Monday, May 7, 2012

Hacker News stories for 1 PM on Monday May 07, 2012

0.994 5 Things I Learned About Business Negotiating from Watching Movies comments

0.987 Jury Finds Infringements in Oracle v. Google Copyright Case comments

0.986 Jury rules Google violated copyright law, Google moves for mistrial comments

0.972 Jury finds Google infringed Oracle copyrights in partial verdict comments

0.960 Reasons to Learn Clojure comments

0.957 Lean Startup Machine Lessons comments

0.950 How to Get Venture Funding: Practical Advice from an Intel Investment Director comments

0.934 Oracle v. Google Copyright Phase Verdict comments

0.925 Reuters: Google infringed on some Oracle Java copyright: jury comments

0.903 GUID guide (part three) comments

0.896 Google Infringed on Oracle’s Java Copyrights: Jury comments

0.888 Console.Log : Say Goodbye to JavaScript Alerts for Debugging comments

0.886 What the Avengers can teach us about crisis management. comments

0.881 The Anxiety Economy: Why the Future of Work Will Be All About Stress comments

0.879 A Guide to Career Hacking comments

0.878 Pirate Party wins again, enters another parliament comments

0.866 Big science funding comments

0.864 Google Did Infringe Some Oracle Copyrights comments

0.853 Code Quality and Why You Care comments

0.852 4 Ways To Kick Your Startup Slump’s Ass comments

0.844 23 Startup Tips comments

0.828 Plausibility bias? You say that as though that were a bad thing comments

0.827 Library of Congress abandons 5 1/4” floppy disks, plans to migrate some data comments

0.816 The disappointing returns from venture capital: a major LP’s perspective comments

0.811 Dining on Data: How APIs Are Transforming The Way We Eat comments

0.799 Oracle/Google jury finds Google infringed SSO but hangs on fair use comments

0.786 We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us (Kauffman Foundation report on VC funds) comments

0.783 Battling the Borg: a Startup Idea comments

0.778 Oracle gets a chance to rewrite software law comments

0.775 Academic Publishing: Elsevier Tries Open ‘Text Mining’ of Its Journals comments

0.775 Backbone Templates using JST in Rails comments

0.771 Why Do Our Best and Brightest End Up in Silicon Valley and Not D.C.? comments

0.766 Dinosaurs passing wind may have caused climate change comments

0.751 U.K. Computer Pioneer Dies comments

0.749 How to tell stuff to a computer comments

0.745 US scientists who mean business comments

0.738 New Wi-Fi standard means better vehicle support, improved cell handoff comments

0.736 Physicists go totally random comments

0.733 What is an Aguri tree? comments

0.727 Hipstamatic Finds Unconventional Wisdom Profitable comments

0.724 Galaxy S3 US Carriers Disappear From Sign Up Page comments

0.711 Oracle v Google: Juror accused of improperly discussing case comments

0.705 Go Approach comments

0.696 Connect the Dots comments

0.674 The 1000 Genomes Project: data management and community access (S3 Accessible) comments

0.673 Riak_mongo - making Riak act like MongoDB comments

0.667 Mixins: A refactoring anti-pattern comments

0.652 Searching the Internet B.G. (Before Google) comments

0.647 The Amazon Percentage Trick comments

0.639 Bay Area Council 2012 Outlook Conference/ Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn comments

0.635 AT&T Argues That More Competition Leads To Higher Prices comments

0.632 Is it ever acceptable to make a Java Applet part of an enterprise wide rollout? comments

0.631 The power of programming comments

0.615 366 Days, or How I Tricked Myself into Being Awesome comments

0.604 PaidContent: Publisher sues Tumblr over porn pics comments

0.598 Why Use Postgres - Part 2 comments

0.594 How Distributed Sensemaking Could Replace Search comments

0.593 The Secret to Getting Any Job You Want - Focus comments

0.589 On unforced errors - are you self sabotaging yourself? comments

0.581 How I Found My Path in Life: A Story Completely Unrelated to Dan Shipper comments

0.571 Zynga sues Kobojo over ville suffix comments

0.550 The mystery of brain freezes unlocked comments

0.550 The EU Cookie Law and its “punishments” comments

0.544 Touché makes anything touch and gesture sensitive comments

0.539 Full stack functional testing for hackers. comments

