Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hacker News stories for 12 PM on Saturday May 05, 2012

0.978 The Future of the Ph.D. comments

0.976 Is Origami the Future of Tech comments

0.813 Finnish Innovations To Put Big Data To Users Hands comments

0.798 Infosys actively encourages employees to flout U.S. immigration law comments

0.740 The War on Drugs - Rep. says man trapped in cell shows problem at DEA comments

0.728 Intellectual Revolution - Agile Development of the mind comments

0.711 Radiolab: Talking to Machines (May 2011) comments

0.685 Perspective: All of Earth’s Water in a Single Sphere comments

0.683 Who says Germany can only do copycats? Shopgate is here to prove you wrong comments

0.667 Clean up, Organize your mailbox and save time using Sanebox comments

0.580 Rethinking try/catch comments

0.578 What professors make comments

0.532 With A Talent War In The Valley, Perhaps Romania Has The Answers? comments

0.529 Renting Prosperity comments

0.523 Galaxy S3 Arriving Late In The US comments

0.503 Overnight Success By Working Lots-Of-Nights comments

0.468 Ext3 recovery using debugfs comments

0.467 Borrowing Errors in Rust comments

0.453 Twitter is down as of 2:35 comments

0.430 What is the 21st Century blackboard? comments

0.374 What it’s Like to Be on Shark Tank comments

0.373 An orphan olive branch to Mercurial (named branches in git) comments

0.369 If the Internet was around before recorded music would we have record labels? comments

0.363 A trip to the (virtual) grocery store comments

0.317 Create a State of Chaos in Your Town comments

0.268 How To Waste $500,000 On A Domain Name - Startups.Com Story comments

0.268 What is wrong with HN?&sortby=points+desc) comments

0.262 Zynga Sees Decline in DAU Across All Titles This Year comments

0.246 Mobile games’ slow journey into the hearts of the hardcore comments

0.242 The this in JavaScript comments

0.235 Blizzard’s Diablo III On Linux? comments

0.222 Enhanced PHP profiling with xhprof comments

0.194 Web Designing Company Melbourne | Digital Marketing Melbourne comments

0.185 Tomari shutdown leaves Japan without nuclear power comments

0.179 Linux’s awesome and underused traffic control facilities comments

0.174 Why I’m Not Trying to Raise the Next Steve Jobs comments

0.163 Liberty and Mobile Phones comments

0.131 Camera Access from Android Browser comments

0.083 Motion Simulation offers 180-degree display gaming cockpit for $18,000 comments

0.062 Yoxel creates Chrome extension for Highrise Deal hack comments

0.036 Ask HN: How do you deal with mean and angry users (before launch)? comments

0.033 Gstreamer and OpenCV for (video) image stabilisation comments

0.033 Ask HN: What are your favorite films about startups? comments

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