Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 AM on Sunday May 06, 2012

0.993 The differing perspectives of statistics and machine learning comments

0.904 Could two smart CS students create a search engine that unseats Google? comments

0.847 Big Data Viz on Small Screen (MicroStrategy) comments

0.836 Virtual Machine with KVM on Ubuntu 12.04 comments

0.829 The depressing reality of your startup failing comments

0.766 Memevertising: Insane Ways Startups are Recruiting comments

0.654 Galaxy S3 Being Compared To Almost Every Other Phone comments

0.629 Live feed of protests in Moscow comments

0.625 The return of heritage fruits and vegetables comments

0.615 Risk Based Student Loans by Michael Simkovic comments

0.594 The future is brighter than you think comments

0.592 On writing clear code comments

0.564 One major difference - ZeroMQ and Erlang. comments

0.511 Realtime “Likes” displayed on retailer’s clothing hangers comments

0.506 U.S. business startups rate at record low comments

0.500 Move that parenthesis comments

0.491 Net HTTP status codes comments

0.482 Disney researchers put gesture recognition in door knobs, chairs, fish tanks comments

0.467 Friendship, Prosperity, and … comments

0.467 BrowserID: Logging in with BrowserID, Passport and NodeJS comments

0.455 Cargo Cult Interviewing comments

0.400 Http:// comments

0.395 Reaching the Limits of Adobe Stupidity comments

0.368 A good developer has a natural, almost visceral aversion to complexity comments

0.357 Our Mediated Lives comments

0.353 - Lessons Worth Sharing comments

0.346 Honda Scoopy i The New Scoopy with larger Luggage comments

0.316 Think You Deserve To Be Called a CEO? comments

0.313 Tools to Turn your Garage into a TechShop comments

0.308 When Google alone doesn’t cut it: help us tackle tough sync scenarios comments

0.299 Quantum mechanics Bells Theory debate in Shetl-Optimized Blog Comments comments

0.277 San Franciscans hope startup approach can ease neighborhood’s problems comments

0.269 Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life comments

0.263 FBI Wants to Wiretap Facebook, Twitter, Google comments


0.247 Kickstarter Advice From The Guy Whose E-Paper Watch Raised $7.1M comments

0.199 The ultimate TV schedule for entrepreneurship comments

0.183 Php Zero day bug found comments

0.153 Is Google the new Microsoft? comments

0.131 Colleges experimenting with student ID cards that double as prepaid debit cards comments

0.075 Ask HN:Becoming a application developer from a scientific programming background? comments

0.045 Is captcha difficulty driving away users/customers? comments

0.039 Ask HN: which of JavaScript’s features slow it down the most? comments

0.035 AT&T Chief Regrets iPhone Unlimited Data Plan comments

0.028 Apple security blunder exposes Lion login passwords in clear text comments

0.017 Show HN: Weekend project - Defaults Write comments

0.005 Show HN: My first web app - A Better Queue: Netflix + Rotten Tomatoes mashup comments

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