Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 PM on Tuesday May 08, 2012

0.992 Learning to Program: Why Python? comments

0.990 Learning to program: Why Python? comments

0.986 Learning to program: Why Python? comments

0.975 How 8 Startups are Retooling Big Data comments

0.971 Twitter fights government subpoena demanding Occupy Wall Street protester info comments

0.971 Twitter fights government subpoena demanding Occupy Wall Street protester info comments

0.934 How to set up your own Pirate Bay proxy comments

0.927 Seized site’s lawyer: US breaking the law by taking domain names comments

0.927 5 Startup Lessons From Belly, Which Just Snagged $10 Million In Funding comments

0.922 The Senegalese Entrepreneur Selling African Recipes To Americans comments

0.892 Oracle, Google lawyers spar over Android’s Dalvik VM as patent phase begins comments

0.879 Backbone is not MVC. Not even a little bit. comments

0.877 “If APIs are copyrightable in U.S….startups will come to Europe.” comments

0.877 Coursera course review: Design and Analysis of Algorithms I comments

0.856 So I’m a doctor – now what? Post-PhD career choices comments

0.851 Everything I’ve Learned About Behavior Change So Far comments

0.846 U.S. and China Team Up to Stop Cyberattacks comments

0.837 Stephens: To the Class of 2012 comments

0.806 Future of Journalism: Interview with Ben Huh comments

0.796 UK Considers Opt-In Freedom of Speech comments

0.794 Is Haskell a Purely Functional Language? comments

0.780 Henry Rollins’ Letter to a Young American comments

0.772 The Greek Stock Market Has Fallen More Than The U.S. in the Great Depression comments

0.770 Ruby Patterns from GitHub’s Codebase | Holman comments

0.769 Privacy Central Protecting Your Data Using Ruby on Windows Azure comments

0.766 Everything you need to create, teach, and sell beautiful online courses. comments

0.765 Why the VC Model Fails comments

0.764 Linux Tutorial: How depmod Works in Linux and Unix Command comments

0.762 Big improvements for browser games on the horizon, says Epic’s Sweeney comments

0.760 The Social Virus. comments

0.753 Python from scratch vs Battleships comments

0.733 Wild Things author Maurice Sendak dies at 83 comments

0.694 Understanding the Legal Impact of Publishing Your Game comments

0.691 Judge nixes “Oil Orgy” scheme to scare P2P users into quick settlements comments

0.679 Plaxo shuts back door spammers used to access Google accounts comments

0.667 The Doug Tygar Practical Joke (1986) comments

0.667 An “Invisible” Bike Helmet From Sweden comments

0.665 1How to Get More Clients for Your Business comments

0.658 Don’t cry at office comments

0.656 How Comcast is killing the cable killers comments

0.654 A Weekend Offline, Surrounded by the Internet comments

0.647 Appfog Takes On Amazon Lock-In With OpenStack comments

0.643 Say No to Faux Bold comments

0.634 Brazil’s Startup Industry: Impressions, Insights & Lessons from Israel (Part I) comments

0.631 Evil Clown hired for stalking, threats comments

0.629 Want more than poverty Band-Aids? Discover RADICAL social entrepreneurship. comments

0.614 What real people really think of Twitter Bootstrap comments

0.611 Autocomplete with Rails & Mongoid comments

0.610 What does Fran├žois Hollande’s election as president mean for French start-ups? comments

0.607 Mother’s Day Gift: A Tumblr Blog and Custom Domain/Email comments

0.596 Job Insecurity of Workers Is a Big Factor in Fed Policy (from NYT 1997) comments

0.595 Hakin9 Magazine On Demand May Issue Released comments

0.590 Congress To Amend NDAA To Give DoD & NSA Greater ‘Cyberwar’ Powers comments

0.589 Andreessen Horowitz Confirms Its Scout Program comments

0.578 Host Your Own Secure Pastebin with ZeroBin comments

0.577 IOS Development as a Lottery: 59% Don’t Cover the Expenses comments

0.576 SiteSimon Launches To Turn Your Browser Into An Intelligent Assistant comments

0.573 Generate a backbone.js site in a few clicks comments

0.571 Disqus redesigned comments

0.571 5 Backbone.js Demos at Backbone.js Hackers Meetup comments

0.570 California: Least Friendly State for Small Businesses comments

0.559 Ziptastic - We added more countries comments

0.559 Less coding. More sexy. comments

0.551 Will the real programmer please stand up? comments

0.538 Pirate Bay claims record traffic, posts advice on getting round court block comments

