Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 AM on Sunday Apr 29, 2012

0.983 Python Programming in your Browser: PythonAnywhere comments

0.874 The Twitter handles of programming language inventors comments

0.833 Brazil’s copyright societies indicted for fraud comments

0.802 If Walt Disney was running a web business comments

0.794 Cassini finds Saturn moon has planet-like qualities comments

0.792 A micro-manual for lisp implemented in go-lang comments

0.779 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You comments

0.767 Google to court: Galaxy Nexus code is closed just like that of the iPhone comments

0.731 Letters to a Young Engineer: How to Decide Where to Work comments

0.657 Why I made my Home Page Opensource comments

0.625 Skill Matchmaking in League of Legends comments

0.610 NodeJS HTTP Framework claimed as speeder than Express JS comments

0.574 UC - Too many managers? comments

0.571 My Prime Factorization Sweater comments

0.571 Google seems not to understand what the format must be for the title tag comments

0.557 Infographic & form to fill about browser HTML5 and JS features support comments

0.533 Coping with Email Overload comments

0.480 The Google LoveRank (tm) comments

0.423 “Phylo” online game to solve complex problems in genetics comments

0.377 A mystery with Android NDK loading resources and PNGs comments

0.363 Best clock ever comments

0.306 DNS tools for developers comments

0.278 What’s this about Zynga and whales? comments

0.277 Ray Kurzweil: From Eliza to Watson to Passing the Turing Test comments

0.144 This is how graphics in games matter comments

0.142 Liquid Types, static verification: deduction, model checking, type systems comments

0.111 Show HN: git-tweet Push over Twitter comments

0.104 Cross-Platform Freemium Game System comments

0.032 “Why Linux Sucks” and “Why Linux Does Not Suck” videos from Linux Fest comments

