Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hacker News stories for 3 AM on Saturday May 05, 2012

0.989 Massive for node.js: Lightweight MySql/Postgres Abstraction Layer comments

0.984 Samsung Decides Galaxy Nexus Was Not Actually Designed To Avoid Apple Patents comments

0.966 Write hybrid CPU/GPU programs in Haskell comments

0.953 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source - Paul Irish comments

0.943 Can you teach someone to be an entrepreneur? comments

0.913 The Pirates Band of Misfits (2012) comments

0.910 Easy to use AJAX libraries for django comments

0.905 Top Things Every Software Engineer Should Know comments

0.894 Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup - Class 9 Notes Essay comments

0.890 Silicon Valley needs to end its snobbery about computer science degrees comments

0.882 On APIs and Copyright comments

0.879 Strange Sex Habits of Silicon Valley comments

0.877 Lean IT fundamentals & principles comments

0.866 What Corporate Governance Experts Are Saying About Yahoo’s Chief comments

0.862 Duckduckgo: I want to use but things like this put me off comments

0.794 Sequoia’s Scout Program comments

0.791 P vs NP: A quick introduction comments

0.787 Open Compute builds business model for next era of web comments

0.779 The thing that (almost) all the developers forgot: Process Priority comments

0.764 Netflix May Bring Jericho Back From The Dead comments

0.758 Static Pages and Heroku Hosting with Flask comments

0.750 You have no idea what’s coming comments

0.749 A simple distributed queue designed for handling large numbers of one-off tasks comments

0.749 Some of the Best Practices for Django Development comments

0.745 People are your competitive advantage comments

0.726 One Rubyist converts to Clojure comments

0.718 Investor Demands Yahoo Fire C.E.O. comments

0.694 State of Data Last Week #97 comments

0.686 What I’ve Learned About Learning comments

0.683 The Samsung Galaxy S III: The First Smartphone Designed Entirely By Lawyers comments

0.680 Python Library to draw Gantt Charts comments

0.678 Application Performance and Antipatterns comments

0.670 Big Google Is Watching You comments

0.653 Game Programming Camp – probably not HN’s demographic comments

0.646 Free security testing from Stanford security lab comments

0.631 People are losing trust in all institutions comments

0.625 Distributing Work Without Celery comments

0.620 EBay, Wal-Mart search for revved-up search engines comments

0.607 Predictive Coding May Spell the End for NYC’s Bottom-Rung Lawyers comments

0.603 Calling All Startups: TechCrunch New York Just Posted Office Hours (May 9) comments

0.603 Here’s Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years comments

0.603 CodeNow.Com Lets You Build And Test Code In Real Time, In Your Browser comments

0.600 The six follies of science comments

0.571 A little humor and motivation comments

0.565 Chess world championship in one week comments

0.559 OSC: From Node to ChucK comments

0.551 How Browser Engines Work? comments

0.547 How a 13-Year-Old’s Startup Might Be Able to Cure Your Hiccups comments

0.543 Sequoia Confirms Existence of “Stealth” Scout Program. Who’s Next? comments

0.528 Weight of the World: The Ongoing Fight Over How to Define the Kilogram comments

0.519 How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought you Think (PDF) comments

0.516 MicroConf 2012 Summary: Be there next year. comments

0.511 Jolt Awards: Testing Tools comments

0.510 How I Used Social Engineering to Get 6 Months of Free Service from Sprint comments

0.502 Free Radical vs. the Monsters comments

0.500 Is Automation the Handmaiden of Inequality? comments

0.488 Hyperlink Spoofing and the Modern Web comments

0.482 Int design choices in C++ AMP comments

0.474 My first jQuery plugin: Sticky-Div comments

0.474 Yahoo’s Thompson Speaks: Asks Employees to “Stay Focused” — Except Not on Him comments

0.472 Understanding Gmail Filters comments

0.467 Dheerthan, Search Humanised. A Peer Link Tagging and Searching Website comments

0.467 The Wikipediatrician comments


0.467 Experimental TLD .42 comments

0.467 Terrain Ray Marching in OpenProcessing comments

0.467 新疆旅游景区 comments

0.465 Natural interactions with spatially aware devices comments

0.463 Being congruent? comments

0.461 Innovative demo with click-along technique comments

0.460 WebGL around the net, 3 May 2012 comments

0.453 Beastie Boys Co-Founder Adam Yauch Dead at 47 comments

0.449 Marissa Mayer nominated to join Wal-Mart’s board comments

0.445 Reusable Flow Control in SPDY/3 comments

0.445 TeX Live 2012 Schedule - test version will be available in May comments

0.443 Why We’re Still At TechCrunch comments

0.434 Word wrapping/hyphenation using CSS comments

0.432 Statistical mechanics of magnet balls comments

0.432 Gadgeteer: Light Sensor Robot comments

0.432 The Simplicity Thesis comments

0.429 Octopart International comments

0.410 How Facebook Is Killing Itself comments

0.400 The Hunger Games (2012) comments

0.397 Apple dumps Intel from laptop lines. Moves to ARM. comments

0.395 Personality Test For kids comments

0.394 Embeds Music from Spotify, SoundCloud,, More comments

0.381 C++ MVC example comments

0.375 XSS technique without parentheses comments

0.371 “A New Kind of Science” Available Online for Free comments

0.370 Why fiction is good for you comments

0.365 80% Of App Developers Don’t Make Enough Money To Support A Business comments