0.536 DynaSpring : Spring without XML (A Lisp DSL instead) comments

0.532 There’s No Such Thing as the Perfect Developer Laptop comments

0.531 Fuel Cell charger for smartphones available this year comments

0.528 HTC EVO View 4G Tablet and All It’s Glory comments

0.507 Perl 6: Rakudo passes 22k of 24k spectests. comments

0.504 How Hewlett-Packard lost it’s way comments

0.500 Fundamental Progress Solving Bufferbloat comments

0.500 Most Dangerous Gamer comments

0.496 7 Days with Sketch 2 comments

0.495 Working with files in JavaScript, Part 1 comments

0.495 NASA Space Telescope Sees the Light from an Alien Super-Earth comments

0.486 Animated tutorial reveals how to survive the forthcoming robot rebellion comments

0.483 Quick password analysis (using Pipal) on the leaked Twitter passwords comments

0.470 Ack - grep with highlighting and much more comments

0.467 Cupcake ATM comments

0.467 #TrendingOnGoogle+ comments

0.467 Blue Origin reveals some Spacecraft details comments

0.464 ABC takes 5% equity or 2% royalty from all companies that appear on Shark Tank comments

0.460 Julia looks pretty cool (scientific computing) comments

0.458 SDN May “Juice” Data Center Power Demands comments

0.456 Twitter Stands Up For One Of Its Users comments

0.447 AppHarbor Build Improvements: Faster Builds and view precompilation. comments

0.444 Royal Canadian Mint’s MintChip is the “Digital Currency of the Future” comments

0.440 No, Fox & Friends, Call of Duty did Not receive Federal funding comments

0.439 Albert Einstein: Why Socialism? comments

0.438 AngelList’s Week-Long Hackathon Gives A Glimpse Of What’s Next For The Company comments

0.438 Where Is It Safest to Register a Domain Name? comments

0.432 SciRuby Summer of Code comments

0.407 From Zero to Seven Figures in 13 Months comments

0.406 A Very Short (and Incomplete) History of Software User Experiences. comments

0.402 Proxies and Frozen objects in Javascript comments

0.400 Galaxy S3 - US Version Coming With Dual Core Processor comments

0.395 Announcing Immediate Availability of RemObjects SDK for Java comments

0.393 Shoes.rb 102 comments

0.391 New isotope.js layout: Masonry Column Shift comments

0.384 Underwear Bomber 2.0 was CIA double agent comments

0.381 Are Chinese gamers addicted to crack? comments

0.377 The Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee comments

0.354 The Global Consciousness Project Meaningful Correlations in Random Data comments

0.349 How To Optimize Firefox For Better Performance comments

0.348 Shell Apps and Silver Bullets comments

0.346 10 Dev & Design Conferences you won’t want to miss in 2012 comments

0.339 Really, Yahoo. What Is Taking So Long? comments

0.339 Amazon RDS for SQL Server, Elastic Beanstalk for .NET comments

0.338 My U.S. Arrest Nightmare (Update) comments

0.337 Did anyone decline an offer to work at Instagram? comments

0.332 A Brief History of Restaurant Reviews comments

0.325 iHear Unveils “Social News Narrator” comments

0.319 HTML5 takes the Internet by storm comments

0.318 Google thinks Jim Doyle is still governor of Wisconsin comments

0.318 Google’s self-driving car snags first-ever license in Nevada comments

0.314 CSS Prefixes could be replaced with Vendor Tokens comments

0.313 Microsoft: iCloud users, try SkyDrive comments

0.306 Looking At The World Through Twitter Data comments

0.304 How I made HNpod in 10 hours - Part 2. Recording comments

0.300 NASA’s Spitzer Sees the Light of Alien “Super Earth” comments

0.298 Facebook may help save dying language comments

0.290 Notifications on iCloud.com comments

0.286 Technical description of BEAM by Joe Armstrong comments

0.286 Fixing the unfixable autofs ABI comments

0.286 Bathing in the Glow of Quantum Dots comments

0.279 No, You Don’t Actually Need To Hire A Financial Advisor comments

0.271 Sortbox: Privately Collect, Organize and Review People. comments

0.269 Zuckerberg’s Hoodie a ‘Mark of Immaturity,’ Analyst Says comments

0.263 KnockoutJS 2.1 is out today comments

0.261 PHP 5.4.3 and PHP 5.3.13 Released comments

0.261 PHP 5.4.3 and 5.3.13 released comments

0.255 AngelList Hacks comments

0.253 Project Moon: One Small Step for a PC, One Giant Leap for Data comments

0.246 SLOCStar - SLOCs per author stats generator comments

0.235 New Proposal Could End the CSS Prefix Madness comments