0.009 Tired of ad-ridden and bloated PageRank extensions for Chrome? Check this one. comments

0.004 HP designjet 3D printer (German site) check the video comments

Hacker News stories for 4 AM on Sunday Apr 29, 2012

0.913 Which programming language should I learn first? comments

0.785 You Are Either Problem Solver, Or Not Entrepreneur At All comments

0.777 Explanation of K’s syntax comments

0.768 Letters to a Young Engineer: How to Decide Where to Work comments

0.649 How Can You Tell If Your Market Is A Good One? comments

0.616 Hey, Look, Everybody - Free Money (Just Sue Apple) comments

0.603 Miso: hqa interactive storytelling and data visu comments

0.570 A Quest to Solve One of Math’s Great Puzzles comments

0.532 How effective is online activism? comments

0.467 E-cube-librium: Visu for country’s growth with cubes comments

0.430 Ray Kurzweil: How my predictions are faring 2010, pdf comments

0.426 6yr old bangladeshi programmer comments

0.408 Show HN: balabolka, Ready to go chatroom with 2 lines of code comments

0.388 Toolkit for Web Dev 2012 q1 comments

0.375 Syntax highlight support for DCPU-16 v1.7 in vim comments

0.343 Full text: An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant comments

0.282 The thing that changed the world. comments

0.280 I am a craftsman - I want my personal tools on my smartphone comments

0.272 Hacking with Mathematica and Wolfram API comments

0.208 A startup escape path - what advice would you add to this? comments

0.184 Accounting and finance for Small Businesses comments

0.175 Node-zip compress/uncompress files (ported from JSZip) comments

0.147 How a Developer Spent a Weekend With His Developer Wife comments

0.141 3D nano-printing comments

0.120 Drawing our Linux mascot TuX in TeX with TikZ comments

0.066 The End Game of Passive Income comments

0.061 Cheat sheet for decoding video file names(DVDrip, CAMRip, TC etc.) comments

0.036 Ray Kurzweil interview at SXSW 2012 video comments

0.008 THE CONSTITUTION OF JAPAN is now on Github comments

Hacker News stories for 1 AM on Sunday Apr 29, 2012

0.953 Memory at each node on a NUMA machine using libnuma (linux only) comments

0.921 Learning to Code Online comments

0.886 Constitutional Amendment: Corporations are not people and money is not speech. comments

0.838 Before Flying Car Can Take Off, There’s a Checklist comments

0.760 AngelCube 2012: The story so far comments

0.712 James Gosling: My attitude on Oracle v Google comments

0.691 Yahoo escalates patent battle with Facebook comments

0.649 Rosnodejs : JavaScript client library for ROS comments

0.645 Customer Experience Labs | Usability Testing | Customer Experience Labs comments

0.625 Hello world in every programming language comments

0.533 The Imperiled Promise of College comments

0.522 Kickstarter’s long journey comments

0.509 Get Rid of That Code Smell – Control Couple comments

0.287 CERN LHC Discovers New Particle “neutral Xi_b^star baryon” comments

0.229 The Art of the Sale - NPR Story comments

0.210 Usability testing, mobile usability testing and user experience consulting comments

0.188 Big 5 personality prediction based on user behaviors at social network sites comments

0.187 Playing with the Ninja build system comments

0.114 Mobile SEO vs Desktop SEO - Understanding The Nuances comments

