Monday, May 7, 2012

Hacker News stories for 4 PM on Monday May 07, 2012

0.970 There are no walls between Stanford and Silicon Valley. Should there be? comments

0.966 U.S. Precedent for API Copyright Hinges on Oracle v Google comments

0.962 Implementation of Abstract Computation Model - RAM Machine comments

0.953 Setting up a KVM-LVM based virtual machine host comments

0.916 Pirate Party Wins Again In Germany comments

0.916 Content is No Longer King comments

0.834 Neo4j.rb 2.0 released by Andreas Ronge comments

0.830 Anti-climate science group “experiments” with billboard trolling comments

0.795 The Top Research Papers In Computer Science By Mendeley Readership comments

0.791 I’m An Article About The Internet That You Repost On The Internet comments

0.786 San Francisco Tech Career Expo to Run Concurrently w/ Google I/O at Moscone Ctr. comments

0.774 Private island off the coast of SV for foreign entrepreneurs comments

0.772 Tumblr Sued for $5 Million Over ‘Pirating’ Users and Employees comments

0.772 Tumblr Sued for $5 Million Over ‘Pirating’ Users and Employees comments

0.771 Why Do Our Best and Brightest End Up in Silicon Valley and Not D.C.? comments

0.731 PyPy Status Blog: STM update: back to threads? comments

0.730 Our Response To Unsealed Court Documents In Dajaz1 Domain Seizure comments

0.723 The Key to Start-ups comments

0.695 Twilio makes big moves to penetrate the Fortune 500 comments

0.668 Funding “No-Idea” Founders Is Bullshit comments

0.651 My take on the Sacramento Regional Transit’s light rail schedule. comments

0.646 Principles of User Interface Design comments

0.636 How SURF Incubator Was Started And Why You Should Go To Meetups comments

0.633 Is Internet censorship in schools legal? comments

0.631 Stig Database comments

0.629 Europe at Risk and What it Means for US Startups comments

0.621 So what happened to Sketchshare? comments

0.619 Fix Your Own Fucking Printer (a non-tech founder’s guide to starting up) comments

0.605 Amazon Plans Next Conquest comments

0.592 C++ as a teaching language. comments

0.583 Seth’s Blog: The flipping point&utm_content=FaceBook) comments

0.566 Switch Idea: Create your vCard and an unique identity comments

0.555 An intelligent way to insult. comments

0.548 Talent vs. Determination (a response to PG’s “The Anatomy of Determination”) comments

0.547 Dish Claims Netflix, Apple, Amazon Hurt Value of AMC Shows comments

0.536 Has RIM learned that mobile communication means more than BBM and email? comments

0.530 The trouble with software engineer CVs comments

0.508 Cohesive and Isolated Development with Branches (OSS projects’ use of branches) comments

0.501 CodeIgniter / MySQL Possible Security Hold comments

0.500 Fertility, It Seems, Also Confuses College Students comments

0.480 Why is GSoC selection process flawed? comments

0.477 Switch Idea Project comments

0.469 JS.Next Needs You comments

0.467 Git-wtf comments

0.467 Symptoms Of Checkbox Compliance comments

0.467 So, what is ‘Water-SCRUM-fall’? comments

0.465 Robert Scoble Interviews The Firebase Team comments

0.452 Whats the best bay area art school to recruit UI designers? comments

0.449 Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk comments

0.444 Curtain effect for one-page websites comments

0.440 The 32 startups that will present at Start-Up Chile Demo Day comments

0.439 Scripts for writing papers comments

0.435 Software KVM comments

0.432 Black hole caught snacking on a star comments

0.432 Speed and Memory Use of Different Image Libraries comments

0.427 Remee - The REM enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask comments

0.422 Television Test Cards/Patterns comments

0.422 Humane.js 3.0 - notifications (spawning, unique instances, multiple themes) comments

0.419 Interview with the man behind Comantra, the “cold call virus scammers” comments

0.411 The Internal Situation at Yahoo Is Spiraling Out of Control comments

