Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 PM on Tuesday May 08, 2012

0.998 MongoDB Driver now includes Hadoop MapReduce & Node.js Support comments

0.956 Timeline of the far future comments

0.954 There is no such data structure as an “Aguri Tree” comments

0.947 Coursera/Stanford online algorithms I course – a retrospective comments

0.934 What’s the appropriate age to tell a young woman to grow a pair of balls? comments

0.922 Node.js hosting: VPN or cloud? comments

0.911 Italian Gov’t Gives Up Trying To Regulate Copyright Online comments

0.901 Using clojure database functions and transaction annotation in Datomic comments

0.898 Why You Should Talk To Investors (Even If You’re Not Raising Money) comments

0.891 Java Drops From Top Programming Language Spot, C Rules comments

0.891 Nodetime benchmark node.js app comments

0.890 Apple, Samsung cut some patent claims comments

0.869 Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup - Class 10 Notes Essay comments

0.845 Principles for Budding Scientists comments

0.835 Microsoft to tweak Visual Studio 11 interface with Release Candidate comments

0.820 Maurice Sendak, creator of Where the Wild Things Are, dead at 83 comments

0.820 The Entrepreneur ‘Ah Hah’ Moment And How To Get It comments

0.820 The Entrepreneur ‘Ah Hah’ Moment And How To Get It comments

0.820 Basic Backbone.js input validation comments

0.799 Fred Wilson: what crowdfunding means for the VC business comments

0.793 Learning from Slideshare’s Founders comments

0.777 Dwolla is going to eliminate ACH comments

0.750 No-www considered harmful comments

0.714 Developer’s Fantasies comments

0.709 Meet the Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day rockstars comments

0.706 Progress on queue algorithms to defeat bufferbloat comments

0.701 The truth about venture capital comments

0.684 Experience Google I/O 2012 anywhere comments

0.682 I think bootstrapping might be impossible for non-programmers comments

0.682 Structural Abstractions in Brains and Graphs comments

0.679 Plaxo shuts back door spammers used to access Google accounts comments

0.662 Parse launches premium feature: end-user branding comments

0.658 Instacast 2.0 And The Entitlement-Minded Morons comments

0.656 RIAA Tries To Downplay Its Role In The Feds’ Censorship Of Dajaz1 comments

0.649 How Olark Saved Our Startup…Twice comments

0.646 Into Politics? Try ElectNext, the eHarmony of Voting comments

0.634 10 Things More Valuable than Money in my Bootstrapped Startup comments

0.629 BUT I am Not a Programmer, or an Artist, or a Writer, or a Marketer comments

0.623 Data Driven: Improving Business and Society Through Data comments

0.623 Solar activity linked to climate change comments

0.621 Jelastic Java Hosting Platform Announces Commercial Release with ServInt comments

0.615 The university as a gym for the mind comments

0.600 Memeified Press Release, We Salute You comments

0.598 How to compile the c sharp programming code from the DOS command prompt comments

0.588 Mango Delayed Due to Climate Change comments

0.585 Y Combinator: Bookmarklet comments

0.581 Never (never) rewrite a software product comments

0.580 How My New Blog Earned A Page Rank of 3 In One Month comments

0.571 No Means Yes, and Yes Means… comments

0.548 ActiveRecord: How dynamic finders work comments

0.528 Learn web security through ‘WebGoat’ comments

0.512 Facebook “Likejackers” agree to stop sending misleading spam comments

0.509 More Americans use social media than hold stock comments

0.509 Tackling Youth Unemployment and Improving Education with a New CCC comments

0.500 Green Eggs and Constraints comments

0.500 Once comments

0.500 The Worst Case Scenario… comments

0.500 MIT’s SWYP comments

0.500 The perils of conditional mutability comments

0.500 David Heinemeier Hansson Quotes, Part I comments

0.500 OrmHate (Martin Fowler) comments

0.495 Abraham Lincoln Filed a Patent for Facebook in 1845 comments

0.477 The river and the tide: why publishers should own their own rivers of content. comments

0.467 Maintain Yourself comments

0.467 Geeks & Depression meetup comments

0.457 Experimental appengine support for map-reduce comments

0.456 Twitter Stands Up For One Of Its Users comments

0.454 Rich Hickey: Reducers - A Library and Model for Collection Processing comments