0.040 Show HN:jQuery Signature - Getting a unique signature for a dom element comments

0.031 Make any website 3D using CSS comments

0.003 Show HN: Beatbar - Media player that beats in the browser address bar comments

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 PM on Saturday Apr 28, 2012

0.910 Google Engineer Told Others of Data Collection comments

0.892 Finding a ruby host based on your needs comments

0.886 Lessons Learned From TiVo: Micro Consumer Behavior comments

0.847 The 7 Internet political principles comments

0.836 Drive 50K Unique Visitors/Month to your startup’s blog comments

0.820 My Faith-Based Retirement comments

0.717 Just Try: Backstory to Inkscape drawing app tutorial comments

0.691 The most important tool for Ruby/Rails on nix]( comments

0.676 With’s Search Engine, the Highest Bidder Shall Be Ranked First comments

0.600 Structural Aggression — Roman Consuls comments

0.597 Imperative Haskell comments

0.596 How smartphones and social networks are turning us into a collective Big Brother comments

0.578 Need some Saturday night programming tunes? Try ChartBRAIN comments

0.505 I am clever and ambitious. I want to try to cure cancer. Where do I start? comments

0.489 Why your company shouldn’t use Git submodules comments

0.476 Find the music comments

0.470 Data Driven Decisions for Startups comments

0.467 UPenn DIY Companion Cube with LED’s comments

0.458 Pajax.js - easily page through ajax requests comments

0.433 RIM’s future hangs on developer support for “new BlackBerry” comments

0.429 IKEA’s camera “Knäppa” comments

0.412 Looking for European VCs? comments

0.407 Basketball nerds out there: Was KD’s shot against the Mavs luck, or physics? comments

0.406 Are We Safe From Cell Phone Radiation? comments

0.393 Underscore.lua comments

0.325 What if DRM Goes Away? comments

0.308 3D Printers: Make Whatever You Want comments

0.299 Google Would Have Paid up to $50 Million to License Java comments

0.286 The Dawn of Haiku OS comments

0.245 Ask Valve employees: How well does the flat organization work? comments

0.229 Open To International Users, Does What Can’t comments

0.224 DLL-linking via Windows cgo/gcc/ld — freeglut works, glfw not. comments

0.213 Why do cultures always name red before they do blue? comments

0.197 Fun with Emacs Calc comments

0.160 Cluster2 : blog comments

0.160 Animate.css comments

0.127 Remote exploit found in all WooThemes comments

0.125 Cube: 3D home printer starts shipping in days comments

0.102 CoffeeScript ReplConsole for Chrome comments

0.088 My Twitter Story, How a simple, 16 year old grabbed over 5 million followers comments

0.079 Apple charging 9x market price for MBP RAM upgrades comments

0.038 Last Chance for Hackers on Planet Earth / EFF benefit tickets comments

0.021 A fresh look at iphone UX comments

0.008 Ask HN: How much equity should I ask for? comments

0.006 Show HN: I painted maps on my shoes comments

Hacker News stories for 6 PM on Saturday Apr 28, 2012

0.987 MPAA Boss ‘Forgets’ Hollywood’s Pirate History comments

0.944 Python redis search engine comments

0.922 Top White Lies Entrepreneurs and Startups like to Tell comments

0.895 The 90-9-1 Principle comments

0.894 EBook Review – Guide to: Learning Iteration and Generators in Python comments

0.841 Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Gets $750,000 Back comments

