Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hacker News stories for 4 AM on Saturday May 05, 2012

0.984 Startups party at the patent office comments

0.974 Investors are pouring funds into big data comments

0.961 Lean Startup Machine Lessons Learned comments

0.891 Deploy Node.js app on CloudFoundry comments

0.876 JS Library/ OO Inheritance Pattern Performance comments

0.865 Erlang Releases and Being Right with Sinan comments

0.851 Oracle vs. Google jury reaches partial verdict comments

0.849 Heroku boss: 1.5M apps, many not in Ruby comments

0.841 YouAreDaChef 1.0 released comments

0.833 NYU ITP Students Build a Nightmarish Kickstarter For for Wartime comments

0.817 DoT, India Orders Blackout of Vimeo, TPB, and more comments

0.796 MailChimp releases standalone transactional email product comments

0.792 Inspiration must find you working comments

0.781 Not setting expectations correctly ruins deals comments

0.776 Jury in Oracle v. Google has reached a verdict on all questions but one comments

0.770 Zerply Raises $600K To Kill The Resume, Seriously comments

0.758 Can Going Without Money Hurt the Economy? comments

0.749 If You’re Not Pissing Someone Off, You’re Probably Not Innovating comments

0.721 Bad Science author Ben Goldacre: It’s time for a VPN comments

0.706 On Why I Do These Things; A Physical Therapy Guru’s Essay comments

0.688 Feeling Happy Greatly Improves Chances Of Success comments

0.667 DEA Abandons Student In Cell comments

0.638 Startup design resources comments

0.635 Stumbling Across a Rarity, Even for the Rare Book Room comments

0.632 Two months later, Apple acknowledges use of OpenStreetMap comments

0.612 ‘Self-Combusting’ iPhone on Airplane Due to Screw Lost in Botched Repair Job comments

0.592 Why I am Majoring in Computer Science comments

0.568 GNU MediaGoblin’s One Year Anniversary: What’s Next? comments

0.556 How to be an expert comments

0.556 Firefly/Serenity Lego set comments

0.555 RIP MCA comments

0.527 Twitter Says Farewell To Adam “MCA” Yauch comments

0.526 Today is demo Day and then CRASH (My checklist to avoid it) comments

0.516 Ask HN: Place to find short term Python gigs? comments

0.514 UCSD student forgotten for 5 days in DEA cell comments

0.507 I Suck at Testing comments

0.502 37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About comments

0.487 Nonprofits & Social Media - Have You Friended Your Favorite Cause? comments

0.467 SketchPatch: Livecodelab comments

0.467 The Brydge comments

0.467 Seemed Like a Bad Idea at the Time comments

0.463 Food for thought comments

0.461 The jobless model comments

0.461 At Long Last: Compartment-Per-Global (in Firefox) comments

0.455 Achieving overnight success: Kevin Systrom comments

0.449 Sequoia Confirms Existence of “Stealth” Scout Program. Who’s Next? comments

0.446 The FEDS are trying to Spy on our Skype and Social Networks comments

0.443 Boeing agrees to buy Airbus jets to ease 777 sale comments

0.442 Social Media and my attention span comments

0.434 Groupon is Losing Top Sales Talent comments

0.428 Big Networks as an Unfair Advantage comments

0.414 How to Support a Family of 5 By Running an Open Source Project comments

0.395 – My Curation Platform Of Choice » Borasky Research Journal comments

0.385 Kickstarter of Doom: Hoax Site Funds Torture Bus, Death Drones comments

0.375 Spotify Crop Circle Appears Near Stonehenge comments

0.363 RIM’s Hail Mary comments

0.354 Venture Capital: What does Ashton Kutcher bring to the table as an investor? comments

0.343 Prediction market for Facebook IPO comments

0.339 CEOs Across US Say Texas is #1 For Business comments

0.333 More clarification on Skype supernodes comments

0.322 Why Atlassian is to Software as Apple is to Design comments

0.286 Bouncers ‘checking Facebook on phones’ as identification comments

0.284 A brief history of Haiku OS comments

0.281 Biomass Energy: Pros and Cons comments

0.268 Fun with Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) comments

0.254 Tim Cook’s Style is Working, Bloggers Are Not comments

0.248 Google may face massive fine from FTC for bypassing Safari privacy controls comments

0.246 The World Reimagined - Sized By Population comments

0.222 The Reactive Extensions (Rx) comments

0.217 Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson lied about his computer science degree comments

0.207 Peak Oil is Here: Now What? comments

0.201 Nokia being sued by investor for fraud after share price tumbles comments

0.192 Results vs. Qualifications - How it affects job seekers and human resource teams comments

0.190 LuaJIT’s New Mailing List comments

0.186 YC Startup Priceonomics Raises $1.5M Seed From Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel comments

0.181 Indian drug giant Cipla slashes cancer drug prices comments

0.177 “My body area is private” - Software with personality comments

0.173 Facebook IPO day : pic comments

0.151 Priceonomics Raises $1.5 MM, Users Unfazed comments

0.133 Unity in Precise: from the view point of a Lucid user comments

0.130 Implementation of the very fast FFT (MIT SFFT) is now available comments

0.109 Microsoft changes skype supernodes architecture to support wiretapping comments

0.109 Should you accept personal email addresses on your sign up forms? comments

0.091 Any Privacy Protection is Too Much Privacy Protection for Cell Phone Tracking comments

0.079 Apple and Samsung make up 99% of the mobile phone market profits comments

0.067 Google Said to Face Fine Over Apple Safari Breach comments

0.046 Ask HN: What to learn to create amazing sites comments

0.043 Emergency Flash update fixes security bug being used to hijack PCs comments

0.037 Show HN: Hack the game of finding friends to eat with comments

0.031 Datalist landed in Chrome Canary comments

0.027 OpenX security vulnerability: Delete affected files, we don’t have a fix yet comments

0.026 A User’s First Time with Linux Ubuntu comments

0.023 Nvidia GeForce GTX 690: Just how much video card do you need? comments

0.011 Ask HN: Any hack/anti-hack resources/experiences? comments

0.007 Ask HN: Can you help me out of Adwords API purgatory? comments

0.007 Scrivener for iOS: An Update (There’s a Long Road Ahead Yet) comments

0.004 Show HN: Pinterest + iTunes + Youtube Mashup comments

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