Friday, May 4, 2012

Hacker News stories for 4 AM on Friday May 04, 2012

0.975 OOP in JS - A quick Tutorial comments

0.958 Managing innovation: few practical lessons from biscuits (A man who had a dream) comments

0.939 My response to people trying to find a ‘coder’ comments

0.921 A Guide to Testing in Django comments

0.919 Learn to read a sentence of Chinese in 3 minutes comments

0.909 Would YOU back Jessica Alba? Well, she came to visit her VCs. comments

0.904 MongoDB – How To Benchmark and Test Performance Using mongo-perf comments

0.897 Myths Rumors Fud Hate NoSQL Cassandra vs hbase comments

0.879 Are VCs more loyal to their entrepreneurs or limited partners? comments

0.860 Ten things to remember about MySQL backups comments

0.858 Samsung Galaxy S III hands on: fast, thin, and a little bit cheap feeling comments

0.851 Nvidia patents parallelisation of GPU data comments

0.842 Internet and Technology Alone Do Not Create A Business comments

0.827 Reverse Engineering: Gautam Gupta Goes From VC to Entrepreneur comments

0.827 Oracle tries to rewrite history for Sun and alter Java’s future comments

0.811 India patents 1300 yoga poses comments

0.781 Infographic version 1.0 of Debian is released comments

0.775 Americans Elect canceling caucuses, has no candidates comments

0.775 High concurrency friendly IDs in Rails without SQL locks. comments

0.774 Dunning–Kruger effect comments

0.762 How To Start and Run a Mastermind Group comments

0.760 Difference between Free holds and Condos comments

0.732 Hack - Getting a Scholarship to Law School that Doesn’t Exist comments

0.680 Dripping water turned into a standing wave. Amazing. comments

0.676 Php 5.3.12 and Php 5.4.2 Released comments

0.667 The Campus Tsunami comments

0.662 Yahoo confirms CEO’s education misstated; launches probe comments

0.657 Introduction to threads with C++11 comments

0.639 LinkedIn buying Slideshare for 118.8 million comments

0.639 How to Get Your Tweets Indexed by Google comments

0.635 Feel the difference;) comments

0.631 Py2Neo and better Neo4j Cypher support comments

0.630 Evernote was two weeks away from bankruptcy in 2008 comments

0.622 I Just Called Yahoo’s 24-Hour Integrity Hotline comments

0.611 DRM is Crushing Indie Booksellers Online comments

0.606 Yahoo admits ‘error’ in CEO’s online bio comments

0.583 Valgrind introduction comments

0.576 Copy/paste of code is not ok comments

0.569 On the (im)possibility of obfuscating programs comments

0.561 English version of Mediapart, now free comments

0.559 My take on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and why the Post PC Era is boring comments

0.535 ArduBlock: A Graphical Programming Language for Arduino comments

0.533 A bridge leading nowhere: Outlook-centric groupware comments

0.500 Black Hole Caught Red-handed in a Stellar Homicide comments

0.500 Pioneer BDR-2207: 128 Gigabytes on a single Blu-ray disk comments

0.499 A Review of O’Reilly’s “Code Simplicity: The Science of Software Development” comments

0.488 Integrating Django With Nose at DISQUS comments

0.486 U.S. Startup Rate At Record Low comments

0.482 Kindle Fire Shipments Fizzle comments

0.476 Building a global platform to be COO comments

0.467 Valentina typeface comments

0.467 Zoomi | בלוג צילום comments

0.467 Burberry comments

0.467 היכרות עם אלמנטים בצילום | zoomi comments

0.461 Engineering IP Telephony comments

0.419 How to Rip off a Story without Attribution comments

0.412 Test your Email client for Privacy and Security holes comments

0.407 Design books for developers comments

0.400 War in the Cloud comments

0.397 Berkeley gets $60 million to found Institute for Theory of Computing comments

0.395 CSS: The Bad Parts comments

0.395 Norwegian day traders cleared of wrongdoing in algo cracking case comments

0.380 Straight Talk on Event Loops comments

0.361 Indian Americans Charged in $452 Mn Medicare Fraud comments

0.352 Interview with Chris Granger, creator of Light Table comments

0.346 How to get your first 927 customers comments

0.342 Interesting Twitter Hashbang Bug comments

0.333 Drama Terbaru Kim Hyun Joong Conquer The City comments

0.312 Ruby Motion : Ruby Developement Kit for iOS comments

0.299 The French Cloud – It’s the cloud, but French. comments

0.295 Opera 12 beta comments

0.286 GTA in WebGL comments

0.286 Wine under 20 comments

0.276 A review of RubyMotion comments

0.264 Javascript - Beautiful Validation, No Extras. comments

0.260 7-10 inch Embedded Touch LCD Module comments

0.254 Making Windows Media Center available in Windows 8 comments

0.247 US Polls: Obama is Favourite for 85% Indian-Americans comments

0.246 Digital Butterflies and PRGs comments

0.243 Facebook’s Security Enginner ad comments

0.233 Wind Power Without the Blades comments

0.214 Apple and Samsung Claim 99% of Profits Among Top Mobile Phone Vendors comments

0.212 How is software development different? comments

0.205 Hackers Work - Interview with Simon Bennetts: Owasp Zap Project Leader comments

0.199 Official DLF IPL 2012 Season 5 Application from Indiatimes Download links comments

0.189 Save 50% on all oreilly’s ebooks and videos (today only) comments

0.181 Facebook, show me your code comments

0.175 Internet Space - The Advertising Space Game comments

0.168 Microchip Tech to Buy Standard Microsystems for $939 Million comments

0.166 hsnews - HN clone written in Clojure comments

0.165 Game Distribution Platforms for Independent Developers comments

0.154 Buzz Aldrin: American space exploration leadership - Why & How comments

0.124 Wireless charging stations inside military vehicles to power soldiers’ gadgets comments

0.120 Rooting a Server : learn Ethical Hacking comments

0.096 Yahoo CEO + EBAY + FAKE Degree = totally awesome comments

0.090 Skype Reveling Local and Remote Ip of users comments

0.086 UK Based Social Discovery startup Badoo hits 150m users comments

0.073 Facebook IPO values company at between $85bn and $95bn comments

0.069 Attitude Daksha Android tablet Review and Booking Date in India comments

0.066 Mozilla CEO at TED: Tracking the trackers comments

0.065 How to buy Webby votes comments

0.054 Facebook’s valuation for IPO will be way lower than expected. comments

0.039 Ask HN: How would you teach Java to at risk youth? comments

0.032 Ask HN: Naming My Startup comments

0.029 Telecom needs Karma: why we founded a new mobile provider comments

0.025 Streaming Videos via Dropbox comments

0.022 Chrome DevTools Timeline’s new Frame Mode comments

0.022 Updated Microsoft SQL Server Offerings comments

0.016 15-Year-Old’s App Turns iPad Into A Windows-like OS comments

0.011 Ask HN: Starting university, a few questions about HFT comments

0.006 Cheapest way to buy an iPhone in the UK / The seperation of devices and carriers comments

0.002 Ask HN: App Devs: Can GPlay & iTunes Store Serve Content to Your App? comments

0.001 Ask HN: some good examples of html5 information display comments

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