Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 PM on Thursday May 10, 2012

0.993 Five More Dutch ISPs Given 10 Days To Censor The Pirate Bay comments

0.993 Five More Dutch ISPs Given 10 Days To Censor The Pirate Bay comments

0.978 Building a higher-level query API: the right way to use Django’s ORM comments

0.972 Dutch court orders ISP’s to block The Pirate Bay comments

0.970 Lessons learned from an entrepreneur electrifying rural India comments

0.954 You are standing on the thing you seek to criticize comments

0.953 A core.logic Primer: gentle introduction to logic programming in Clojure comments

0.953 Breaking the rules: Doing right means sometimes ignoring the law comments

0.951 Netflix Is Right: Comcast May Be Evil comments

0.950 F.T.C. and White House Push for Online Privacy Laws comments

0.946 Using Node.js with VoltDB comments

0.924 Visualization of economical data comments

0.922 Why Do People Choke When the Stakes Are High? Loss Aversion May Be the Culprit comments

0.921 PHP and MongoDB Web Development Beginner’s Guide comments

0.915 Optimising a forward index within MySQL comments

0.894 How Clojure got me banned from Google comments

0.892 Silicon Nanospheres Could Be Building Blocks Of Optical Invisibility Cloaks comments

0.883 Dutch judge rules all ISPs have to block TPB, same week netneutrality law passes comments

0.875 Single sentence advice that will guarentee success in your Startup. comments

0.875 How to Ensure Your Day Job Doesn’t Own Your Startup | 21times comments

0.868 Move Over Harvard And MIT, Stanford Has The Real “Revolution In Education” comments

0.865 14 Ways to Keep Your Startups Costs Down comments

0.853 Polymorphic function values in shapeless (pt.2) Natural Transformations comments

0.837 Digg engineers heading to Washington Post’s SocialCode comments

0.827 Mobile web programming is a bloody mess comments

0.827 Cybersecurity Firms Ditch Defense, Learn To ‘Hunt’ comments

0.824 Just Enough Testing comments

0.814 An introduction to SCSS - Your style sheet on steroids comments

0.814 Meet Silk, The Semantic Web For The Rest Of Us comments

0.814 Binary data pattern matching for JS derived from Erlang’s syntax comments

0.798 LTE’s future: A scramble for spectrum, and creative data caps comments

0.792 Self-Awareness Matters: Finding Your Filters comments

0.778 The emotional story of Reddit’s start & sale comments

0.769 How the German Pirate Party’s “Liquid Democracy” Works comments

0.767 INISMO - Manage your funding activities comments

0.764 How To Deal With Startup Life comments

0.755 GraphLab Workshop on Big Learning comments

0.731 CoDel buffer management could solve the Internet’s bufferbloat jams comments

0.714 KDE Plasma Netbook Revisited comments

0.703 EU Cookie Law: “Do you want your Internet to work? Yes/No” comments

0.682 Git Branches Considered Harmful comments

0.667 What my dog taught me about freelancing comments

0.660 What works better: a video or an image slider? A/B test finds 30% increase comments

0.659 Google agrees with Mozilla’s Windows RT browser concerns comments

0.657 Why France Has So Many 49-Employee Companies comments

0.653 Spam Detection with a Content-based Random-walk Algorithm (SMUC’2010) comments

0.651 You Are Not The Right Founder For Your Pivot comments

0.629 Friendica 3.0 comments

0.628 IT salary rises double UK average - Get yourself Solvency II modelling skills comments

0.625 Near field Communications comments

0.616 Simonoids. It’s ‘Simon’ in an Altoids can powered by Arduino comments

0.616 Government Programs? comments

0.615 French government, along with SFR and Bull, create new cloud computing venture comments

0.613 Implementing Infinite Scroll With ASP.Net MVC 4 comments

0.611 XSS and Rails comments

0.611 CSRF and Rails comments

0.598 Aligning Business & Programmer Goals comments

