Monday, May 7, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 PM on Monday May 07, 2012

0.937 Unblocking The Pirate Bay The Hard Way Is Fun For Geeks comments

0.911 High Availability with MongoDB at Stripe comments

0.905 Debugging node.js memory leaks comments

0.896 Backing up your Twitter account with the t ruby gem comments

0.840 Show HN: mongo-express - A node.js web interface to MongoDB comments

0.817 Tips for Getting Good Job References comments

0.756 Programmer friendly native code interception with Deviare 2.0 comments

0.733 7 Tips for Getting Started with Developer Marketing comments

0.717 R vs SAS (Comparison and Opinion) comments

0.714 Zoom kobe v comments

0.675 Instacast 2.0 - The best podcast app just got better - Promo code giveaway comments

0.661 The venture capital model is broken, and this damning report explains why comments

0.630 When Getting A Yes Is Actually Worse Than A No comments

0.623 The Real Breaking Bad comments

0.611 All artists are self-taught - do you agree? comments

0.607 Tuenti Programming Contest Questions comments

0.588 Hunting the cause of IE XSS with forensic standards-analysis comments

0.587 Color launches new features on Verizon only comments

0.541 CLR 4.5: .Net Framework Kernel Improvements comments

0.535 New Statistics on IPv6-enabled BitTorrent Peers In P2P Networks comments

0.529 America’s Most Dangerous ‘Anti-Online Privacy’ Politicians comments

0.517 Color reborn: video-broadcasting service bets big on Verizon comments

0.504 India Launches Antitrust Probe of Google comments

0.502 Business computing pioneer Ernest Kaye dies, aged 89 comments

0.496 The Hacker’s Browser. comments

0.485 Data Visualization Curated Tool / Library List comments

0.467 David Heinemeier Hansson’s Pagani Zonda HH Supercar comments

0.467 The Paradox of Choice Infographic comments

0.458 Kauffman: VC is Broken comments

0.456 3 Observations For Other First-Time Founders comments

0.455 On the Naturalness of Software comments

0.442 India launches an antitrust probe into Google comments

0.407 Every Major is Terrible comments

0.403 Microsoft to C99 Developers: Use ISO C++ comments

0.385 Arch Grants Recipients Announced comments

0.363 Solving FizzBuzz with CSS comments

0.333 Manipulative game monetization comments

0.318 Apple ‘iTV’ details emerge from source claiming to have seen a prototype comments

0.318 Apple, Google on Buffett’s No-Buy List comments

0.303 Buffett: “It is not a bubble…we aren’t in any bubble phase of anything” comments

0.303 Gesture Control System Uses Sound Alone comments

0.299 Changing how CSS works: Hitch comments

0.294 If Phone Subsidies Decline, So Should Long-Term Contracts comments

0.281 Get to the “ask” earlier in your meetings comments

0.267 Google Drive Does Not Own Your Data comments

0.262 The frequent fliers who flew too much comments

0.262 An Open Letter To WordPress comments

0.247 How accurate were Leonardo’s anatomy drawings? comments

0.236 One Step Closer to Wearable Nanogenerators comments

0.233 What is Global State? comments

0.233 Looking for a co-founder? These resources may help comments

0.224 Verizon to begin offering “text to 911” service comments

0.182 Could an Oracle Win Against Google Blow Up the Cloud? comments

0.181 Patterns on the road comments

0.166 RubyMotion Projects on github tested by me comments

0.152 Is this how geography will be taught in classrooms in the near future? comments

0.136 SFTransit: easy San Francisco transit times on your smartphone comments

0.127 Introducing Ponte: Arduino – Raspberry Pi Bridge comments

0.121 Why One of Your Board Mtg Goals Should Be Addressing the Elephant in the Room comments

0.115 Google makes Hangouts On Air available to everyone comments

0.110 The Street Hacker, Officially Embraced comments

0.090 3-D Video Pod Delivers 360-Degree, Holograph-Like Projections comments

0.062 Stratiscape – A layered approach to HTML5 Canvas drawing comments

0.062 Chris Cox, master pitchman, to humanize Facebook comments

0.061 Rovio valued at $9B - eyes IPO comments

0.020 Apple Finally Adds Attribution for OpenStreetMap and Others in iPhoto for iOS comments

0.018 Ask HN: inspiring geeks/tech (auto)biographies comments

0.006 Ask HN: Any exemplary PHP codebases out there? comments

0.004 New Video File Format: “Color” is Working on Its Own comments

0.002 Show HN: Site collecting the best entrepreneurship posts daily - useful? comments

0.001 Ask HN: How does Hacker News load so quickly? comments

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