Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 AM on Saturday May 05, 2012

0.852 Amazon joins Netflix, Hulu, Google with original TV programming comments

0.736 Biochemist creates CO2-eating light that runs on algae comments

0.660 Nobody Cares About The Fixed Costs Of Your Book, Movie, Whatever comments

0.658 Struggle continues to plug embedded programming gap comments

0.638 Named function expressions demystified comments

0.559 The spy who came in from the code : CJR comments

0.467 Erik Naggun’s XML Rant from 2002: Disturbingly prescient comments

0.467 The Bettor’s Oath comments

0.467 Automatically activate virtualenv comments

0.467 Acum. Aici. comments

0.462 Free Premium Files For May 2012 comments

0.396 I, for one, welcome our javascript overlords comments

0.376 Use Keyfiles with Chrome’s Secure Shell Extention comments

0.354 Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Xobot comments

0.352 Google case judge calls for more deliberation comments

0.332 A genius boy shot himself in the head after calculating the benefits of life comments

0.314 Indian drug company slashes crucial medicine prices by 76% comments

0.205 Ask HN: Best practices when pitching your startup to Techcrunch, Mashable etc? comments

0.200 Geolocation Apps Giving Way to Social Travel Guides comments

0.176 YM2149 sound generator comments

0.142 Developers Creating the Next Great Social App at AT&T/Facebook Hackathon comments

0.104 Linux debugfs Hack: Undelete Files comments

0.080 Unannounced hardware tweak gives new iPad 2 longer battery life comments

0.007 Show HN: Our first “Commercial” for the Web comments

0.001 Ask HN: Has anybody here tried developing on the Blackberry 10 simulator yet? comments

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