0.759 Datomic database functions comments

0.749 Craigslist is going all Ajaxy At last comments

0.718 New research finds that it’s alarmingly easy to create false memories for people comments

0.704 What Your Klout Score Really Means comments

0.698 The Scarcest Resource at Startups is Management Bandwidth comments

0.695 High-Low Tech – DIY Cellphone comments

0.691 What You Can Do to Keep Web Site Visitors Engaged comments

0.667 That’s Not Groupthink comments

0.607 Industrial Ambient for programming comments

0.600 Peter Thiel’s CS183: A startup messed up at its foundation cannot be fixed. comments

0.588 Vinyl Revival Causes Discord comments

0.519 Facebook “likes” aren’t speech protected by the First Amendment-Bland v. Roberts comments

0.508 What is the purpose of a newspaper? comments

0.500 Congrats to the FNF on their nationwide license from the FCC comments

0.490 There’s No Trick To Being Awesome comments

0.489 The Seven Forces Disrupting Venture Capital comments

0.468 Using Capsicum For Sandboxing comments

0.465 The Mercator Map Turns 500 comments

0.449 We Are The Porn Generation comments

0.444 Leave your cellphone at home comments

0.438 Kickstarter scam project Mythic: Story of Gods. Growing awareness. comments

0.416 Xfce 4.10 released comments

0.412 4 Top Myths About Startup Pay comments

0.410 SSL = Security Still Lacking comments

0.358 Top 100 tags and contributors on StackOverflow comments

0.352 New depression treatment ‘safe and effective’, experts say comments

0.326 Moving Django to GitHub: the postmortem comments

0.325 IBM 1959 Job Post comments

0.319 How to Create an Empathy Map in Google Docs comments

0.300 Javascript Completion (including frameworks) for Emacs in CEDET Trunk comments

0.293 Apple Flash Mob “Wake Up” Points To Samsung comments

0.282 Collaboration app I built using Node.JS, Express, Socket.IO and HTML5 Canvas comments

0.259 Otomata – Online Generative Music Instrument comments

0.222 Microcredit examined: stimulates enterprise but doesn’t help poverty comments

0.218 Google releases full details of FCC investigation into Street View WiFi snooping comments

0.208 Will Your Next Smartphone Have Super-Science Wonder Glass? comments

0.186 GrabEdgar: Instant SEC Filing Lookup comments

0.179 Reddit users taking a stance against CISPA and calling for Reddit boycott comments

0.176 The Post-Silicon Era comments

0.149 Why your cat is making you crazy comments

0.109 New Smartphone App Will Let You Complain to the TSA comments

0.108 Canadian finalists to YC? Meetup on April 30? comments

0.107 Tilt-shift minecraft shader (video) comments

0.099 An app to rate parties in real time comments

0.094 Google releases FCC report on Street View probe comments

0.090 I want you to quit Internet Explorer comments

0.076 Best of San Francisco comments

0.049 Show HN: I made my Home Page opensource comments

0.048 Show HN: A place to post, request, and exchange favors comments

0.044 HN MEETUP: Buenos Aires comments

0.028 How I flopped on HN and had a nano hit on Reddit comments

0.024 Ask HN: computer dating, but for jobs–does it exist? comments

0.020 Show HN: Startup Weekend Pitch comments

0.019 Show HN: Replica, id3 file cloner comments

0.011 is down again - breaking bad apps across the land comments

0.008 This Blog is Like Hacker News and YouTube Combined comments

0.007 Show HN: Bloggy - Add a Jekyll blog to your rails app in seconds comments

0.006 Ask HN: Please grill us on our YC idea comments

0.006 Show HN: Ratings, the Missing YouTube Side Panel Ratings comments

0.005 Ask HN: What do you use for code-search now that Google code-search is defunct? comments

Hacker News stories for 1 PM on Saturday Apr 28, 2012

0.922 Top White Lies Entrepreneurs and Startups like to Tell comments

0.851 Mocksup shutting down May 24th comments

0.803 Researchers Leverage YouTube To Diagnose Autism In Minutes comments

0.726 Computational and Data Journalism | comments

0.646 Campaign Finance Visualization - comments

0.637 Social Media Text Analytics and US Politics | comments

0.626 Alan Kay - Normal Considered Harmful comments

0.610 Fez programmer “probably” won’t work with Polytron again comments

0.604 The Library of Utopia comments

0.595 Privacy Laws and Regulations 101 comments

0.545 ESRI Developer Summit 2012 recap comments

0.516 Bill banning employer Facebook snooping introduced in Congress comments

0.430 What is the Taste Graph? comments

0.429 International Center of Photography Teen Scholarship Opportunity comments

0.404 Orson Welles Explains Why Ignorance Was the Genius Behind Citizen Kane comments

0.399 Why Aren’t There More Engineers? comments

0.341 Oddball Job Interview Questions for Startups comments

0.322 HDD Crisis Was Fake: Seagate and Western Digital Post Big Profits comments

0.210 Looking for gold: Why “low-availability” ideas matter comments

0.207 How useful is a Physics degree? comments

0.180 Python Lambda Discussion Hot on Reddit comments

0.174 When Will This Low-Innovation Internet Era End? comments

0.163 Ask Stack: Should you develop native apps or web apps? comments

0.158 The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act: CISPA explained comments

0.148 T-Mobile Ice Cream Sandwich Update Schedule Leaked comments

0.043 Firefox 13 Beta brings SPDY networking support and redesigned tabs comments

