Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 AM on Tuesday May 08, 2012

0.988 Harvard machine learning experiment comments

0.977 Are Databases and Functional Programming at odds? comments

0.977 What are the popular web-ready functional programming languages? comments

0.948 Why students must learn computational thinking, and possibly, how to teach it comments

0.945 Where are the jobs? Ask the patent trolls. comments

0.930 Here’s an easy trick to find startup Ideas that wouldn’t fail. comments

0.926 Node.js team fixes HTTP vulnerability with discreet commits. (A lesson for PHP?) comments

0.917 Y Combinator’s “No Idea” Round Isn’t a Bad Idea, It’s Awesome comments

0.914 Back to basic – Your startup should make money comments

0.905 Online Booking Calendar Tutorial for ASP.NET comments

0.904 A Grand Experiment: Farewell Seattle, Hello Silicon Valley comments

0.903 What to know before working at a start-up comments

0.860 Mixins in Backbone.js comments

0.845 Dangerous Implications of Treating APIs as Copyrightable comments

0.839 Improving your (Python) code with modern idioms comments

0.827 Noon Universe comments

0.820 Insulin gene in GM mice switched on by radio waves comments

0.820 Coding the future: HTML5 takes the Internet by storm comments

0.808 Why your startup will probably fail comments

0.801 Interface is All That Matters - Choose the Easiest Development Stack comments

0.799 10 Lessons From Leading Government CIOs comments

0.794 Benchmarking Rails 3 comments

0.788 Termination of Copyright Transfers Provision Applies to All Authors comments

0.778 How to calculate the viewing-cone radius at a distance in raymarching comments

0.765 The Case for Breaking Up With Your Parents comments

0.754 Most Venture Capital Firms Suck comments

0.745 Introduction to Perl one-liners comments

0.741 The TSA screws up again: makes mother fill up empty bottles of breast milk comments

0.738 How dumb court decisions made it impossible to sample like the Beastie Boys comments

0.723 “Zuckerberg Grip” Becomes New Normal in Silicon Valley comments

0.721 MIT Student Builds Awesome Working Mario Kart comments

0.720 Fan death comments

0.719 UK ICT classes killing kids’ interest in tech comments

0.714 Thoughts on London’s Sillicon Roundabout comments

0.710 Leadership (or lack thereof) begins at the top comments

0.703 This should be the guarantee on all products comments

0.696 Someone better than that comments

0.691 The FIBIAC - a simple 3D-printed electromechanical computer comments

0.686 EBook Review: Quality Python Development comments

0.684 A Month in the Startup Life (Week 3) comments

0.676 Instant Gratification with Backbone.js comments

0.670 Where can I find freelance sysadmins and developers to assist me? comments

0.659 War is peace, love is hate - Israel is going down the drain. comments

0.650 Why I Hate Running But Still Do It Anyways comments

0.644 How I lost, and regained, my coding mojo comments

0.635 Parallel computing in R comments

0.620 Angel investors boos Scottish start-ups comments

0.618 Harassment Free Conference: Is this for just marketing? comments

0.606 Free Disneyland tickets and other internet scams comments

0.595 Another Awesome VS11 Feature - WAI-ARIA Support comments

0.592 Does Cory Doctorow think The Matrix got it wrong? comments

0.566 $FB Is a Buy, Analysts Say comments

0.559 How to Live Well comments

0.544 SIDU - incredibly Simple & Intuitive Web based SQL Client comments

0.534 Why Hate the for Loop? comments

0.528 Rogue waves, not tsunamis, move Aran Island rocks comments

0.517 An Introduction to SQL Server FileStream comments

0.517 Simply Explained: The Dining Cryptographer’s Problem comments

0.516 Ohhhh how the UK is fucking up the internet comments

0.513 Merchants that do not support NFC will be liable for losses due to fraud comments

0.511 Is The Norwegian Startup Scene Hot Or Not? comments

0.509 Bookmarks for Social Coders - Don’t fill up your browser’s bookmarks comments

0.508 Agile – Scrum software development comments

0.506 How Amazon learned to love veterans comments

0.500 Handmade gifts comments

0.500 Synethesia Rotoscope by Robert Sims comments

0.496 Amobee acquires AdJitsu, join forces to shape the future of mobile advertising comments

0.494 TapJoy launching $5million dollar Asia Fund comments

0.490 Is blaming PowerPoint really just “shooting the messenger”? comments

0.489 Checking In with Employees (Versus Checking Up) comments

0.477 Questioning Safety of Heavy Passengers on Planes comments

0.477 Mistakes in tech-startup comments

0.471 Benchmark your performance patches comments

0.471 The honeybees are still dying comments

0.467 Are you happy now Peter Thiel? Technological progress is here comments

0.467 Food additives chem comments

0.467 Mastery and Mimicry by Sep Kamvar comments

0.466 Why are Linux-based operating systems considered safer than Windows? comments

0.464 Men Are From Mars, Women Love Smartphones comments

0.461 Modern Medicine by Jonathan Harris comments

0.455 37signals insults customers, force sale of Sortfolio or shuts it down comments

