Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 PM on Thursday May 03, 2012

0.997 Explosion In Free Online Classes May Change Course Of Higher Education comments

0.966 The Collapse of Moore’s Law: Physicist Says It’s Already Happening comments

0.938 8 Lessons Drug Dealers Can Teach You About Marketing comments

0.924 What does the future hold for RIM according to Tomi Ahonen comments

0.915 Is There Big Money in Big Data? comments

0.910 Tech Firms Crowd-Source to Fight Suits comments

0.857 Alexander Graham Bell used Kickstarter-like program to fund telephone comments

0.812 Understanding solves school discipline problems; suspensions not so much comments

0.798 Send file to grandma? Drop & Stream it with node.js comments

0.752 Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Siri-challenging S Voice comments

0.742 Snapshots from the Edge of Big Visualization comments

0.732 Bill Gates started a company named Traf-O-Data before starting Microsoft comments

0.727 Layered Data comments

0.717 Samsung unveils Galaxy S3 comments

0.708 The client-side templating throwdown: mustache, handlebars, dust.js, and more comments

0.701 Anatomy Of An Online Bank Robbery comments

0.695 Entrepreneur Martell launches Clarity Advisor Tool comments

0.676 XOR Linked List comments

0.672 Online Haskell real-time typechecker comments

0.667 Hosting Drupal on ActiveState’s Stackato PaaS comments

0.660 Prismatic wants to be the newspaper for a digital age comments

0.656 Implementing a Language with LLVM comments

0.655 Judge Lets Feds Censor Blog For Over A Year On RIAA Say So comments

0.644 Discuss: Exiting your startup gracefully comments

0.631 LinkedIn acquired SlideShare for approx. 120mn comments

0.631 Slideshare acquired by LinkedIn comments

0.626 (Ruby/Rails) Benchmark Your Bundle comments

0.625 Easy picasa viewer comments

0.623 What Makes Us Happy? comments

0.620 Yahoo admits “Inadvertent Error” on CEO’s credentials comments

0.615 ‘Missing silicon problem’ solved, say geophysicists - comments

0.600 Firefall developer: “Consoles, I believe, are dead” comments

0.590 Rand Paul has a quick fix for TSA: Pull the plug comments

0.573 Generating Uniformly Distributed Points on Sphere comments

0.562 UnoSlider jQuery and WordPress plugin comments

0.559 Zynga selling words in the DrawSomething dictionary comments

0.559 Python High Precision Timer Extension - cTimer comments

0.546 Developing Imperfect Software: The Movie comments

0.543 Sorry, Yahoo’s Response To CEO Resume Scandal Just Won’t Cut It comments

0.537 Reinventing Government with Open Data Is No Joke comments

0.535 Early-stage startup founder tells her story comments

0.533 JVM bytecode parsing monad comments

0.512 The Language Problem Of Social Networks comments

0.510 How to write an email introduction comments

0.500 Cynical Agile and Scrum Dictionary comments

0.500 Physical reality of string theory demonstrated comments

0.500 On (not) having heros in life comments

0.498 Background of Lotus chief under fire comments

0.498 A Faster Fourier Transform comments

0.489 SlideShare gets acquired by LinkedIn comments

0.481 SQL Server Performance: Part 1 comments

0.477 Big Transitions in Small Steps comments

0.469 The Most Important Economic Story Nobody is Talking About comments

0.467 Merchants of Despair: …Environmentalists…Pseudo-Scientists…Antihumanism comments

0.467 Confessions of an introvert comments

0.461 Joy of an internal speaker comments

0.434 Where’s The Money? Episode #11 – Foursquare comments

0.433 Instant Distributed Web Crawling with Tornado and Gearman comments

0.430 Facebook’s Other Founder: comments

0.426 LinkedIn to acquire SlideShare for $119M cash and stock comments

0.420 Buying Happiness comments

0.416 Why no one cares about Yahoo CEO’s fake degree comments

0.410 Criminal Intent Prescreening and the Base Rate Fallacy comments

0.408 Freezing liquids help to predict properties of prime numbers comments

0.396 Conflict resolution techniques in corporate teams comments

0.396 42Floors (YC W12) debuts startup office pimp-machine dubbed “Showroom” comments