0.538 The Inevitable IT Operations Data Warehouse comments

0.537 Steel City Ruby Conf tickets on sale now comments

0.533 MobileNation Launches Native Publishing support comments

0.533 Less BA, more MBA comments

0.533 Remember Color? It’s Taking Another Shot With A Big Verizon Partnership comments

0.528 Procter & Gamble Bans Streaming Services comments

0.523 Getting Datomic Running on the Amazon Cloud Screencast comments

0.519 Contribute to Rails issues comments

0.515 Why is it so expensive to buy or sell a house in America? comments

0.503 Origins of the Open Source CSLA .NET Framework comments

0.502 Writing the story of an API - The Hashrocket Blog comments

0.500 SocialCam should be renamed ScumbagCam comments

0.499 Performance Showdown: Starling vs ND2D vs Genome2D vs Haxe NME comments

0.479 Useful Code Comparing Tools For Web Developers comments

0.475 Sciencescape: Intv with Co-Founder of Startup Mapping Human Landscape of Science comments

0.468 A tale of two unlimited plans: what the hell is Daniel Hesse thinking? comments

0.467 RubyMotion and Interace Builder comments

0.467 Roundup of HTML-Based Slide Deck Toolkits comments

0.467 Fungible comments

0.467 Toys and Joys comments

0.467 A ‘support group’ for appaholics comments

0.467 Artists and Technologists comments

0.467 The Kiss of Lust comments

0.461 How Javascript Timers Work comments

0.461 A near-future prognosis for television: surprisingly strong, driven by choice comments

0.461 How not to hire a co-founder comments

0.455 Firebase Scoble Interview comments

0.447 Google Calls for Mistrial After Jury Says Android Stole From Java comments

0.442 The Human StartUp comments

0.429 The Unselfishness Trap (1973) comments

0.422 Node.js HTTP Server Security Vulnerability: Please upgrade to 0.6.17 comments

0.416 Will edX Put Harvard and MIT Out of Business? comments

0.415 Computer Screens Getting Bigger comments

0.413 JSFixed: an initiative to make TC39 more developer friendly comments

0.409 Economists tell FTC to buzz off Google antitrust investigation comments

0.407 Ask HN: Best program ideas/api to learn python comments

0.404 Clean up HTML tables with tablecloth.js comments

0.397 What’s this in JavaScript comments

0.393 “The best recommendations have a lot of verbs.” comments

0.392 What has science ever done for us? comments

0.385 User Friendly Backbone Routes comments

0.383 Review of “Technical Blogging” by Antonio Cangiano comments

0.379 Socks, birthdays and hash collisions comments

0.379 London to test ‘smart city’ operating system comments

0.379 London to test ‘smart city’ operating system comments

0.376 Google ‘infringed’ Oracle’s Java in split trial result comments

0.375 Do presskit, automated press pages comments

0.350 MIT picked 10 Emerging Technologies for 2012 comments

0.344 How Much Should We Tax 7-Footers? comments

0.338 The growing role of the player in game development comments

0.337 Lightweight Agile Systems comments

0.337 A marketing experiment with Pinterest comments

0.335 Ask Dr. Solder comments

0.335 Using Trestle’s Read-Only Object Collections comments

0.333 The Clouding Cloudification of “The Cloud” comments

0.330 Early Startup Time Wasters comments

0.329 Inspired by Harry Potter rapid blood test spells out result in bioactive paper comments

0.314 Gumroad raises $7 million from KPCB comments

0.314 Satan Remover? These guys promote their microISV with humor comments

0.313 The Best, Most Disgusting Reporting on Food Safety comments

0.313 Zillabyte (YC W12) wants to hire AI/NLP/ML über geeks. comments

0.311 Sometimes I read stories about American healthcare and feel utterly sick comments

0.311 What should every programmer know about security? comments

0.303 Rovio (Angry bird fame) prepares for IPO comments

0.302 Color goes live with multi-year Verizon deal comments

0.261 The BlackBerry 10 Camera App Can Turn Back Time comments

0.253 Faster fourier transform among world’s most important emerging technology comments

0.252 Android Holds 61% Of U.S Smartphone Sales,iOS Down To 29% comments

0.246 Conversational Hacks: “No Blocking” comments

0.242 On the value of collaboration across linux distributions comments

0.239 Syntactical patch: open source command line refactoring tool comments

