Friday, May 4, 2012

Hacker News stories for 12 PM on Friday May 04, 2012

0.997 India Orders Blackout of Vimeo, The Pirate Bay and More comments

0.926 R Is Not Enough For “Big Data”… comments

0.898 International Day Against DRM Rails Tutorial discount comments

0.895 Million Short: A Search Engine for the Very Long Tail comments

0.875 Open letter to people of Brevard who were laid off from Shuttle Program comments

0.869 How to negotiate the legal docs when you are raising funding comments

0.852 Antivirus Founder, John McAfee, says politics caused GSU raid comments

0.820 Heads up, Intel: TSMC cranks up ARM chip to 3GHz comments

0.806 Effective Scala with Josh Suereth comments

0.792 German court awards Motorola Xbox injunction comments

0.791 How To Install MIUI ROM On HTC One X–Easy Tutorial comments

0.779 Quick way to get the current time / timezone comments

0.758 Senate outlook for CISPA unclear, potentially very bad comments

0.749 An introduction to JavaScript templating comments

0.740 Free Online Nmap, OpenVas & More for One-Off Scans comments

0.708 Hacker Monthly May 2012 - SSH, Python, jQuery and some Jedi Mind Tricks comments

0.703 Tech Startups as the Next Small Business Wave comments

0.688 Digital photography is not rocket science. It just seems that way. (2010) comments

0.613 FBI pushing for surveillance backdoors on websites comments

0.603 THE BEST AND THE REST comments

0.598 Hachi Combines LinkedIn, FB, Twit, Google; Searches All Your Connections comments

0.597 Survey: JavaScript & Scientific / High Performance Computing comments

0.594 HyperDex adds rich datastructures similar to Redis comments

0.583 Predictive market for startups comments

0.573 Card-Data Breach May Be Wider Than First Reported comments

0.564 Redwood Robotics wants to do for robot arms what Apple did for PCs comments

0.556 May The Fourth Be With You comments

0.556 May The Fourth Be With You comments

0.540 Researchers Say Synesthesia at Heart of Aura Claims comments

0.533 Dr. Robert Lustig: Sugar - A Sweet Addiction comments

0.531 RIP Adam Yauch: Beastie Boys MCA Passes Away at 47 comments

0.521 Windows 8 Dumps Default DVD Playback comments

0.521 Adwords Case Study - Which Ad Converted Best For A University comments

0.500 ARC and copy comments

0.482 Researchers spot planet-eating white dwarfs comments

0.467 Inverse Fizzbuzz comments

0.467 A poem about division from Hacker’s Delight comments

0.462 Should I invest time on Pinterest? Is this going to last? comments

0.452 The Mother Eats Her Young: iPad vs. MacBook comments

0.452 Java arrays aren’t (technically) in, java.util, or java.lang comments

0.395 Globalization issues: Y&R headquarters statement against local agency comments

0.383 ReactiveCocoa for a better world comments

0.380 Gene which sparked human brain leap identified comments

0.372 The Largest Pharmaceutical Drug Heist in History Was Ruined By a Water Bottle comments

0.365 USA QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau comments

0.363 50% off No Starch ebooks for Day Against DRM comments

0.350 Zenny’s Weekly Cloud Link Roundup – DevOps Culture, IaaS, OpenShift, SugarCRM comments

0.336 Global Car Makers Announce 15-Minute EV Charging Standard comments

0.332 Confirmed: iPhone5 Will Longer, Thinner, Smaller Dock Connector comments

0.320 Help with managing large programming projects - development best practices? comments

0.302 IOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Release Imminent By Pod2g comments

0.300 Bacon Bits: dispatches from BlackBerry World comments

0.295 Understanding Git internals comments

0.290 Ancient map gives clue to fate of ‘Lost Colony’ comments

0.286 The World’s Longest Invoice comments

0.250 RubyMotion Review comments

0.241 Top Most Danger Web Vulnerabilities comments

0.209 Dandelion: Git Deployment over FTP comments

0.196 User Acquisition, Virality, and Mobile: Notes from our session with Adam Nash comments

0.195 Sharing prototypes in Javascript comments

0.188 Ubuntu transforms dual core phones into fully functional desktop PC’s comments

0.186 Granny’s Dancing on the Table - a GRANNY-INVASION comments

0.185 Adam Yauch, founding member of the Beastie Boys, dies at 47 comments

0.183 RIP, Adam Yauch: We Will Miss You, MCA, Thanks For The Music and The Beats comments

0.170 Path: Updated Terms of Use comments

0.160 Development Environment for 3D games written in Clozure Common Lisp: AgentCubes comments

0.150 How much will be my Domain name worth comments

0.144 Yahoo CEO degree lie found by fueding hedge funder comments

0.114 Lively Kernel-6:20:”This is how it should be, right? We shouldn’t be suprised.” comments

0.108 Demo of how to debug code inside a mobile webview comments

0.100 Debug Clojure Web Apps over HTTP comments

0.094 Mobile Site vs. Full Site comments

0.093 Kaspersky: “Apple is 10 years behind Microsoft in security” comments

0.093 Getting started with Google’s Cloud Print comments

0.090 Kinect + Google Earth = Pigeon Sim comments

0.089 Apple and Samsung make up 99% of mobile phone vendor profits comments

0.088 Recommend tools for Specification writing? comments

0.087 Create your own theme for Google chrome… comments

0.067 Public or Private Cloud: Which Is Best for Application Marketplaces? comments

0.066 When a billionaire trader loses his edge comments

0.065 Facebook Road Show comments

0.049 IOS app success is a lottery: 60% (or more) of developers don’t break even comments

0.049 IOS app success is a lottery: 60% (or more) of developers don’t break even comments

0.048 The dirty truth about App Store rankings comments

0.045 Ask HN: How Do You Determine Founders’ Salaries? comments

0.031 How to receive text messages using ASP.Net/Twilio Video comments

0.031 Twitter admits to major oversight: “We forgot about our iPad app” comments

0.018 India’s Hacker News comments

0.000 DropZap 2 is free for a limited time + video of upcoming color matching game. comments

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