0.043 Firefox: Not A Good Citizen on OS X Lion comments

0.033 The More You Ferrigknow: WoW + Relationships (Video) comments

0.031 Steve Wozniak: Why I Love My Windows Phone 7.5 comments

0.011 Show HN: Neighbourhood sharing startup comments

Hacker News stories for 12 PM on Saturday Apr 28, 2012

0.963 Why CISPA is worse than SOPA comments

0.925 2nd Annual Stack Overflow Worldwide Meetup Day comments

0.874 Re: Brogramming - Is the startup party over? Or did it never happen? comments

0.851 HTTPbis Working Group Start To Consider HTTP/2.0 comments

0.825 A program to compute the nth Fibonacci number comments

0.806 Lessons from the Hardware Wars comments

0.778 Forty Minute Talk-Slots Should Die comments

0.753 Farewell Bullet Labs comments

0.728 TopPick - You Pick What’s On Top comments

0.724 Why I Don’t Trust the Cloud comments

0.714 Off-planet Economics comments

0.714 Gamification is already here comments

0.696 Asana: Dustin and Justin’s Quest for Flow comments

0.694 How Demand Media Almost Went Private Last Week and Then Didn’t comments

0.691 IBM Quietly Launches a Web API Management Service With Push For Developers comments

0.675 Five Days to Change the World – The Columbia Lean LaunchPad Class comments

0.662 Webapp2 for django developers comments

0.652 There is no reason you can’t start. comments

0.578 Fallout 1 & 2 patches and mods: Relive the wasteland comments

0.545 Host or develop your apps online for free comments

0.527 All I wanted was a Lumia phone to develop for and all I got was a brick comments

0.502 How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes comments

0.502 How the News are Made comments

0.500 Everybody’s a Preacher comments

0.499 Laconic.js DOM Library now supports IE7 comments

0.495 PEP 421 – Adding sys.implementation comments

0.475 Startups in the Business of APIs comments

0.448 Open Source Insurgency, Resilient Communities, and Drones comments

0.429 How Stripe thinks about recruiting comments

0.429 Kernel Panic 404 comments

0.423 Platinum mining in Space comments

0.388 Jack Dorsey: The next step for tech lies in push notification comments

0.387 I just open sourced by web spider. It uses CSS or Regex selectors comments

0.359 LPS: Lightweight Portable Security Linux distribution comments

0.359 Where the hell is matt? comments

0.345 GitHub’s Akavache - asynchronous, persistent key-value cache for C# apps comments

0.333 Bash Prompt - HOWTO comments

0.291 CircuitLab - online schematic editor & circuit simulator comments

0.291 The $1.2 Billion Inside Story of How Demand Almost Went Private comments

0.267 By 2015 IBM will look like Oracle comments

0.263 Why do I need to be on Facebook? comments

0.257 I travelled 3000 miles to work at a startup but now I’m starting one instead. comments

0.241 Tasseo is a real-time dashboard for Graphite events. comments

0.230 Internet2.0 comments

0.228 What people are talking about Hackers comments

0.224 The Real “Mobile First” Companies comments

0.157 Tiny, cheap, and dangerous: Inside a (fake) iPhone charger comments

0.129 How should I deploy a multiplayer arcade game? comments

0.094 Zenny’s Cloud Links #54 – Linux CloudOpen, Gartner Trends, Google Drive comments

0.086 (video) Interview With Marcus Sheridan comments

0.067 Can a Video Game Make You Pee? comments

0.061 Cube - A Game About Google Maps comments

0.033 Steve Wozniak: Windows Phone is more beautiful and intuitive than Android comments

0.014 The first apps distribution hub for developers - please review comments

0.012 Show HN: Introducing WebEngage Javascript API and more comments

0.010 Ask HN: Is there a way to see if a URL has already been posted to HN? comments

0.008 Ask HN: What high-profile OSS projects have recently moved to GitHub? comments

Hacker News stories for 9 AM on Saturday Apr 28, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 AM on Saturday Apr 28, 2012

0.910 Genetic algorithms example in Python comments

0.907 Proxigram – a sprint using Node.js, Express.js, & the Instagram API | Fatmixx comments

0.897 Deploying Django 1.4 to Heroku comments

0.887 Almost 7 million birds perish at communication towers in North America each year comments

0.869 A course in how to deal with ferocious intensity at Google comments

0.861 Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids: The Complete Series: Bill Cosby: Movies & TV comments

0.802 How I got my start in programming comments

0.760 How to Find Potential Buyers of Your Domain Name comments

0.687 Big Data’s Big Problem: Little Talent comments

0.676 Microsoft backs away from CISPA comments

0.671 Microsoft backs away from CISPA support, citing privacy comments

0.660 Apple and Samsung CEOs to meet on May 21 and 22 for settlement talks in SF court comments

0.656 How to negotiate a term sheet comments

0.638 Database scalability is not only about scale-up, scale-out and hardware… comments

0.632 Does the quantum wave function represent reality? comments

0.630 Finding the problem is the hard part comments

0.600 Thiel’s Law comments

0.566 CNSILK: Computer Numerically Controlled Silk Cocoon Construction comments

0.500 If You Were a Doctor comments

0.500 Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood comments

0.496 Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng Escapes House Arrest in China comments