0.597 Japanese scientists use particle accelerator to create salt-resistant rice comments

0.596 New Microgrants at U. of Michigan Will Spark Innovative Research comments

0.586 Humiliation in Startups comments

0.585 Y Combinator: Bookmarklet comments

0.585 Simple model for assessing security maturity comments

0.561 Writing a simple lexer in PHP comments

0.559 Gijit: It’s like Rapportive for Google Calendar comments

0.549 Effective similarity search in PostgreSQL comments

0.545 Dental Aptitude Test comments

0.540 Does the “Showroom Effect” Spell Trouble for Amazon? comments

0.533 No, I won’t be your technical co-founder comments

0.533 My Recent Experience With Square comments

0.533 Complexity Theory applied to society comments

0.521 Half Sculptured Travelers messing with your brain comments

0.519 Supporting IE Is Too Much Work comments

0.513 Liliputian Portable Battery Promises 2 Weeks of Charging comments

0.509 Bruno Marchal’s Combinator Chemistry comments

0.509 Touchy, a jQuery plugin for managing touch and gesture events on WebKit browsers comments

0.501 Our Development Process: 50 Months of Evolution comments

0.500 Redesigned Screens, Improved Usability, New Settings, and More comments

0.500 ATK’s Liberty rocket targets 2015 debut comments

0.500 Technical Writer Leads comments

0.500 Carmageddon seeks Kickstarter cash comeback comments

0.483 Js-cps , simple conversion to asynchronous javascript comments

0.479 The New Native Languages comments

0.477 Firefox “Burn” Millions Of Website Owners comments

0.470 Gamification: More companies are applying game mechanics to internal processes comments

0.467 Augmented Reality to Detect Skin Cancer comments

0.467 Daftar Lagu Album Tribute L’Arc-en-Ciel Akhirnya Beredar comments

0.467 Debian Handbook comments

0.465 The Five Steps to Becoming an Expert comments

0.460 Mozilla says Microsoft won’t allow rival browsers on ARM Windows desktop comments

0.457 Photos As A Service? comments

0.444 I sell services, what the $%# should I sell (Part 3) comments

0.442 What is the yield keyword used for in C#? comments

0.430 Gift hunting a chore? comments

0.421 Google: We developed Android not knowing Sun’s patents comments

0.418 Million Dollar African News Challenge from Google comments

0.412 US judge delays German ban on Windows 7 and Xbox 360 comments

0.407 Could this explain the Instagram deal? comments

0.407 FYI: No JIT on Windows 8 for ARM comments

0.405 How to make your customers feel safe comments

0.399 Help Wanted Silicon Valley’s Hiring Crunch. comments

0.399 The Virgle Project comments

0.396 Engagement Technique: Are you a Mad Man or a Math Man? comments

0.396 Clojure Gazette 1.9: Clojure on Android comments

0.393 Django-icetea comments

0.385 Samsung acquire mSpot comments

0.371 Conversion University comments

0.369 Why One of Silicon Valley’s Savviest Investors Has Shut His Wallet comments

0.365 If You Were Immortal - What Would You Do With the Infinite Time? comments

0.355 (Video)Al Qaeda Linked Group Develops Unmanned Drone Cars comments

0.344 Silk launches smart search, data visualization tool in open beta comments

0.344 The Debian Handbook is ready after 5 months | Buy it, or get it free. comments

0.343 Will the scene in Minority Report become reality comments

0.333 Raspberry Pi: Prototyping Potential comments

0.331 Digg Engineers Are Joining Washington Post’s SocialCode comments

0.326 CitiBank Shells Out $41M to Sponsor NYC’s Bike Share Program comments

0.318 FF Chartwell - A typeface for generating charts comments

0.314 Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 OTA update rolling out comments

0.309 Let there be intelligent light: The case for LEDs comments

0.307 Energize.js: A tiny JavaScript snippet to make links snappy on touch devices comments

0.304 Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich update begins rolling out now comments

