Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 PM on Thursday May 10, 2012

0.982 Trying Something New (My Week With Node.js) comments

0.975 OMG, is Amazon going to kill tech blogs too? comments

0.942 How To Build A Startup From A Beach comments

0.942 Got a Startup in Latin America?. Think twice before going to Delaware. comments

0.940 The Pirate Bay Proxy, an Open Internet and Censorship. comments

0.915 Why doesn’t anyone want to build companies anymore? comments

0.914 Twitter Fights Back Against NY Judge’s Sweeping Order comments

0.885 Government asks: when can we shut down wireless service? comments

0.876 Channel9 Gamifies Azure with Visual Studio Achievements Program comments

0.874 Joel on Simplicity comments

0.873 Groupon expands beyond deals with rewards program comments

0.870 Welcome to the Future Nauseous comments

0.863 Sahil Lavingia (Gumroad) at BigOmaha: Build products to scale yourself comments

0.845 How to migrate to Office 365 comments

0.842 Re: Blogging to learn comments

0.839 Improve Productivity By Being Yourself comments

0.839 Richard Stallman speech in Barcelona canceled comments

0.836 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Why We’re Definitely in a Bubble comments

0.831 Http.async.client - Asynchronous HTTP Client - Clojure comments

0.820 What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You? corrected link comments

0.818 Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson says he never gave company a resume comments

0.818 Judge moves to limit 3rd phase of Oracle v. Google comments

0.808 Memo to Would-Be Members of the 1%: Move to the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic comments

0.805 How economic growth (and the 1%) left the middle class behind comments

0.800 Web Analytics: Don’t Just Use Them comments

0.799 3 days before elections, largest German state censors Pirate Party from the net comments