0.479 Black-Scholes: The maths formula linked to the financial crash comments

0.474 Jumpstarting the OODA with Hypothesis Driven Development comments

0.471 Document-Driven Design (DDD) comments

0.467 Lean Geocoding (a primer) comments

0.461 JSON Sucks comments

0.448 Curing aging will take too long. But there is an alternative. comments

0.435 Codemap - software cartography comments

0.403 Data Science Global Hackathon live leaderboard comments

0.396 Fixed Wrong Link of RPMs on homepage comments

0.338 Quick fix for hotmail password reset bug comments

0.333 Pearltrees: Collect your interests comments

0.310 Is there a way to make my hard drive inaccessible to everyone but me? comments

0.305 Equipment Maker Caught Installing Backdoor Account in Control System Code comments

0.300 How to install Sublime Text 2 on Ubuntu 12.04 (Unity) comments

0.300 Sharding Postgres at Instagram comments

0.285 Learn the basics of apt-get usage on Linux comments

0.259 Announcing Fort - Digital Identity Manager 4.0 comments

0.243 Some classic math books typeset in LaTeX comments

0.233 Reading on a Kindle vs. a paper book comments

0.164 Another Hetzner Server: 21TB Storage for 139€/month comments

0.157 Play over the chess games of Peter Thiel comments

0.149 Onslaught 2 prototype open sourced and on Github comments

0.145 8 Free Android Antivirus Apps comments

0.143 Play browser games with your smartphone using WebSocket comments

0.126 On Apps And Applications comments

0.115 Opera Confirms WebKit Prefix Usage comments

0.113 Grafikal - a free graphing calculator for iOS comments

0.090 4chan switches to HTML5/CSS3 (SFW) comments

0.085 Topicalizer - an information extraction suite - now open source comments

0.081 Raph Koster’s best game design articles comments

0.035 Adobe Photoshop: How To Provide 3D Result to your Text comments

0.024 Show HN: I got tired of stressing about my karma, so I wrote this. comments

0.014 Display C sources in chrome comments

0.005 Ask HN: Help - I’ve hit a wall. comments

0.004 Ask HN: How to monetize we website with 80.000 page views per month comments

Hacker News stories for 4 AM on Saturday Apr 28, 2012

0.927 First-class polymorphic function values in shapeless — Function values in Scala comments

0.813 Charm of switching domains comments

0.635 How Data Saved My Life comments

0.621 How to win developers and influence features as a designer. comments

0.461 Troll Math comments

0.386 Web development services comments

0.385 Exposing OData Endpoints using the ASP.Net MVC Web API comments

0.375 Enyo is your friend – your future-proof friend comments

0.363 TR10 comments

0.307 A cheaper, already available brydge competitor. (iPad = MacBook Pro) comments

0.274 SimpleRSS is a Google Reader client with an intuitive and simple interface. comments

0.168 Ask Yahoo-ers: Is company moral at an all time low? comments

0.161 Hotmail in hot water over password flaw, rushes fix comments

0.011 Ask HN: Are you upgrading to Adobe CS6 or Creative Cloud? comments

Hacker News stories for 3 AM on Saturday Apr 28, 2012

0.882 5 Reasons Why Nokia Lost Its Handset Sales Lead and Got Downgraded to ‘Junk’ comments