0.234 You Might Be Breaking the Law. Tumblr Might Pay the Price. comments

0.233 Gumroad - Next steps comments

0.221 CustomMade Expands, Drives New E-Retail Model for Custom Goods comments

0.218 Connect The Physical World To The Web With Ninja Blocks comments

0.217 The Story Behind Tasseo comments

0.216 Did a Copying Mistake Make Humans So Smart? comments

0.213 What Privacy Advocates Don’t Get About Data Tracking on the Web comments

0.207 Adding custom modules to Nginx RPM comments

0.199 Bitcoin Funded Debit Cards comments

0.197 New Git Homepage comments

0.191 Smartphones Used By 50.4% Of U.S. Consumers, Android 48.5% Of Them comments

0.190 Startups are Creating a New System of the World for IT comments

0.180 Is Your Email Client Leaking Sensitive Information? comments

0.179 Type study: Choosing fallback fonts comments

0.176 Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps comments

0.175 Read The Inspirational Note Given To Every Apple Employee On Their First Day comments

0.175 Google believes that Napoleon is 242 years old. Google this. comments

0.174 A Private Cloud … On Wheels? comments

0.173 How to win the Prisoner’s Dilemma (Video) comments

0.171 Push mail platform for Web or iOS comments

0.168 A Look At Chorus, Vox Media’s Next-Generation Publishing Platform comments

0.159 What retail is hired to do: Apple vs. IKEA comments

0.157 audio ‘Angry Birds’ creator talking IPO comments

0.145 Swÿp | Move Files Across Devices By Swiping comments

0.144 MIT project to enable “swiping” of files between devices comments

0.140 Picture-tube - Render images in the terminal comments

0.131 Microsoft May Charge For App Names comments

0.129 Ask HN: advice for young people joining startups? comments

0.129 Looking for CTO comments

0.128 Dell Announces A Linux Laptop Designed for Developers comments

0.120 Twitter Blog: A new standard for the mobile web comments

0.114 Was YAHOO’s Logo Ripped From This Creepy 1960′s Mad Magazine Comic? comments

0.106 Good iOS tutorial to recommend for a 14 year old? comments

0.105 Carriers start chipping away at iPhones subsidies comments

0.094 In depth discussion of Facebook IPO comments

0.089 Getting started with Linux commands comments

0.080 Add color to your shell tools comments

0.078 Bypass the iPhone 4/4S passcode security lock comments

0.073 Want To Broadcast Live On YouTube? You’ll Need A G+ Account For That comments

0.069 Estimating the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow comments

0.067 Yahoo hires new CEO: TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington comments

0.064 Adobe CS6 released and is available at price starting from $1299 comments

0.062 Microsoft Research shows dual views on existing LCD displays comments

0.061 Bamboo Stylus Solo for iPad: Almost Perfect comments

0.059 FireYogi, How is this possible? share your thoughts? comments

0.052 Facebook roadshow video comments

0.040 Nokia Asha 302 Review and price in India,USA and UK. comments

0.038 Mashable Goes ‘Behind the Launch’ With New Documentary-Style Video Series comments

0.035 Apple Releases iOS 5.1.1 with HDR, AirPlay, and Safari Syncing Bug Fixes comments

0.033 Twitter’s Mobile Site Now Uses One-Third Less Bandwidth comments

0.030 Twitpic releases its own iPhone app complete with filters comments

0.030 is now, launches Kandan - beautiful open source chat comments

0.021 Evernote acquires iPad app Penultimate comments

0.011 Mark Zuckerberg outlines Facebook’s 5 core values comments

0.006 Microsoft Stores offering $99 Xbox 360 with contract now comments

0.005 Show HN: ClipChoose, video polls made easy comments

0.005 Ask HN - Compiling the Best stories on what you did to get initial traction. comments

0.005 Apple releases iOS 5.1.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch comments

0.004 A food iPhone app that doesn’t suck comments

0.004 IOS 5.1.1 firmware is out for iPhone ,iPad and iPod touch comments

0.003 Show HN: Dropbox - Google Maps integration comments

0.003 Show HN: A/B testing for iOS and Android comments

0.002 How To Install Siri On iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad 3 And Other iOS Devices comments

0.001 Kobo brings HTML5 Cloud Reading to the iPad comments

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