0.440 The Two Guys from Space Quest just started their Kickstarter comments

0.435 What’s in store for Internet Week NYC, May 14-21 comments

0.432 A conversation with Alan Kay (2004) comments

0.432 Black hole caught destroying star comments

0.432 Recover files from the browser’s cache comments

0.431 The five frameworks for the study of strategy comments

0.427 Keeping Minecraft Servers Up and Running comments

0.424 Galaxy S3 Features Include Free 50 GB Dropbox comments

0.417 Getting DRY with Sass comments

0.417 NY Digital Health Accelerator taking applications for start-up funding comments

0.408 The Real E-Publishing Story: It’s Not the Millionaires, It’s the Midlist comments

0.386 A better Google+ notification experience in Gmail comments

0.385 Coolest jobs in tech: from the pits of Le Mans to the dugouts of Fenway Park comments

0.384 Has the airport experience become horrible? comments

0.383 CallMom - Open Source AIML Virtual Assistant comments

0.382 Anchor everything comments

0.379 How to Live Unhappily Ever After comments

0.379 Episode one of our new “A Django Podcast” comments

0.376 Hey Paydirt: Your Site Works Just Fine in IE comments

0.376 Hey Paydirt: Your Site Works Just Fine In IE comments

0.375 London Olympics security monitoring overview comments

0.370 When Facebook met Wall Street comments

0.370 American Healthcare Fraud and Scalable Investigative Reporting comments

0.362 Move over Zuck, Abraham Lincoln filed a patent for Facebook in 1845 comments

0.361 Google Gets Driverless License comments

0.359 Lumia 900 wins outdoor readability test, Galaxy S and iPhone 4 split second comments

0.351 HP Takes a Shot at Cisco and Juniper comments

0.351 5 Books that Shaped My Life comments

0.349 Review of MasterCard’s mind boggling PayPass Online comments

0.348 Shell Apps and Silver Bullets comments

0.347 Twitter Hashbang URLs Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past comments

0.346 New focused radiation treatment effective for gynecologic cancers comments

0.342 Amendment: One. Human Rights: Zero. comments

0.341 Yahoo CEO, Scott Thompson, embellishes résumé comments

0.339 Chronicles of Grumman’s 1960s Lunar Excursion Module development comments

0.339 Sortfolio: Going once, going twice… comments

0.332 Meet the Facebook killer comments

0.329 A Blog That Became A Tech Consulting Company 10 Years Later comments

0.324 Swiftype | Modern search for your website comments

0.323 Android Fragmentation: Finger Pointing Begins For ICS comments

0.308 Brands Leveraging Pinterest comments

0.308 IPod Out of Power on the Beach? Plug it into a Solar-Powered iKini comments

0.300 Explore The Galaxy Using The Actual ‘Minority Report’ Interface comments

0.296 Comprehensive study about social technologies on enterprise world comments

0.289 WCStackNavigationController - Based on UINavigationController comments

0.285 FaceSpan 5 (Mark’s Misadventure) comments

0.282 WHSmith prints Queen’s Knickers on receipts after IT glitch comments

0.281 The Beauty of Twitter’s Unfollow Bug comments

0.279 Taking the lead from Valve, EA Games on Ubuntu. comments

0.274 Carrier IQ is getting serious about privacy with surprising new hire comments

0.263 Who’s liable in the share economy? comments

0.258 Nevada DMV Issues First Autonomous Vehicle Testing License to Google comments

0.256 We Need Version Control for Real Stuff comments

0.251 Is this web service illegal? comments

0.244 Japanese Social Gaming Tumbles Over “Illegal” Game Mechanics comments

0.243 Why No One will Beat Apple at their Game comments

0.241 Symantec Web Gateway Cross Site Scripting comments

0.241 Tizen live stream comments

0.236 AT&T, Google duke it out over who causes Android upgrade delays comments

0.232 Derek Sivers Renounces his US Citizenship comments

0.221 1 minute shared email folders with Squadmail goes public beta comments

0.218 Swiftype (YC W12) Builds Site Search That Doesn’t Suck comments

0.217 Brave New Thermostat: How the iPod’s Creator Is Making Home Heating Sexy comments

0.213 How digital technology is reinventing cinema comments

0.209 BufferBloat: Van Jacobson new AQM - CoDel comments

0.207 Outbox Replaces Snail Mail With a Digital Mailbox comments

0.207 A gallery of loading graphics comments

0.206 Samsung looks beyond Android comments

0.205 Pebble » And one more thing…Update #10 comments

