Monday, May 7, 2012

Hacker News stories for 12 AM on Monday May 07, 2012

0.965 Could These Start-Ups Become The Next Big Thing? comments

0.957 Unblocking The Pirate Bay The Hard Way Is Fun For Geeks comments

0.931 Future U: Classroom tech doesn’t mean handing out tablets comments

0.898 What is LOA, and why should you care? comments

0.863 Displaying timezones better in Python comments

0.861 ‘60 Minutes’ Gets Younger, and Its Viewers Do Too comments

0.848 Keep it simple and single threaded - Single Writer Principle comments

0.800 Confessions of a Tech Entrepreneur comments

0.783 A field guide to Twitter Platform objects comments

0.767 3 Reasons Why You Should Build Something comments

0.718 Eat the Document comments

0.687 Why do web sites and software take so long to build? And why is it so hard? comments

0.679 Made for Acquisition Startups Aren’t Bad comments

0.648 5 Things You Didn’t Know About China’s Terracotta ArmyRead comments

0.639 Do you know of hackerhouses in your area? comments

0.626 O’Reilly: R, now a major programming language, sees a 127% growth in book sales comments

0.615 The single responsibility principle applied to CSS comments

0.608 List of Famous Programmers comments

0.592 Django Standard Project Builder comments

0.588 The Pew Pew Manifesto comments

0.581 Working with WordPress Shortcodes comments

0.533 Dick Costolo is a Lot Smarter Than I Am - Johnnie Manzari comments

0.528 Brain Scans Give Glimpse of How Your Dog Thinks comments

0.526 A Guided Tour through Data-center Networking comments

0.509 Wikipedia Updated Terms of Use Effective 5/25 comments

0.500 Worst case scenario comments

0.498 Impressions from the 2012 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting comments

0.495 Random Page Cost Revisited comments

0.476 Twitter Fitter comments

0.470 Windows Phone Predictions that IDC, Gartner & Pyramid Research Hope You Forgot comments

0.467 Mock Objects comments

0.467 The Jet that Ate the Pentagon comments

0.461 The New MFAs - ‘Made for Acquisition’ Startups comments

0.456 Adobe Creative Suite 6 Released comments

0.439 Compare Payment Gateway Fees PayPal, Square, Dwolla, etc comments

0.409 Build the Rocket First: How MetaLab successfully bootstrapped Flow comments

0.406 Buy whey protein powder online in india comments

0.386 Evernote Plans Chinese Expansion comments

0.376 Argentinian Government uses fake Twitter accounts for propaganda comments

0.347 The 100mph bike – designed in the bath and made from an old saucepan comments

0.347 CTO vs. Lead Dev (+ 8 other things your non-tech team needs to know) comments

0.343 TC Cribs: Inside Box’s Bigger And Better New HQ – Slides, Scooters And All comments

0.343 WinScanX : A must have Windows Audit Tool comments

0.331 MatchPuppy - A Social Network For Dogs comments

0.325 Spring MVC 3.2 Preview: Introducing Servlet 3, Async Support comments

0.308 Getting a Flask website up and running in Ubuntu comments

0.300 TCP Sucks comments

0.300 Why I write about bathroom fans and pillowcasing strategies comments

0.294 Coffeedate: Sensible date/time parsing/formatting for javascript/coffeescript. comments

0.293 A Chair That Lets You Live The Hobo Life, In Style comments

0.281 Tough Luck: The comics industry is crazy. comments

0.278 Share your interests.. comments

0.277 3.2 gigapixel camera will churn out 6 million gigabytes of image per year comments

0.276 Angry Birds Store, Angry Birds Toy, Angry Birds Shop comments

0.271 Jnario - Executable Specs for Java (i.e yet another BDD framework?) comments

0.263 LLVM and Linux comments

0.229 The NodeJS to Objective-C Bridge comments

0.222 The 10 Richest College Dropouts comments

0.215 Facebook Acquires Glancee comments

0.215 Facebook friend attrition comments

0.196 Buy online wholesale supplements at comments

0.176 Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps comments

0.175 New Today comments

0.157 W2013 Application comments

0.156 Rubymotion + Cocos2d = Cocomotion comments

0.124 Why are my hackernews posts not visible to anyone? comments

0.115 The Maturation of Mark Zuckerberg comments

0.092 CarbonDraft: Github for non-Coders comments

0.090 AT&T Introduces IP-Based Home Automation And Security System comments

0.090 Game of Thrones - The Old Gods and the New comments

0.075 Share latest stories,links,news,hot stuff with your friends and others. comments

0.063 Are resume creation apps hoping for LinkedIn to buy them? comments

0.051 Tara Hunt: So you wanna do a startup, eh? video comments

0.051 Game over - how sanctions and violence doomed Syria’s video game industry comments

0.049 Mobile Could Be What Makes Private Social Networks Succeed comments

0.049 Ask HN: How do you approach bigger companies as a start-up? comments

0.045 Ask HN: Feedback on intuitiveness of MillionShort’s Opensearch suggestions comments

0.041 Show HN: BlogFile; ~3000 line, single file PHP blog software comments

0.034 Ask HN: How many of you webdevs got degrees in EE/CE or similar? comments

0.030 Ask HN: When is risk worth it? comments

0.029 Ask HN: Starting a company with tech you don’t know fully comments

0.025 Touché from Disney video comments

0.023 3D Printing Gives Amputees Custom-Designed Legs video comments

0.016 Swipe Selection for iPad keyboard prototype now functional comments

0.016 Ask HN: Record Yourself Coding Link comments

0.010 Ask HN: Where do you get your news? comments

0.009 Github Gives Git A New Face - The Industry comments

0.004 - My new website, need some help debugging comments

0.003 SF Climates iOS App Offers Neighborhood Specific Weather Reports comments

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