0.792 My first product, 3 months after comments

0.780 Modo Labs CEO Talks Future of Mobile and Education Tech comments

0.779 When Developers Go To Great Length To Save Typing 4 Letters comments

0.778 Calif. students rank 47th in science comments

0.777 What the airline industry can teach us about broadband caps comments

0.761 My own private Internet: .secure TLD floated as bad-guy-free zone comments

0.751 Ten Commandments of Twitter Communication for Companies comments

0.745 PhD holder forced to go on food stamps comments

0.721 Wikipedia Sucks? comments

0.720 Will we get off our high horses? On Testing and Startups comments

0.713 Farmeron Raises $1.4 Million in Seed Funding comments

0.693 PowerTOP v2.0 Released comments

0.691 A simple electromechanical computer that you print on a makerbot comments

0.686 Level 9999, how to teach an AI to design awesome platform levels comments

0.674 I’m a former Miso engineer and the founders screwed me out of 10k comments

0.671 Fred Wilson And The Death Of Venture Capital comments

0.656 Wi-Fi-Blocking Wallpaper Keeps Your Signal In, Intruders Out comments

0.655 Building your own 6502 computer comments

0.649 AMD-converted JavaScript libraries for the browser comments

0.648 EuroDNS promo: .EU domains for €0.99 until May 22nd comments

0.630 Comparing Dedicated Server Hosting with VPS and the Cloud comments

0.627 Microsoft bans Firefox on ARM-based Windows, Mozilla says comments

0.625 Videos “Machine Learning with Real-time and Streaming Applications” comments

0.615 Management OData and PowerShell comments

0.605 Leica Monochrom M Camera announced comments

0.600 Pandigital SuperNova 8 comments

0.595 Richard Stallman collapses, ambulance called comments

0.590 Abstracting click and tap events in PhoneGap using Backbone and CoffeeScript comments

0.587 Get Upselling Solutions On Revenue Management, Strategic Selling comments

0.585 Programming iOS 5 by Matt Neuburg comments

0.585 Technical analysis of some “new” DPRK ICMBs comments

0.580 Backbone refactoring: moving presentational logic out of the model comments

0.575 Hawk’s Nest Live Webcam (University of Wisconsin-Madison) comments

0.571 10 Startups Changing the World And What We Can Learn From Them comments

0.566 Launches with the complete Essential Mix collection comments

0.556 Running QUnit tests sequentially / order comments

0.552 Startup launch PR is a tool to gather data comments

0.551 Mommy, how did Daddy become a zombie? comments

0.547 Hostage negotiation (aka buying a domain) comments

0.543 Judging Books by Their Opening Lines comments

0.534 throwing an error - what is it? comments

0.534 Is Enron’s Accounting Method About To Become The Standard For All Businesses? comments

0.530 CS183 Notes - Traffic So Far comments

0.517 Great Artists Steal comments

0.515 YouTube View Distribution Graph April – May 2012 comments

0.512 I was wrong about Joy Christian comments

0.504 RESTful interface to comments

0.503 Creative Link Building for Ecommerce Sites comments

0.500 The lies we tell ourselves comments

0.498 Companies With The Worst Customer Service comments

0.497 A good site to visit when pre-drinking/pre-gaming comments

0.490 Slowpal - 5 days in. 150 users. 1 million transactions indexed. comments

0.489 Randomgram - A simple Instagram random photo picker comments

0.487 In Tennessee it’s now illegal for kids to hold hands comments

0.486 Signing Up Using Facebook PHP and JS SDK - Virendra Rajput comments

0.485 Remedial Javascript (re: inheritance) comments

0.472 FTC Launches Probe Into Facebook-Instagram Deal, Could Delay IPO comments

0.467 NCombinator comments

0.467 NCombinator comments

0.467 PL/coffee - Coffeescript in Postgres comments

0.465 10 Multi Million Dollar Data Security Snafus comments

0.461 Your data is always wrong comments

0.456 Notes from the Ubuntu Developer Summit comments

0.455 Diseconomies of Scale comments

0.446 Two Things Everyone Should Know About HTML5 comments

0.444 Podcast Interview With Jason Cohen (Smart Bear / WP Engine) comments

0.432 Read between the lines comments

0.432 Why Windows Classic on ARM Matters comments

0.429 Your aaS Looks Big - 8/10 companies using multiple clouds]( comments

0.429 Hackatrain: The 1st Hackathon Inside a CTA Train in Chicago comments

0.429 Perfect Cookies comments

0.414 “Shiny New Toy Syndrome” comments

0.412 Pinstagram comments

0.410 Apple iPod iTunes Antitrust Litigation comments

0.409 Work with Spreadsheets and Excel file formats using SaaSpose.Cells API comments

0.409 A simpler, faster more social SoundCloud comments

0.401 Wikispeed: How A 100 mpg Car Was Developed In 3 Months comments

0.391 Number 2 is number 1 comments

0.388 Counterintuitive, but true comments

0.384 Who needs the scientific method: Atul Butte at TEDMED comments

0.377 RubyMotion Book comments

0.376 Using D3 Without SVG comments

0.363 FDA cracking down on x-ray exposure for kids comments

0.355 Owning Your Words: Personal Clouds Build Professional Reputations comments

0.346 Fun Ad for Entry Level Developer comments

0.344 ACM Classic C.S. Books Series comments

0.338 FTC probing Instagram/Facebook deal comments

0.334 J.P. Morgan Flags $2 Billion Trading Loss comments

0.333 Artificial Pancreas Helps People With Diabetes comments

0.314 Fake Grassroots Campaign Against Wind Industry Exposed comments

0.312 The plumbing layer as the new kernel comments

0.306 What’s Burning Man got to do with Udacity? comments

0.293 GNOME Design Update, Part Two comments

