Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hacker News stories for 9 AM on Thursday May 03, 2012

0.978 On RESTful API Standards–Just Be Cool:11 Rules for Practical API Developmt pt2/2 comments

0.961 Startup 101 - To Build Your Startup, Do the Hustle comments

0.940 A new way to learn how to program comments

0.935 Virgin becomes first UK service provider to block The Pirate Bay comments

0.930 UK blocking Pirate Bay. Could this happen in the U.S.? comments

0.901 Armed With Data, Fighting More Than Crime comments

0.890 MongoDB MTV - Case Study comments

0.872 A new way to learn how to program comments

0.868 How to watch Samsung’s Galaxy S III unveiling live comments

0.859 Is this DFW line a run on sentence? comments

0.858 Imposters and jerks: where are the real heroes in the tech community? comments

0.825 Do you want to tweet right from Sublime Text 2? Well, now you can ;) comments

0.823 Creating the MVP for our Innovative and Disruptive Product comments

0.809 Patching the Internet comments

0.795 Legacy Java in modern app in Akka, Scala and Spray comments

0.768 Screenfull.js - Simple cross browser wrapper for Fullscreen API comments

0.765 Must-Follow Rules About Blogging comments

0.759 Installing Tornado In 4 Lines Of Bash comments

0.715 Can We Just Let this Google Wifi Slurping Thing Die? What a waste. comments

0.703 LinkedIn Wants to Help Non-Profits Find Members comments

0.696 Possible Hadoop Trajectories comments

0.696 The Crucial Difference Between an Incubator and an Accelerator | 21times comments

0.687 SDN: decoupling software forwarding logic from hardware forwarding function comments

0.683 Is “Deliverability” just another (Silly) Buzzword? comments

0.670 Has Kickstarter Just Gone International? comments

0.661 Do you know an Instagram-like backend in Ruby? comments

0.649 Being Proactive At A Startup comments

0.646 RegexPlanet: Regular Expression Testing in the Browser comments

0.641 Visual C++ 11 Beta Benchmark of Parallel Loops comments


0.593 Exploit puts Oracle Database users at risk of attack comments

0.570 Joining a paramilitary strike force taking back the woods from pot growers comments

0.566 Porting to Native Client with Visual Studio comments

0.563 Python Application Deployment with Native Packages comments

0.555 Cult of the Dead Cow Lies About Hacktivism comments

0.555 How long is “long enough” for a free game? comments

0.546 Web Searching 2.0 & Beyond comments

0.537 Scalarm: A Simple Alarm That Does Not Block comments

0.533 C++ Libraries: Casablanca comments

0.517 John McAfee, antivirus pioneer, arrested by Belize police comments

0.510 How a wifi camera should work comments

0.493 SEO Isn’t Dead, But You Need to Act Smarter (And 5 Easy Ways to Do So) comments

0.471 Why I’m betting on Social TV comments

0.468 Quadrotors use SLAM to navigate outdoors all by themselves comments

0.467 Murder Your Shortcuts comments

0.467 Kelebihan Amalan Selawat comments

0.461 Where’s The Money Ep 11 - Foursquare comments

0.454 Mentorship Service To Connect Startup Founders With Good Advice comments

0.432 Well-observed, as always comments

0.432 25 costliest tech screw-ups of all time comments

0.429 60mo joins FreeAgent comments

0.426 Apple Mistakenly Reveals iPhone4n Via Domain Registration? comments

0.400 Custom Suits by Nakal Clothing comments

0.400 How will we build an artificial human brain? comments

0.378 CloudFlare & OpenDNS work to undo the DNSChanger malware damage comments

0.358 Suggest HN: Build a service to automatically setup CName or A-records comments

0.333 Electric vehicle conversion comments

0.328 Startup comments

0.320 Mobile Browser Testing: Just how many devices do you need? comments

0.317 News from the Oil Patch comments

0.316 Quick dev project ideas to test new employees comments

0.297 CocosBuilder Reader(ccb) Ported to Cocos2d-X comments

0.295 Trulia is hiring a Geospatial Lead Engineer comments

0.289 Apple IPad Increases Tablet Share as Amazon Shipments Slump comments

0.282 Studies show that sleeping pills are Not the best approach to sleeping problems comments

0.279 Attach comments to ActiveRecord’s SQL queries comments

0.278 Google Shuts Kids Out of Email Accounts After Google+ Registration comments

0.276 The Essence of Dynamic Typing comments

0.275 Your Favorite Restaurant’s Secret Ingredient: Data, and Lots of It comments

0.272 (Infographic) Startups exposed: What does the typical startup look like? comments

0.271 How to Test a Random Number Generator comments

0.271 WordPress Pharma Hack and WooTheme Exploit Data comments

0.264 Startups make up a smaller share of U.S. businesses comments

0.262 Applying the Unix Process Model to Web Apps comments

0.259 Heroku: The Founders (graphic + links) comments

0.254 Dropquest II: The Future is Now comments

0.246 The Verge’s Fantastic Mobile Sidebar / UI comments

0.230 Flapping Robotic Birdplane Lands Right on Your Hand comments

0.221 Facebook users: FYI, Facebook has privacy settings comments

0.214 How The Look & Feel Of Your Website Affects Your Users comments

0.212 10 ways to celebrate Star Wars Day comments

0.207 One-touch check-ins for foursquare on android comments

0.190 Research: How People Use Mobile Email comments

0.186 Tiger Styles lifetime iOS sales numbers comments

0.178 Hey Google — your G+ desperation is showing comments

0.176 Acorn Archimedes Promotion from 1987 comments

0.164 Science as a Strategy: talk by Daniel Tunkelang (video and summary) comments

0.145 Arduino Burglar Alarm Sends SMS comments

0.145 18YO Tetris Grand Master, 2/5 in the World, 1/2 Outside Japan comments

0.137 Developing a Cross-Platform HTML5 Game: Part 2 (Input Methods) comments

0.121 Making the Web Faster with HTTP 2 Protocol comments

0.119 EA backtracks on Rock Band for iOS shutdown comments

0.118 3D Globe rendered using 3D Transform comments

0.111 Is Apple’s Dropbox-Related App Rejection Process Getting Ridiculous? comments

0.097 Does Microsoft have app development right? comments

0.093 Renting rooms on Airbnb for fun and profit comments

0.084 Can HTML5 and JavaScript Really Replace Flash? comments

0.083 NetPlenish: Mobile Shopping Service Finds Lowest Prices On Household Goods comments

0.080 Internet Explorer ‘silent’ upgrades help push IE9, but show little effect on XP comments

0.075 Integrity | Continuous Integration server comments

0.067 Twitter’s developer series comes to Paris June 16th || via RudeBaguette comments

0.066 Slow-loading Sites Cost Retailers £1.7b Globally comments

0.066 ARM-Powered Servers To Hit the Market This Year: What to Expect comments

0.050 Show HN: Boost your productivity with Trello, Hipchat and Github comments

0.049 Hackers have breached top secret MoD systems comments

0.040 When does Google Android developer console stats updates - the answer comments

0.034 Show HN: My side project is a joke (seriously! you’ll smile) comments

0.013 “Show HN” Collection: What did you do over the weekend? comments

0.012 Android fans: pay for your apps, please comments

0.009 MatterPort To Make 3D Scanning Of Rooms As Easy As Shooting A Video (YC 12) comments

0.008 Show HN: Weekend Project for Laughs comments

0.005 Show HN: Course assignment I authored for creating a websocket-based tether app comments

0.003 SendHub (YC W12) Launches iPhone App comments

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