0.364 A practical application of your well-practiced FizzBuzz skills comments

0.363 Fine-tuning Nanotech to Target Cancer comments

0.363 What is a HackerSpace? How do I get into one? comments

0.352 The past week has fucking sucked. comments

0.352 Touch technology revolutionizes smartphones, doorknobs, your sofa comments

0.350 What makes more money: sports or porn? comments

0.343 ”I’m making the next Instagram” comments

0.341 Windows 8 dropping the ability to play DVDs comments

0.341 Is SaaS loosing over BDA..? comments

0.338 Free Software Song by Fenster (better than the interpretation of RMS) comments

0.338 The OMGPOP acquisition: 6 weeks later comments

0.328 The Pros and Cons of Storage Virtualization comments

0.319 Is developer anti-{insert discriminatory behaviour} getting out of hand? comments

0.315 Authorization of Google Drive using JavaScript comments

0.314 Blond hair evolved separately in Europe and the South Pacific comments

0.312 Hacker School doubles staff and students for next batch comments

0.307 Talking radical life extension at Humanity+ 2012 in Melbourne comments

0.300 Pedantic HTML comments

0.299 Aaron James Draplin’s talk from CreativeMornings Portland March 2012 comments

0.297 For the love of car: an amazing backstory of a 1975 Plymouth car owner comments

0.294 JPMorgan, IPO underwriter, decked out NYC headquarters with Facebook flags  comments

0.294 What TechStars Really Means for Innovation: A Critical Look at Boston comments

0.286 Why you should expose your Facebook profile for potential employers comments

0.281 Okay, I Said I Wouldn’t Complain About ‘New Look’ Gmail Any More comments

0.281 Turkish LG Website Copies Developer’s HTML – XSS ensues comments

0.270 What’s a QA team without a spec? comments

0.269 Has Anonymous Ruined Online Anonymity? comments

0.266 IBM Profiles The New CSO, Security Exec comments

0.262 AMA Request: Peter Thiel comments

0.258 5 Facebook Privacy Blind Spots comments

0.256 Pentest Magazine Cloud Pentesting New May 2012 Issue comments

0.255 Glancee is Joining Facebook comments

0.249 Trying to find a recent HN post to JSON sample data generator comments

0.249 Ask HN: What did you learn from your Y Combinator Interview? comments

0.249 New and refreshed Git homepage comments

0.245 The Next iPhone Is Coming Soon–And It’s Skinnier Than Don Draper’s Tie comments

0.243 This demo implements 14 exactly the same effect as Instagram. comments

0.229 Android being translated to C# comments

0.226 Using git and github to manage your dotfiles comments

0.221 Japan to switch off final nuclear reactor comments

0.215 Killing unlimited data plans brings $billions to carriers comments

0.209 First Solar-Powered Boat Trip Around the World comments

0.200 Why Socialcam Will Fail (the medium is the message) comments

0.200 Sarah lacy + scream + sequoia comments

0.199 What Makes the New York Entrepreneurship Scene Awesome comments

0.184 The Little Book of Semaphores pdf comments

0.180 Sharing Sketches Remotely comments

0.178 The new comments

0.176 170+ Django conference videos comments

0.175 Video Game Design Tips from creator of Prince of Persia comments

0.167 What Developers Are Saying About BlackBerry 10 video comments

0.167 Is it possible to become ‘excellent’ at both design and coding? comments

0.163 Google Is Making a Huge and Annoying Mistake comments

0.160 Raspberry Pi Review comments

0.158 Google Makes 53 Changes to Search in April comments

0.157 History of the Password comments

0.155 Facebook video-pitch for the ipo comments