0.453 Distributed Systems Design comments

0.453 Samsung Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy… comments

0.449 Too Many Seed Investment Choices comments

0.444 1How to Make Yourself a Better Computer User comments

0.444 Student loans: Holding transcripts hostage comments

0.440 How do we deal with the ‘Facebook apocalypse’? comments

0.435 Brussels says “CheckThis” and the US says “Yes, Sir” | via RudeBaguette comments

0.430 Using mitmproxy to cheat highscores on Apple’s GameCenter comments

0.408 Create full screen view with screenfull.js comments

0.408 Linus on EFI: It’s sad how over-improving old APIs makes them worse comments

0.407 ‘Loophole’ found in Special Theory of Relativity comments

0.400 Why Bankers Quit comments

0.400 We don’t support Internet Explorer, and we’re calling that a feature comments

0.390 Ron Rivest’s MIT Computer and Network Security comments

0.385 Aerial robot performing a perching maneuver comments

0.384 Online Traffic Analytics comments

0.379 Battle Chess sequel on Kickstarter comments

0.366 My job is done comments

0.357 The Baseline Has Shifted comments

0.356 Free Logo Design Service comments

0.352 Custom Design Dress Shirts comments

0.343 Sortbox: Like e-mail filters, for your Dropbox comments

0.341 Visual design will not fix your broken business comments

0.336 Should Robots Replace Regulators? comments

0.333 Weird Lady Photographer comments

0.333 Boston Celtics Snapback hats comments

0.332 Amtrak Conductors Adopting iPhones to Verify Tickets comments

0.331 How Google’s Self-Driving Car Works comments

0.329 Using Composer to manage dependencies in Heroku PHP apps comments

0.329 Unicode URL - ☃.net comments

0.327 What would Donald Draper say about ads today? comments

0.322 Y Combinator here I come – update comments

0.315 Snipt relaunches with new API and redesign comments

0.314 Microsoft Commits to Becoming Carbon Neutral from July 1 comments

0.314 Facebook Breaks Up with Grooveshark comments

0.311 A new JS MIME parser comments

0.307 MobileRated - Free Mobile Games Search Engine comments

0.306 The Hacker way of learning comments

0.290 Getting to market with Pivotal Tracker comments

0.279 Reduce site load time with multiple CDN sub-domains comments

0.276 Microsoft drops the Azure branding comments

0.271 A Portrait of the Artist as a Game Studio comments

0.269 PHP Sucks: So What? comments

0.269 Instagram Socialmatic Camera comments

0.267 Write It Down. Now. comments

0.266 Args: Argument Parsing for Humans comments

0.258 How NSFW Corp Dodged The Newsstand Bullet And Lucked Into HTML5 comments

0.258 Why Facebook Is Not The Next Google comments

0.257 Google faces Indian antitrust investigation comments

0.254 Web designers in chennai comments

0.250 Shows – Third Avenue Radio comments

0.246 Nations of the World comments

0.242 Painful accounting for startups comments

0.239 3 Things CEOs should know about the Cloud comments

0.237 Project Sputnik: Dell’s Ubuntu-based XPS13 laptop for developers comments

0.233 Color Universal Design - How to make presentations friendly to Colorblind people comments

0.232 #1 on HN for Six Hours: Postmortem comments

0.225 Voldemort Types in D comments

0.222 Oracle addresses 0-day “TNS Poison” comments

0.222 Mark Benioff on Charlie Rose comments

0.222 Should Matt Cutts be Fired for the Penguin Update? comments

0.221 Give users some freedom of expression (but not too much) to boost interaction. comments

0.218 On Not Being A Problem comments

0.197 Desktop applications with Nodejs comments