0.392 LinkedIn Is Buying SlideShare For $119 Million comments

0.386 LinkedIn acquires SlideShare for $119 million in cash and stock comments

0.379 42Floors Launches ‘Showroom’ For All The Stuff Offices Need comments

0.379 Section links in READMEs and blob pages comments

0.377 Paul Graham on Why People Hate Building Desktop Applications (2007) comments

0.366 LinkedIn IPhone App’s Infinite, Swipe-Able View Implementation comments

0.358 SlideShare + LinkedIn = More Value for Professionals comments

0.347 Chinese firm leaked RDP exploit code comments

0.346 Startups, Beanbags, Earthquakes, and Fires comments

0.335 Amon - Server monitoring, logging, and error tracking all in one package comments

0.333 Benchmarking the Sonnet Echo ExpressCard Thunderbolt Adapter comments

0.332 Follow your intuition, look at the data, fail often comments

0.331 The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation comments

0.329 Announcing Better SSL for your Heroku App comments

0.296 Apple Double Bills Customers for iTunes Purchases, Citing TOS to Refuse Refunds comments

0.276 Everything is a Bubble comments

0.259 MIT App Inventor comments

0.258 A file manager for the web. comments

0.251 Yahoo Investor Criticizes CEO for Embellishing His Education comments

0.251 Meet SiteSimon - turns Chrome into an intelligent assistant comments

0.250 Animating Four-Legged Beasts comments

0.248 3 of gaming’s most elaborate inside jokes comments

0.246 Let’s get physical (units) comments

0.244 Why is there such an emphasis on having a coding founder? comments

0.231 Both eBay and Microsoft opened data science offices in New York City today comments

0.225 Apple hoards tablet share while market falls off a cliff for first quarter comments

0.224 Revision3 (co-founded by Kevin Rose) acquired by Discovery Channel comments

0.221 White spaces and happy faces: TV stations drop lawsuit against “super WiFi” comments

0.208 The Ultimate collection of Open Source Resources for Java comments

0.200 Manipulating Images With RMagick comments

0.194 WePay, Driven by Social Sharing, Raises $10M comments

0.183 Seven Steps to Improved Security comments

0.176 Yahoo Ups Its Battle with Facebook…And Picks One with the Open Source Movement comments

0.168 Judge Alsup asks Oracle/Google to brief API issue in light of new EU ruling comments

0.157 Apple’s valuation isn’t at risk any time soon comments

0.149 Facebook’s Open Graph Has Been a Huge Success comments

0.148 Facebook reportedly seeking IPO valuation of $85B to $95B comments

0.144 Portable Executable 101 - a windows executable walkthrough comments

0.136 Automate the mundane: generates Rails starter apps comments

0.135 Facebook’s IPO presentation comments

0.133 LinkedIn Acquires Professional Content Sharing Platform SlideShare For $119M comments

0.123 What app/website do you wish existed? comments

0.118 HTML5 - Etiqueta Footer comments

0.117 Phil Libin’s Evernote Now Valued at $1 Billion comments

0.111 Facebook and Instagram - 37 cents to 19 billion dollars comments

0.098 Facebook’s “Offers” News Feed Coupons Launch In Self-Serve Beta comments

0.096 From Gay To Pay: How Became The Hottest Online Retailer comments

0.086 Microsoft Gets Nasty With Open Source Skype Devs comments

0.083 Facebook’s Road Show Kicks Off With Zuckerberg in a T-Shirt comments

0.083 I am unreasonably proud of this recursive anonymous quicksort done in Matlab comments

0.083 Google news adds ‘realtime coverage’ comments

0.082 How To Build Apps For Facebook (step by step) comments

0.082 Elm: Functional Reactive Web Programming. Source + compiler/server now available comments

0.080 Looking for job application advice comments

0.064 Yet another update from Skylight - a perfect collaboration tool for startups comments

0.064 Best white noise ever - Star Trek TNG Ambient Engine Noise (Idling for 24 hrs) comments

0.059 iPhone vs Android WiFi usage comments

0.055 Microsoft Fingers Chinese Firewall/IPS Vendor In Windows Exploit Leak comments

0.052 IBM to buy Tealeaf Technology comments

0.049 Ask HN: Building a startup as a part time non technical person? comments

0.043 Facebook sets IPO: $28-$35/share comments

0.037 Facebook raising $5B to $6.3B in IPO comments

0.029 My new app listing local startup office hours — OfficeHaus comments

0.029 Facebook Releases IPO Prospectus and Roadshow Video comments

0.024 Facebook IPO Road Show Highlights Single page comments

0.022 Facebook’s early investors will sell upto $5.5B with IPO comments

0.021 Ask HN: SF-based startup looking for kickstarter advice comments

0.020 Ask HN: Stickiness? comments

0.019 How text editing on the iPad should be comments

0.018 Facebook announces initial IPO price range of $28 to $35 comments

0.014 The New iPhone: Size, Screen + New Connector (Plus iPod touch) comments

0.012 Learn a new Language with Language Immersion for Chrome(youtube) comments

0.011 Show HN: domainsicle for iOS - domain name search engine comments

0.004 Ask HN: any advice on getting started in the real world? comments

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