0.570 The Patent Pollution Problem: Its Causes, Effects and Solutions comments

0.480 Let me know the Use cases for Lambda in Python comments

0.475 Commas? I know what I’ll be using. comments

0.467 Chi Flat Iron, Cheap Chi Flat Iron, Chi Flat Iron Whoelsale comments

0.393 Blender 2.63: with BMesh (N-sided polygons) comments

0.376 ‘To change the world’ is a terrible reason to do a startup comments

0.328 Is Web Dev in the right path? comments

0.294 You agree with this column comments

0.275 - Python SMTP Server for Humans comments

0.249 Opera Web Browser to Support WebKit Prefixes comments

0.233 How to install Windows 7 comments

0.225 Ask HN: How do large companies manage multiple releases in production? comments

0.125 MAC Cosmetics, Cheap MAC Makeup, Wholesale MAC Cosmetics Pro comments

0.109 Some insight into how Instagram secured a $1bn valuation comments

0.094 Mars Analog Simulation live stream comments

0.031 Woz: Windows Phone more “intuitive and beautiful” than iPhone comments

0.021 Ask HN: Website live chat- worth it, and who to use? comments

Hacker News stories for 1 AM on Saturday Apr 28, 2012

0.968 Oracle President testifies, jury told to assume APIs are copyrightable comments

0.949 Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed comments

0.948 What’s an Entrepreneur? The Best Answer Ever comments

0.924 Tricks from a LinkedIn Jedi comments

0.921 Dear Thunderbird: I know you can’t save my draft; please stop complaining comments

0.884 Functional Programming comments

0.878 Young People’s Priorities comments

0.866 All About Beauty and Fit, Methods For Fitness, Natural Beauty Care comments

0.865 What I Learned about Entrepreneurship from Take Your Child to Work Day comments

0.844 Should You Do A Startup? I Have No Idea comments

0.844 Never-before-seen photos from 100 years ago from NYC comments

0.823 The fastest Statistical Programming Language is …Javascript? comments

0.793 Oracle/Google jury will be told APIs are copyrightable (Judge will decide later) comments

0.774 The Database As Queue Anti-Pattern comments

0.759 How Swiss Does a Swiss Watch Have to Be? comments

0.731 JavaScript programming style comments

0.729 The State of Software Engineering Education comments

0.680 Can national statistics be self-fulfilling? comments

0.676 Statistics with Julia: Least Squares Regression with Direct Methods comments

0.665 MIT creates glare-free, self cleaning, water repellent glass comments

0.636 DIY Cellphone. comments

0.611 Strona użytkownika - catherinee83 - comments

0.611 Comparing Julia and R’s Vocabularies comments

0.597 Apache OpenMeetings: open source replacement for GoToMeeting/Webex comments

0.594 Samsung Overtakes Apple as No. 1 Smartphone Maker in 1st Quarter comments

0.566 GWT is dead comments

0.552 Why being broke is the best startup strategy comments

0.548 The Google attack: How I attacked myself using Google Spreadsheets comments

0.526 Code Avengers comments

0.519 Amazon beta service for ‘artificial artificial intelligence’ comments

0.510 Picmonkey | online photo editing with Instagram-style filters comments

0.467 金日产品 comments

0.423 Sun’s Twin Discovered – The Perfect SETI Target? comments

0.410 Survey Finds Secure Sites Not So Secure comments

0.363 A Spontaneous Adventure Generator comments

0.362 Time to get your Humoticons ready comments

0.343 Dear Molly Wood: Failed Prototypes Don’t Equal Invention or Innovation comments

0.310 GSOC 2012 Project list comments

0.299 Agile User Experience Design comments

0.289 Django GitHub migration done comments

0.276 The Hobbit Underwhelms At 48 Frames Per Second comments

0.255 A house of dust: early computer-generated poetry comments

0.226 Turning Request Sign-Ups into a Game (Case Study) comments

0.215 First pics surface of BlackBerry 10 developer handset comments

0.211 Linux Users Group : Join to know everything about Linux comments

0.181 Create Quick HTML5 Presentations with Punch comments

0.153 Battery isssues with new linux kernel for intel i3/i5/i7 processors comments

0.150 Apple considered physical keyboard for first iPhone comments

0.148 Anders Breivik: 40,000 Norwegians mock killer with ‘Marxist’ song, with video comments

0.148 How I use Git and Django (and GitHub) comments

0.140 Dropbox adds automatic photo uploads (up to 3GB just for using it) comments

0.137 Introducing WP Lipsum, a WordPress plugin for instant dummy content comments

0.125 Elm: Type-safe FRP language open sourced (compiles to JS+HTML+CSS) comments

0.122 Blogging Platform for Hackers comments

0.074 NASA Enterprise shuttle does NY flyby (Story & Video) comments

0.062 Github for teachers (flip instead of fork) comments

0.051 Windows Azure, The World’s Most Misunderstood Cloud comments

0.050 Show HN: Pixiphi - Redefining your classifieds-browsing experience. comments

0.044 ‘Zerg rush’ chews up Google search results comments

0.042 Vint Cerf has a YouTube channel comments

0.041 Can anyone create an app like this? comments

0.036 Steve Wozniak on Windows Phone: Compared to Android, there’s no contest comments

0.031 Django is now (officially) on GitHub comments

0.022 Google Drive comes to Chrome OS development channel builds comments

0.021 A keyboard case that makes your iPad look a lot like the MacBook Air. comments

0.014 37signals removes Ta-Da List and Writeboard apps from home page comments

0.012 What are your thoughts on my first iPhone app - Outliner7? comments

0.009 Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend? - an app for iOS comments

0.007 Brydge, the iPad Keyboard, Raised Over $200,000 on Kickstarter comments

0.006 Ask HN: Would you pay for a job search site? comments

0.004 Ask HN: Are there any tools to help me visualize my research? comments

0.003 Server showing IP address in URL? comments