userbase comments

0.393 PrintdownCSS: print down your markdown comments

0.381 My ongoing evolution as a programmer (A college student’s story) comments

0.375 Spotify Error Page comments

0.367 What every developer should know about burnout comments

0.365 How we use Pull Requests to build GitHub comments

0.359 Solving OutOfMemoryErrors - APM tools as a solution? comments

0.354 Harry Potter’s diary inspires self-writing blood paper comments

0.343 A Story on a Concurrency Bug in a Missile Launch System (2007) comments

0.337 ITunes: Enabling “Show in iTunes Library” comments

0.321 Lights, Camera, Action: How Social Media Changes the Entertainment Experience comments

0.317 Gmail lab feature ‘Mouse Gestures’ no more? comments

0.317 The world’s best adventure beer festival comments

0.308 Analog SMS Texting from Moleskine comments

0.299 Show HN: Million Short Day 3 - Version 3 - SiteBoost Feature comments

0.299 Bing design = retro Google? comments

0.297 Doppio: a JVM written in CoffeeScript comments

0.287 IOS: fully automated JSON - CoreData model parsing comments

0.286 WebGL Grand Theft Auto comments

0.286 Czech History: An unprecedented use of Facebook Timeline comments

0.279 How Enemies Power Innovation comments

0.276 Suggestion: use Facebook auth for government transactions comments

0.271 Commercialization of TCP/IP - a historical perspective from an insider comments

0.259 Amazon Cloud Drive for desktop comments

0.257 UK to make academic research available free on the net comments

0.257 To Do What You Love, Quit What You Don’t comments

0.248 Face recognition is good news for the police, but bad news for privacy lovers comments

0.238 The Story Behind #CorporateGreed Hashtag Campaign on Twitter comments

0.233 Twilio Rising: Microsoft Inks Deal to Offer APIs To Azure Developers comments

0.230 Flapping Robotic Birdplane Lands Right on Your Hand comments

0.230 Netcraft Web Server Survey for May comments

0.228 Secrets to Lightning Fast Mobile Design comments

0.222 Android 4.0 ICS Growth Disappointing comments

0.217 Google is making a huge and annoying mistake. comments

0.214 This beta will revitalize democracy comments

0.211 Assassination Politics for Diablo 2 & $1m Bounty for D3. Can Game Devs Resist? comments

0.210 Richard Clarke on Who Was Behind the Stuxnet Attack comments

0.209 Tumblr Finally Wants To Make Some Money, Launches Its First Ads comments

0.209 Does Gmail leak the contents of my email via ads? comments

0.201 Prezi Passes 10M User Mark, Debuts New PowerPoint Importer comments

0.193 GPU Technology Conference 2012 - this month in San Jose, CA comments

0.192 Choosing a Tool to Monitor Your Network comments

0.192 Pong in AugmentedReality + webgl in 100lines of JS Hot comments

0.189 Dropquest II: The Future is Now comments

0.179 What Makes an Awesome Command-Line Application? comments

0.174 Google Drive CLI interface comments

0.174 When Will This Low-Innovation Internet Era End? comments

0.171 80% of App Developers Don’t Make Enough Money to Sustain Business (infographic) comments

0.160 Ask HN: What CS topics are schools not teaching? comments

0.152 Capturing that Magic Moment: A Hint of the BlackBerry 10 Camera Features comments

0.151 DIY your demo/explainer video using Keynote comments

0.150 Pebble gets its first app partner: RunKeeper comments

0.150 Home Sweet Home Screen: My Home Screen is Updated comments

0.148 Blackberry to give $10,000 incentive to build apps(with conditions) comments

0.138 Launched my new Startup Yesterday, Here’s how the first 24 hours went comments

0.133 Blackberry 10 “Perfect Moment” camera feature.. comments

0.132 Confused in Class? There’s an App for that comments

0.130 Pick: the best defination for your trade comments

0.126 Ask HN: Who’s going to Work At A Startup 2012 comments

0.115 ThemeFurnace – a Hot New WordPress Theme Store comments

0.095 Apple Working With Dropbox To Resolve App Rejection Problem comments

0.091 Cloud services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone: Windows Live, reimagined comments

0.065 Show HN: Authority: ORM-neutral, OO Rails authorization comments

0.063 You’ll never believe how LinkedIn built its new iPad app comments

0.062 Dropbox: Useless for documents using utf8 ( Non english users ) comments

0.055 Apple’s iOS head sold 95% (worth $38.7M) of his stock on Friday comments

0.051 Ask HN: Increased HD failures after Taiwan floods? comments

0.050 Ask HN: How long is too long for a startup domain name? comments

0.048 4 Questions That Keep Users From Using Apps comments

0.048 Watch Steve Jobs play FDR in Apple film, circa “1984” comments

0.048 SpaceX Forced to Delay Launch to Space Station comments

0.047 Pinterest for porn. Share your porn picture. comments

0.046 DEV, NYC’s New Seed Fund For Digital Media Startups, Announces First Investments comments

0.044 Video Spoofs Tim Cook’s Convergence Putdown: Froaster comments

0.039 Interesting Directives in PHP.ini (For hackers and devs) comments

0.036 Ask HN: What one thing would make NYC more friendly for startups? comments

0.036 Spotify For iPad is Music to Our Ears comments

0.035 Google Updates Google Docs With 450 New Fonts, 60 New Templates And More comments

0.031 Opera Mobile Emulator build with experimental WebKit prefix support - Dev.Opera comments

0.026 Show HN: Cap’n Crunch & Hacking (Cereal Hack) comments

0.020 Show HN: Gas Up Today or Tomorrow? (Couldn’t sleep, built this) comments

0.018 Microsoft sends GitHub DMCA shutdown for Skype open source project comments

0.016 Jailbroken iPads can now multitask apps comments

0.015 Ask HN: What is the job-market like for a GWT (and GAE) expert? comments

0.015 Show HN: Our weekend project - comments

0.012 Ask HN: When do you read HN? comments

0.011 Facebook football game I Am Playr hits 1m monthly active users comments

0.008 Spotify is now on iPad comments

0.007 Show HN: Dropbox Apps can be cool - comments

0.007 Ask HN: Why can’t I login to HN using Lynx? comments

0.005 Please help a desperate hacker: Looking for an apartment in NYC comments

0.001 Amazon launches Cloud Drive desktop app for Mac, Windows comments

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