Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hacker News stories for 1 AM on Thursday May 03, 2012

0.946 Learn to Code in 3 Months—or Less comments

0.940 What I’ve learned from freelancing on Craigslist and Zaarly comments

0.926 Big Data won’t be as effective as we all expect comments

0.923 How Companies Like Amazon Use Big Data To Make You Love Them comments

0.857 The secret guild of Silicon Valley comments

0.804 Multi-AZ Option for Amazon RDS for Oracle Database comments

0.753 Happiness is Overrated comments

0.739 Taskr - Simple command line utility to manage your tasks comments

0.717 Brilliant django cheat sheet…from a Malian company. comments

0.666 Kaggle lauches Data Science Wiki (in Beta) comments

0.631 Death of a salesman comments

0.623 Bug-finding and static analysis in the real world comments

0.622 Space law: Is asteroid mining legal? comments

0.613 Watch Our Virgin Planet Get Conquered By Humans In 200 Years comments

0.598 Programmers’ Favorite Color Schemes for VIM comments

0.595 The number of clusters comments

0.578 The Game Engine Dating Guide: How to Pick up an Engine for Single Developers comments

0.556 Emotion reversed in left-handers’ brains comments

0.556 Cheap car insurance quotes comments

0.522 GenerationYpoet comments

0.515 A Mighty Bloodless Substitute for Work comments

0.514 Real Shadow: jQuery Plugin that casts photorealistic shadows comments

0.511 Cork - Authentication for the Bottle web framework comments

0.500 Mc Norman comments

0.467 Spam-erican Apparel comments

0.467 3d-printed micro quad copter comments

0.465 Improve Trial Conversion – Focus, Filter and Analyze your Data comments

0.461 Algae-Powered Street Lamps Suck Up C02 comments

0.435 Apple can dropbox anytime comments

0.430 What is AskBox? comments

0.415 Django - Best Practices comments

0.393 EaselJS comments

0.373 Where Klout Meets Kickstarter: Wahooly Lands Angel Round comments

0.363 Annular Solar Eclipse coming Sunday, May 20th comments

0.363 UX failure in the elevator comments

0.351 Optimizing for the Common Good using “Algorithmic Regulation” comments

0.332 Lyari Operation- Day 7 in Pictures comments

0.329 ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber - unsung heros of tech comments

0.325 Using code examples in professional software development is like teenage sex comments

0.317 Videocard drivers cheat like a Mississippi riverboat card sharp on a boat… comments

0.300 Photography in Space comments

0.286 “HTML7 magic” on Facebook comments

0.241 SMTP for Humans comments

0.229 Services you should be using: MailGun comments

0.210 I’m Giving Up Reading for a Year comments

0.205 If money doesn’t make you happy, you probably aren’t spending it right pdf.pdf) comments

0.171 Referer in HTTP protocol is the most common misspelling ever comments

0.170 I made an open source tool to copy Google+/Picasa photos to Facebook comments

0.152 Which Web Server you Prefer? comments

0.148 Facebook passwords are not case sensitive comments

0.140 Even after many years, Feynman never ceases to inspire comments

0.140 Github repo search is terrible comments

0.111 PyWeek #14 starts this weekend comments

0.106 Pinstagram Pinterest for Instagram comments

0.081 What makes the best players the best and how does everybody else improve? comments

0.076 Scott Forstall sells 95% of his AAPL shares comments

0.075 How Much Does Web Design Cost? comments

0.065 Internet Explorer with WebGL comments

0.064 Microsoft’s Biggest Cloud Deployment: 7.5 Million Students at 10,000 Institutes comments

0.057 iOS icon corner radii comments

0.028 Ask HN: How fast can a post go down in ranking? 400 ranks in an hour? comments

0.019 From automated rooms to hacker culture, Derek Low shares the story behind BRAD comments

0.013 Show HN: A philosopher’s quandry comments

0.010 Apple’s 1984 Internal Inspirational Video with Steve Jobs as Franklin Roosevelt comments

0.006 Ask HN: Why does Google think I got assaulted recently? comments

0.005 Ask HN: why “scrolling” prevail on the web comments

0.003 Steve Jobs plays Roosevelt, the iconic first Macintosh TV ad. comments

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