Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hacker News stories for 9 PM on Wednesday May 02, 2012

0.960 The Pirate Party Logs a New Politics comments

0.955 Nokia sues HTC, RIM and Viewsonic over patent infringement comments

0.897 The Future of 1950 in 1925 comments

0.897 Hackerspace class to build 2500 lb. rideable robot spider comments

0.893 Watchpoints in Python comments

0.879 JQuery Tips: Adding Filter Expressions - The Hashrocket Blog comments

0.859 TimeHop: What were you doing a year ago? comments

0.846 Coding with Khan: A better way of learning math? comments

0.817 31 Silicon Valley investment firms who turn startups into success stories comments

0.793 RIM CEO: We’re Not Leaving the Consumer Business comments

0.747 How MySQL Uses Indexes comments

0.728 You’re a Business, The employed and self-employed comments

0.710 Everything You Wanted To Know About Storage Virtualization comments

0.686 The Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee comments

0.684 A couple of things to be aware of when working with tables in SQL Azure comments

0.664 Massive EVE Online player event: scaling & analysis comments

0.663 Next stop New York for Aussie fashion start-up comments

0.656 Great example of a graceful <noscript> handling comments

0.629 Go Faster By Not Working comments

0.621 Show HN: Node.js Memory Leak Tutorial (October 2011) comments

0.590 SASS Iteration using each - The Hashrocket Blog comments

0.586 Startups Mess with Maslow comments

0.576 Consciousness: Eight questions science must answer comments

0.566 Tasers Pose Risks to Heart, a Study Warns comments

0.556 A Great Wallpaper Round-Up comments

0.545 A very unusual clock indeed. comments

0.508 Social Media For Restaurants Made Easier Through Burgers comments

0.504 ppp: like pp, but better comments

0.493 Startup Report #2 comments

0.488 Black Hole Caught Red-handed In A Stellar Homicide comments

0.478 Andreessen Horowitz’s Missed Opportunity to Change VC Fee Structure comments

0.478 Omaha Programmers Community - We set up a new community for Omaha, NE comments

0.465 The Simplicity Thesis comments

0.453 Fixie.js - Automatic filler content for HTML documents. comments

0.444 Microsoft OneNote Problem/Issue screwing my notes! comments

0.439 Silkworms and squid inspire smart materials comments

0.430 State of Data This Week - #96 comments

0.428 Applying to graduate school, after working in industry for a few years. comments

0.407 Kepler’s snowflake comments

0.406 1859’s “Great Auroral Storm”—the week the Sun touched the earth comments

0.397 Blurb, The Custom Book Printing Startup, Is Tossing Its Hat Into The E-Book Ring comments

0.388 Technology influences on IT transformation comments

0.351 ThenListenTo - an open-source music recommendation visualizer comments

0.333 CSS Minesweeper comments

0.333 Subdermal Implants Let Patients Recharge and Reprogram Pacemakers comments

0.317 Customizing Google Analytics Starts with Objectives, not Metrics comments

0.312 Incredibox - Express your musicality.. comments

0.309 Faster jQuery.event.fix with ES5 Getters comments

0.296 Google+ - how i innovate comments

0.288 Biggest test for the bubble-wary nears comments

0.286 Hartli now shows computer-generated design opinions as reference guide comments

0.286 The Cost of Creativity comments

0.248 Free for All: Why social gaming could destroy MMOs comments

0.246 Meaningful CSS, a presentation by Eric Meyer comments

0.235 1st private cargo run to space station delayed comments

0.206 Papyri scrolls leaping to e-books? comments

0.192 ‘The Scream’ sold for nearly $120 million comments

0.175 Tracing and Drawing Hello World in Java comments

0.161 Microsoft details cloud-powered software and services for Windows 8 comments

0.152 Terry Tao writes math games in Scratch comments

0.149 Weebly (YC W07) reports over 75M monthly visitors and 11M websites created comments

0.139 Reid Hoffman And Peter Thiel Share The Secrets Of Tech Networking comments

0.106 Roundup of New Apache Shiro Projects on GitHub comments

0.098 Developing Imperfect Software (video) comments

0.088 The Next iPhone Will Be the Sixth, Not The Fifth comments

0.085 Meka Robotics - Dexterous Mobile Manipulators and Humanoids comments

0.079 Mine Mars : A Voxel Based JavaScript + WebGl Adventure comments

0.078 Ask HN: What music makes you a productive programmer? comments

0.066 A Client/Server Tools Architecture (Insomniac Games) comments

0.053 Language Immersion for Chrome - learn a new language while you browse comments

0.048 Android users targeted in drive-by download attacks comments

0.041 RIM offering $10K for Blackberry apps that make $1000 comments

0.039 Show HN: When was your last Internet vacation? (Built today on the Singly API) comments

0.039 Show HN: Avoid posting something your friends have seen (Built today on Singly) comments

0.037 Record Number of Exploits in Upcoming iOS Jailbreak comments

0.035 Ask HN: Sysadmin online hangouts? comments

0.034 Show HN: How to sort through ‘startup clutter’ comments

0.027 HTML5 Gameboy Color Emulator comments

0.025 RIM offers developers $10,000 incentive for certified apps on Blackberry 10 comments

0.021 For the first time, hacked websites deliver Android malware comments

0.007 Show HN: GasTommorow - Tomorrow’s Gas Prices, Today comments

0.006 Show HN: Give your files/directories comments. comments

0.002 Gate One - World’s First HTML5 Terminal Emulator comments

0.000 Show HN: My new iOS app DrinkPacer helps you avoid hangovers when drinking comments

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