0.152 Screen protector with buttons for iPhone’s virtual keyboard comments

0.149 Http:// comments

0.145 Ramping Up Mobile Discovery, Facebook Acquires Glancee comments

0.143 The Mac Monochrome Trend comments

0.139 Japan to switch off final nuclear reactor on Saturday comments

0.138 Facebook shares likely to ‘pop’ in debut comments

0.138 Groupon Loses Half of Value Since IPO on Accounting Woes comments

0.132 Cisco to Buy Truviso comments

0.130 Programming for iOS, Making Fun of RIM, and Using an Android comments

0.129 Google could face millions in fines over Safari privacy circumvention comments

0.127 Aptt - Show the world what you know comments

0.118 Ask HN - Where should a startup host its blog? comments

0.115 Type Connection - Font Match Dating Game comments

0.115 Android Piracy Is Huge Problem for Game Devs comments

0.113 Opa replacing HTML, CSS, PHP, Etc comments

0.112 RIM Guarantees BlackBerry 10 Devs $10,000 in First Year comments

0.100 Solar-powered catamaran goes around the world in 584 days comments

0.100 An open source cognitive humanoid robotic platform comments

0.096 First Rails app complete. Where to Next? comments

0.095 IOS success is a lottery + Apple and Samsung are the 99% comments

0.089 Terse Words: Install Google App Engine on Ubuntu 12.04 comments

0.085 Opa replaces Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL with one unified language. comments

0.083 Facebook offers Microsoft Security Essentials as a security solution comments

0.082 Video Stabilization on YouTube&utm_content=Google+Reader) comments

0.079 What’s coming next for Ubuntu Linux? comments

0.069 AT&T CEO bemoans iPhone unlimited data, iMessage comments

0.064 Smartphones Battle: Samsug Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S vs. HTC One X vs. Lumnia 900 comments

0.062 Android Action bar style generator comments

0.059 AT&T CEO voices regret over iPhone unlimited data model comments

0.058 PingSF — Table Tennis for Techies in San Francisco comments

0.057 What could possibly make numbers friendly comments

0.055 AT&T CEO: iMessage disrupts our messaging revenue stream comments

0.055 5 Factors in Mobile App Localization comments

0.053 For the First Time, Hacked Websites Deliver Android Malware comments

0.052 Everyone Has Been Hacked. Now What? comments

0.050 Is Twitter’s tweet ID unique for all the users? comments

0.043 Local File Editor for Chrome using NPAPI. comments

0.042 How to detect SwiftShader WebGL renderer in Chrome 18? comments

0.040 Ask HN: Should startups with seed funding apply to YC? comments

0.039 Mobile app or mobile web? comments

0.032 Terry Gilliam talks apps, iPad and interactivity comments

0.031 Facebook’s IPO Pricing Drops Zuckerberg’s Net Worth To $15.5 Billion comments

0.023 Ask HN: Advice for those with poor discipline? comments

0.019 Ask HN: Where can I find an SEO / Web Developer Part Time? comments

0.016 Facebook Buys Location-Based Discovery App Glancee comments

0.015 Aardwolf: remote JavaScript debugger for iPhone / Android / WindowsPhone 7 comments

0.013 Ghetto: Continuous integration server with source on github comments

0.012 Show HN: ASCII art API comments

0.011 Ask HN: Coffee Shop / Third Places Reviews Site? comments

0.010 Ask HN: Attending a hackathon weekend as a non-tech? comments

0.002 Show HN: Feedback for my nifty app search tool? comments

0.001 Facebook Messenger Apps Get More Life-Like, Now Show Someone’s Read Your Message comments

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