0.196 ASP.NET Event Calendar Now in Video Tutorial comments

0.193 Does Instagram’s $1 billion sale explain the $41 million investment in Color? comments

0.192 Facebook to Marketers, It’s Time for a Click to Action comments

0.186 2012 CMF Millionaire Video Challenge comments

0.182 Deciding on a Startup offer (from a friend) comments

0.180 The tech world’s Willy Wonka (Mark Pincus) comments

0.167 Bash initialization files - what gets executed? comments

0.164 Install ICS Android 4.0.4 Firmware On HTC Inspire 4G comments

0.163 Enabling Concurrent Dual Views on Common LCD Screens comments

0.158 What did they do before you came along? comments

0.153 IPv6: Europe ‘ahead’ in new net address scheme comments

0.152 FBI’s Leaked Bitcoin Report comments

0.148 Global Accessibility Awareness Day is tomorrow comments

0.144 Ask HN: How much do freelancing product managers charge for their services? comments

0.144 Color has officially become bloat ware comments

0.135 Firefox finally plugs the leak comments

0.135 Sortbox Is Like Email Filters for Dropbox comments

0.130 First one here comments

0.125 Gree, DeNA shares dive on report of possible regulatory action comments

0.125 Homeland Security Concedes Airport Body Scanner ‘Vulnerabilities’ comments

0.122 Vizbu - Search Engine for Videos and Music comments

0.122 Chinese uni hacked, 150,000 accounts dumped comments

0.121 A Day in the Life of Steve Jobs comments

0.113 Mobile First, Web Maybe comments

0.113 Examples of Automatic 3D reconstructions from photographs comments

0.106 BURPPLE app for your epicurean adventures comments

0.105 FBI wants backdoors into your Internet communications - email, VoIP, chat, video comments

0.104 intent tag has landed in Webkit comments

0.102 Top 10 most read books in the world comments

0.095 Adjitsu team shares CEO’s motivational appreciation memo on acquisition | e27 comments

0.094 Eavesdropper Android app developed comments

0.090 Google’s First Self-Driven Cars To Soon Run on Nevada Roads comments

0.086 Github: Cloud comments

0.082 Open-web Conversion Tracking for Apps comments

0.079 Chrome beats IE for a weekend comments

0.075 Arch Linux Chroot Terminals in Android comments

0.074 Memoir of a Web App: 1st Post comments

0.069 Which are the best Django apps for Gamification? comments

0.064 How Steve Jobs came to play FDR comments

0.040 Why isn’t Canonical using Android? comments

0.033 Show HN: Weekend project - Speak Like A Brazilian comments

0.026 Ask HN: So what are the early opinions on RubyMotion? comments

0.021 Ask HN: Is Twitter phasing out DMs? comments

0.020 Samsung Announces List of Devices Scheduled for ICS Update.. comments

0.016 A trip to Paris: Amazing stop motion video hacking comments

0.014 Show HN: Email2Face - API & gem to search for profile pictures comments

0.014 Try Demo: Play space invaders on computer browser & control with an iphone/ipad comments

0.012 Apple updates iOS, mum on Wi-Fi, battery fixes comments

0.012 Ask HN: Startup jobs for this fall/winter? comments

0.006 500px iPad app update removes NSFW photos comments

0.005 Ask HN: Is there any available stats about HN users? comments

0.003 Ask HN - will you please include password rules to login form? comments

0.003 OS X plain text password flaw has been around for 3 months and counting comments

0.002 Show HN: Automated coursera video downloader comments

0.001 Show HN: Sympathy Editor (Edit local files in Chrome) comments

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