Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 AM on Saturday May 05, 2012

0.962 Understanding database normalisation: a very short tutorial comments

0.931 DevCamp 2010 Keynote - Rx: Curing your asynchronous programming blues comments

0.848 Computer Desks, Office Chairs, Office Furniture comments

0.780 Why Your Brain Isn’t A Computer comments

0.773 Ancient volcanic blast provides more evidence of water on early Mars comments

0.729 Some examples of how to refactor your rails models comments

0.588 In Theory: Nintendo’s “Next-Gen” Challenge comments

0.571 Perl rant by Erik Naggum comments

0.570 First time sales versus returning sales comments

0.563 Precompile Rails Assets Using a Git Hook comments

0.559 Data Diving (Unreleased clinical trial data and its implications) comments

0.533 Both Candidates Weak On SSL Security comments

0.528 Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 3 - Water Night comments

0.515 Emerging Technologies - 2012 and Beyond. share your thoughts. comments

0.492 10 useful libraries for JavaScript developers comments

0.487 R17 1.5.0: floating-point support, ear-pinning performance comments

0.467 Mini Album Twinkle TaeTiSeo SNSD Semakin Mendunia dan Terkenal comments

0.467 Zero-Downtime Deploys with JRuby comments

0.449 CSS Tricks: How to Speed Up CSS Rendering comments

0.444 On the Importance of Quantity comments

0.421 Why Has New York Become a Paradise for Tech Startups? comments

0.400 How the shift to ebooks will affect genre categories in fiction comments

0.378 Google Nigeria comments

0.377 Peer into the Future: Second Screen Social TV Companion Apps and the BBC comments

0.365 NASA, US Milatry, US Airforce and many others hacked by “The Unknowns” comments

0.352 Hottest IT skill? Cybersecurity comments

0.351 Why OSGi? Or why not using it makes your JVM runtime unsafe. comments

0.347 How to make Xcode’s UI work for you (maybe) comments

0.343 Simple example of Dart in the Client and Server comments

0.333 Tolerance and Prosperity comments

0.321 Feel me:synchrnous communication for mobile comments

0.320 Should users be forced into a responsive design? comments

0.300 RubySource: Looking for Talent comments

0.294 Scam: Get a Free 5000 Facebook Credits totally FREE comments

0.293 Woman breaks record for longest name comments

0.271 To Facebook You’re Worth $80.95 comments

0.250 Types of Basketball Stretching Exercises comments

0.219 Bitcoin Media: Market volatility has gone down comments

0.219 AT&T’s HTC One X Bootloader To Remain Locked comments

0.202 Queen’s researchers create life-sized 3D hologram for videoconferencing comments

0.197 Information gathering tool : Unicorn comments

0.159 Department of Telecom (DOT) India Blocks File Sharing Sites comments

0.158 Samsung unwraps latest Galaxy rival to iPhone comments

0.155 What’s the “problem” with MOOCs? comments

0.150 Show HN: A Better Queue - Netflix/Rotten Tomatoes mashup comments

0.143 Facebook IPO: A bet on ‘King’ Zuck comments

0.098 An interesting case of Mac OSX malware comments

0.078 Poorly repaired iPhone 4 causes smoke in Australian aircraft comments

0.032 A new simple Hacker News redesign comments

0.004 Has anyone checked out their personal FBI record? comments

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