0.291 Born a new way company comments

0.286 Let’s Increment i, Logic Gate Style comments

0.276 Drawbridge Comes Out of Stealth With $6.5m in Funding comments

0.276 Facebook Rolls Out File-Sharing for All Groups EXCLUSIVE comments

0.266 Bungling ICANN will reveal “.vegas”, other names in June comments

0.266 Open access publishing should not favour those with deep pockets comments

0.257 Danger moment for Apple and speculative tech industry comments

0.254 Electronic Arts “Open Source” website comments

0.251 What Zuck should have acquired instead of Instagram comments

0.251 TV Broadcasters Warn of Huge Industry Shakeup If Aereo Isn’t Stopped comments


0.250 Buy black ops comments

0.249 Anonymous Targets Russian Sites For Putin Protest comments

0.243 Firefox on Windows on ARM - Microsoft Says No comments

0.241 Public computer. 5 websites. Entire day. comments

0.240 Starting a tech company with $100 comments

0.238 The Android Toolbox Project comments

0.237 Would regulating Google results violate First Amendment? comments

0.236 Twitter strips businesses of their Verified Badge if they stop advertising comments

0.232 Counting Pull-ups comments

0.230 Microsoft Xbox 360 still number one, 236K consoles sold in April 2012 comments

0.227 BoardGameGeek Security Breach Information comments

0.227 FTC Investigating Facebook’s Instagram purchase comments

0.225 Etcher’ turns iPad into Etch A Sketch - real knobs & all comments

0.202 Microsoft finally gets it right with Bing comments

0.200 Codea 1.4 - Text Selection (Hooper Selection) comments

0.191 Metrics, Metrics On The Wall, Who’s The Vainest Of Them All? comments

0.190 Here’s How Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Is Explaining His Bio Scandal comments

0.172 Microsoft to bring full IE browsing to Xbox 360 with Kinect controls comments

0.172 Plans for new .secure TLD comments

0.160 Feynman: Personal Observations on the Reliability of the Shuttle comments

0.156 How Mark Zuckerberg inspired a more social Bing comments

0.156 Casey’s Contraptions will be Rovio’s first post-Angry Birds title comments

0.156 What if materials could defy gravity? comments

0.151 The “Bicycle for Our Minds” Needs Gears: Restrictive Interfaces comments

0.151 KeKu Promises Cheap, High-Quality Calls To Any Phone Number Worldwide comments

0.149 Liberty Rocket Announcements comments

0.145 A message to KevinHartz: Bring your money to Seattle comments

0.135 Facebook IPO Met with Weaker than Expected Investor Demand comments

0.132 Making Your API Accessible to the Masses comments

0.132 C ABI Hacks: Reading and Writing Registers from C comments

0.125 With New Look, Bing Gets More Organized, Social comments

0.122 It’s Up To Facebook To Decide Whether An Instagram Investigation Will Impact IPO comments

0.113 Job: in Toronto, Help us disrupt financial data markets. comments

0.109 How To Get The Most Out Of Your About Page (video) comments

0.108 The numbers post for my Vancouver bus app comments

0.104 This Is What Creating Dubstep Looks Like comments

0.103 Amon Instant - Instant server monitoring comments

0.101 DROPitTOme - Securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox comments

0.098 Forking Awesome Devs - A forking awesome visual GitHub browser based on forks comments

0.094 Pentagon CIO Teri Takai Talks about Security, Mobility, & Budget Cuts comments

0.091 Flipboard inspired page layout made with CSS3 comments

0.088 Facebook’s App Platform comments

0.069 SoundCloud UX: Always Have a CTA Visible comments

0.061 Ask HN: YC Work At a Startup advice? comments

0.055 A Different Kind of Ride – Space Shuttle Boosters comments

0.051 HelloFax (YC W11): With 51K Installs, We’re The Top Google Drive App comments

0.046 SpaceX and Bigelow Aerospace to Offer Crewed Missions to Private Space Stations comments

0.044 Facebook launching file sharing tool for Groups this week | The Verge comments

0.043 Facebook IPO: Commentary from an independent stockbroker comments

0.034 Show HN: I love sushi, you like sushi then why don’t we eat together comments

0.033 Socialcam is pumping popular YouTube videos… Smart or seedy? comments

0.032 Ask HN: Building MVP - User Registration/Management comments

0.030 Head-To-Head: Bing’s Social Search Vs. Google’s Search Plus Your World comments

0.027 Show HN: Beautiful Vim Cheat-sheet Poster (just a couple hours left) comments

0.023 Ask HN: NCombinator, feedback? comments

0.022 Ask HN: Developing From Home comments

0.020 Show HN: I love Essential Mixes. So I made this. comments

0.020 Show HN: NerdyPigs - cute math game and a GoogleGameJamZurich’11 winner comments

0.014 Ask HN: Sparrow for Google Docs? comments

0.013 Ask HN: Would you donate your email signature… comments

0.013 Ask HN: Charging clients for estimates? comments

0.012 Lift iOS Install: How’d They Do It? comments

0.011 Show HN Update: Bovis.In - Landlord-Tenant Management System comments

0.008 Show HN: Is this useful to those of you hiring programmers? comments

0.007 Ask HN: Will you beta test my location-based game, Friends With Guns? comments

0.007 Ask HN: What are/is the SEO book(s)? comments

0.007 Show HN: my weekends fashion project comments

0.003 Aiming For The Google Maps Behemoth, UpNext Releases Vector Mapping iPhone App comments

0.002 Show HN: HTML5 Kickstarter game prototype with the creators of Space Quest comments

0.001 Microsoft Xbox Plays More Web Video Than iPhone, iPad, Android comments

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