0.232 GCC can now be built with a C++ compiler comments

0.231 Steve Albini AMA comments

0.218 Facebook changes IPO pitch comments

0.197 HN Opinion: Friends and family funding or… comments

0.195 List of Hand-Picked and Recommended Data Visualization Tools comments

0.188 Cookie Stuffing with Google Adsense comments

0.188 “Why I Declined An Offer To Work At Instagram” Via Quora comments

0.183 Could You Greet Your Facebook Friends By Name? comments

0.181 FOIA for E-mails between Google and the FCC regarding Street View investigation comments

0.178 Kevin Pereira leaving Attack Of The Show (Kevin Rose’s old show) comments

0.175 Step by Step Around the Globe - An Interactive Map of Ancient Human Migrations comments

0.166 The Pernicious Myth That Slideshows Drive Traffic comments

0.166 Android design does have a soul comments

0.162 Google Maps Suggests Kayaking Across the Pacific Ocean comments

0.161 GNOME Design Update, Part One comments

0.140 Can Online Video Usher In A New Age Of Empathy? comments

0.139 A new stage play that turns all your ideas about humanity on their head comments

0.137 How JavaScript has become the language of choice for Web and Mobile comments

0.135 New Dell Ubuntu ultrabooks a step in the right direction for Linux support comments

0.129 Free New York state Phone Number comments

0.125 More, a CSS compiler comments

0.117 FBI Bitcoin Report (April 2012) comments

0.116 55,000 Twitter Accounts Hacked comments

0.115 Ask HN: So is it easier to raise money than find a job? comments

0.115 EHSM: Exploring the frontiers of open source and DIY comments

0.110 How To Optimize Your Headline for Google and Humanity) comments

0.107 Video decoding in a sandbox comments

0.107 Google Chrome is not supported by Yahoo Finance comments

0.099 Japan poised to limit gambling-style collecting in social games comments

0.098 Why Location-Based Apps will Create Multiple Winners comments

0.096 “Draw” your own game with “Bryan Lunduke’s Awesome Blocks of Awesome”. comments

0.094 Zuckerberg a no-show for IPO Roadshow in Boston comments

0.094 Detailed Look At Tizen (Samsung’s First Prototype Device) comments

0.088 Google Makes Its Google+ Notifications In Gmail More Interactive comments

0.082 New Dell Ubuntu ultrabooks a step in the right direction for Linux support comments

0.068 Shopify hands app developers a ‘suitcase of money’ comments

0.067 Air Force Drones Can Now (Accidentally) Spy on You comments

0.065 Kindle + Instapaper = awesome comments

0.064 Space Quest creators create kickstarter for a new Space Adventure comments

0.063 Video Discovery and Aggregation Service comments

0.059 Malware Installed on Laptops Through Updates on Hotel Internet comments

0.059 Heroku’s new $50 and $100 per month database plans comments

0.057 Show HN: open source argument app with Backbone, Kickstrap, Node comments

0.057 Deconstructing the BEAM pdf comments

0.050 Feature request: HTTPS on HN without login? comments

0.042 Show HN: Build Your Own Show HN Digest and Tools comments

0.040 A New iPad Mini-Like Tablet From China comments

0.038 Do recruiters hassle you? Help Hacker Dojo, send them to us comments

0.033 Garrett Camp Steps Down As StumbleUpon CEO, Will Serve As Chairman comments

0.032 Unlock iPhone 4S (iOS 5.1.1) Using Gevey Ultra S comments

0.031 Help the Hacker Dojo by sending them your recruiter spam comments

0.025 Show HN: RemoteModel, JSON API to NSObject DSL for RubyMotion comments

0.022 Please review my idea - www.MySlices.com comments

0.022 Mobile share of web traffic in Asia has tripled since 2010 comments

0.020 Ask HN: Netlib is down? comments

0.019 Pinterest blocks API and breaks third-party Windows Phone apps comments

0.018 Full text search API launch for Google App Engine comments

0.017 Websocket Frame Inspection now in Chrome DevTools comments

0.009 Show HN: my Mac app just got fireballed. I’m just proud and wanted to share. :) comments

0.009 Show HN: Deception - A Generalized Turing Test Game comments

0.009 Play any YouTube video as background of your WordPress page comments

0.007 AT&T blames Google for Android update delays, Google disagrees comments

0.006 Show HN: ChartBRAIN - Video playlists done right. comments

0.000 Apple Mac OS X Lion Mac OS X Lion Update Bug Exposes Passwords comments

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