0.194 Is a college degree necessary to succeed in the creative world? comments

0.191 Augmented Reality Sandbox with Real-Time Water Flow Simulation comments

0.186 Games are what you make of them comments

0.169 F5 networks announced SPDY gateway comments

0.165 Blueseed, World’s First Startup Ship, Gains Steam comments

0.161 Demo Day report from SF’s Greenstart digital cleantech accelerator comments

0.160 Memory card swallowed after hang-gliding accident comments

0.160 PHP-CGI Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild comments

0.159 HN Weekly Top 50 comments

0.156 IPhone Screen Protectors. Pros and cons. comments

0.155 When Harvard and Stanford teach networking, they look to Heidi Roizen. comments

0.143 Facebook spammers made $1.2 million a month, fined $100,000 comments

0.141 The Activity on ClojureScript is Phenomenal comments

0.140 Beastie Boys Sued Over Infringing Audio Samples After Death of Member comments

0.140 55,000 Twitter passwords leaked comments

0.136 Myspace settles with FTC over sharing user data with advertisers comments

0.136 Raptr’s fascinating new social gaming ploy comments

0.135 Ask HN: What is the best online resource for learning advanced VBA for Excel? comments

0.132 How And Why I Became A Shill For Zynga’s “Draw Something” On Japanese Television comments

0.124 There’s a Tool for That: 13 Essential Tools for the Ninja Web Developer comments

0.116 Status Update: In A Committed Relationship With Music comments

0.104 Laconic: a New Way to Generate DOM Content from JavaScript comments

0.102 MapBox’s State of the Map site is awesome comments

0.102 Largest Google Summer of Code Yet comments

0.098 Hacking Paper - Wedding Lovely “Look Book” comments

0.098 New York City’s Hidden Subway Station comments

0.093 Yahoo Director in charge of botched CEO vetting to step down from Board comments

0.092 Visual Studio 11 User Interface Updates Coming in RC comments

0.091 Ask HN: How to find freelance sysadmin work comments

0.088 Cool 3D Image Transitions comments

0.086 A Free, Responsive Website Template for Your Mobile App comments

0.082 Latest PHP patch cannot fix the bug comments

0.082 Samsung Focus 2 AT&T will be released on May 20 (Price $49.99) comments

0.081 Oracle vs. Google: Android has nothing to worry about comments

0.076 Show HN: Tributary, live visual coding you can share comments

0.073 Video streaming & net neutrality comments

0.072 Mobile (and least-profitable) users spend most time on Facebook comments

0.072 Github flow in WordPress projects using GitHub and DeployHQ comments

0.070 Master Card opens up, launches PayPass Wallet Service comments

0.069 Out of the Box with CEO Aaron Levie comments

0.069 Ask HN: Heroku vs Dotcloud for Django? comments

0.064 Sean Parker’s Stealth Video Startup Airtime Ready For Launch on June 5th comments

0.043 Touché: Enhancing Touch Interaction on Humans, Screens, Liquids, and Objects comments

0.039 Smoked by Windows Phone challenge has come a long way, over 50,000 wins comments

0.039 Show HN: my week project, DrawSomethingNaughty comments

0.034 Show HN: Started a blog with Jekyll (minimalistic design). What do you think? comments

0.028 Show HN: Find new films based on previous ones you enjoyed comments

0.026 Pair (YC W12), the Social Network for Two, Launches an Android App comments

0.026 Apps Consuming The Lion’s Share Of Mobile Media Engagement comments

0.023 Infographic: How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel comments

0.023 Show HN: Hacker Says - quotes from hackers to hackers comments

0.023 Ask HN: How would you grade programmers? comments

0.018 Ask HN: How do you organize your bookmarks? comments

0.014 Ask HN: How Important is Spelling and Grammar? comments

0.014 Ask HN: Landing Page Feedback comments

0.010 Join my Hacker News upvoting cabal comments

0.009 Ask HN: You’re in beta. How much $ is 1,000 random users worth? comments

0.007 TeamThing: A HTML5 Mobile App Demo comments

0.007 Show HN: From Argentina, help to improve about-to-be-launched site comments

0.005 Photo & Video Now The Fastest Growing Mobile App Category comments

0.004 Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (RedsnOw) comments

0.004 Ask HN: What are your favorite projects to follow on GitHub? comments

0.002 Ask HN: Looking for feedback on a new social platform. comments

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