0.402 Object Calisthenics In JavaScript comments

0.401 Obama campaign’s response to attack ads comments

0.398 Software Engineer built his house for £4000 comments

0.389 How to read books in less than 15 minutes comments

0.385 10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee Failure comments

0.360 OSE: re-focusing on bootstrap funding comments

0.346 Shocking new photos from BP disaster unearthed by Greenpeace comments

0.339 Sortfolio: Going once, going twice… comments

0.335 Camera Test on Curiosity During Flight to Mars comments

0.333 Toyota/Tesla Electric Rav4 comments

0.332 An Entrepreneurial Success Story comments

0.309 Turning Vision Into Execution comments

0.276 Wireless Power Is A Stupid Gimmick comments

0.268 Tinkercad WebGL based CAD comments

0.250 How to get your first 1,000 users comments

0.238 Dell introduces a laptop targeted at developers comments

0.237 Interview with Frédéric Mazzella, Founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar comments

0.237 FLIRC: The IR dongle raising money for cancer research comments

0.231 Rethinking Your Password Strategies comments

0.230 Samsung Enters the Mobile Advertising Market with AdHub comments

0.223 Facebook MySQL Compression Improvements comments

0.222 First impressions on Ubuntu 12.04 comments

0.221 Powdered human baby flesh pills discovered by customs officials in South Korea comments

0.217 Attackers target unpatched PHP bug allowing malicious code execution comments

0.216 List of Hand-Picked and Recommended Data Visualization Tools comments

0.198 Volunteer to design geek T-Shirt comments

0.191 It’s Been 10 Years: What’s Happened with A New Kind of Science? comments

0.173 Dinosaurs’ Gas May Have Helped Warm the Air comments

0.151 The mobile web is dead comments

0.147 Adobe Creative Suite CS6 - The new face of creativity comments

0.116 The Kickstarter for Solar Will Make You Money Starting This Summer comments

0.114 Google Ventures-Backed Location-Sharing Service EchoEcho Raises $750k comments

0.112 CTO search for new music start-up. comments

0.106 Ask HN:teach my 4 and 5 year old kids about logic/math/programming? comments

0.086 The End of the Myth of the Messianic CEO comments

0.084 Why My iPad Is Not My Laptop comments

0.064 IamA European billionaire who is launching a new Airline in Africa - Reddit IAmA comments

0.062 Show HN: Million Short - 7 Days Later comments

0.061 Kickstarter to map and explore public art comments

0.061 David Shane: Using Design Patterns in iOS video comments

0.058 In the Spring of 2011, I quit my high paying job as a management consultant comments

0.055 Show HN: jQuery Verbose Calendar comments

0.051 Now on Github: Bedrock, a Minimal Base Theme for WordPress comments

0.040 Looking for a past article - lost and found comments

0.033 Ask HN: Analytics Data Integration comments

0.030 iCloud Reminders in Org-mode: Talking to OS X with Emacs comments

0.030 Ask HN: Free technical books in epub format comments

0.029 3scale releases more API tools, now powers 100 APIs comments

0.029 Holmes - the Chrome bookmark search extension comments

0.017 The app update I’ve been waiting for: rate interstate bathrooms comments

0.015 Track 8 Is a Beautiful, Metro-Inspired Music Player for the iPad comments

0.013 Was April 10 doomsday for Washington Post, Guardian Facebook apps? comments

0.012 Ask HN: Has anyone done anything interesting with Email Analytics? comments

0.009 A wordPress plugin to play any Youtube video as background of your page comments

0.006 Ask HN: How does the shift to mobile impact online advertising? comments

0.005 I’m selling my recurring revenue web app for $7.5k comments

0.003 OS X plain text password flaw has been around for 3 months and counting comments

0.001 Show HN: A potty training app that posts to Facebook, sends reward certificates comments

0.000 Show HN: A Cleverbot Conversation about Hacker News comments

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