0.282 Draw Something Words - English Word List comments

0.281 Steam Support refund request comments

0.276 Facebook Interview Puzzle comments

0.276 Roulette beater spills physics behind victory comments

0.276 The Myth of “A Players” comments

0.263 $7M funding round to fix movie marketing comments

0.262 HP Cloud moved to public beta stage comments

0.260 5 Hidden Gmail Tricks for Power Users comments

0.259 Why should I have written ZeroMQ in C, not C++ comments

0.250 Samsung definitely didn’t copy Apple with the design of this phone comments

0.246 HP puts OpenStack cloud into public beta comments

0.238 First experience with mahout as a researcher comments

0.238 A better Google+ notification experience in email comments

0.236 Handicraft Site Etsy Valued at More Than $600 Million comments

0.235 NYTimes refers to Path as “a photo sharing application” and nothing more comments

0.234 This is a geat productivity tool comments

0.233 Follow the yellow granite road comments

0.222 Alex Smola’s SML course: Recommender Systems comments

0.222 How Getty Images transformed their watermark from an annoyance into a utility comments

0.216 Has print gone digital? Infographic comments

0.214 JSR-310 naming poll comments

0.210 Police arrest alleged ‘TeamPoison’ hacker in Newcastle comments

0.197 Swiper: Mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions comments

0.186 Abraham Lincoln invented Facebook comments

0.169 Ask HN: Restless to RESTful - are we doing it right? comments

0.164 Product Graphics: 6 Techniques To Make Images More Informative comments

0.160 Location-based services: Are they there yet? comments

0.159 Hands On With Boot2Gecko, the Mobile OS Built Entirely on Web Standards comments

0.153 MugglesCheck out the homepage comments

0.151 It’s Apple vs. Google vs. Everyone In The Mobile Payments War comments

0.139 How to be a hipster hacker comments

0.130 OpenPicus announces new means to control Flyports by Android and More (via JSON) comments

0.130 Why I’m thrilled Mark Zuckerberg is annoying the bankers comments

0.128 Facebook to launch the new App Center comments

0.124 Anything, from liquid water to the human body, is now a potential touch screen comments

0.124 If this is not copying, then what is? HP copying Apple comments

0.122 In war for talent, ‘brogrammers’ will be losers comments

0.120 I just open-sourced my iOS password manager with dropbox syncing comments

0.108 Here’s why Linux is innovating on the desktop comments

0.092 Interview of Yahoo CEO discussing his CS degree comments

0.085 WebKit Offers Early Preview of ‘Web Intents’ comments

0.085 Facebook IPO: Company Has a Valuation Problem comments

0.082 Facebook ads haven’t kept up with mobile usage comments

0.080 New from Dell: an Ubuntu Linux laptop targeting developers comments

0.072 An update on our user database and comments comments

0.072 CodeCache is full. Compiler has been disabled. comments

0.071 Mozilla upgrading Firefox 3.6 users to Firefox 12 (automatic update, unprompted) comments

0.070 37signals lists web designer directory Sortfolio on Flippa comments

0.066 Show HN: AWS CloudFront (CDN) for dynamically generated content comments

0.062 Ask HN: Dealing with a crush at work comments

0.061 HP Cloud now in Public Beta comments

0.053 Ask HN: What is the Internet all about? comments

0.052 Ask HN: Dealing with ganglions/RSI comments

0.048 Developers from Xtreme Labs talking about Blackberry 10 at Blackberry 10 Jam. comments

0.043 Facebook counts on App Center to solve mobile crisis comments

0.036 HTML5 vs. Flash: The state of the debate comments

0.036 Gestures, a proof-of-concept JS gesture recognition on iOS and Android devices comments

0.034 Show HN: Free print packs for UK bootstrapped startups comments

0.032 Ask HN: Drupal 6 to Wordpress 3 migrating comments

0.029 Awwation - Prezi clone in HTML5 + SVG + Js; NOT impress.js comments

0.025 Ask HN: Advice - Working Full-time while starting a side business? comments

0.025 Ask HN: Looking for markdown-editor feature ideas comments

0.024 CloudOn brings you Microsoft Office(R) on the iPad comments

0.024 Ask HN: How to rescue trapped domain name? comments

0.023 Ask HN: comments

0.016 Photoshop template for submitting Facebook Apps to App Center comments

0.016 How to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 tethered on Windows or Mac comments

0.016 Google+: a mobile app with sense and soul comments

0.015 Logos Quiz Answers For Iphone Ipad 1 comments

0.011 Share from HN with new Buffer extensions comments

0.011 Facebook opening app store soon. comments

0.010 Show HN:, makes every website horny comments

0.010 Facebook’s new ‘App Center’ allows developers to sell Facebook apps comments

0.008 Show HN: local photos on mobile comments

0.008 Ask HN: Which startups have been accepted into YC S12? comments

0.006 Will HTML5 overtake native mobile apps? comments

0.005 Ask HN: Please critique our logo. comments

0.005 Ask HN:Landing page feedback comments

0.005 Show HN: I feel this is my best ‘mini-startup’ idea yet - The Gift Reminder comments

0.001 Ask HN: Will Facebook App Center make a difference? comments

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