Friday, May 4, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 AM on Friday May 04, 2012

0.997 EU Court of Justice rules you can’t copyright a programming language comments

0.904 Taking E-Mail Vacations Can Reduce Stress, Study Says comments

0.887 Dangerous Things You Were Taught In School comments

0.793 Erlang meets JavaScript comments

0.751 MI6 codebreaker attended U.S. security conference just before his death comments

0.747 The Internet is life. comments

0.604 It doesn’t matter what e-books cost to make comments

0.526 How to Move Doom Characters in WebGL in 50lines of JS comments

0.500 Benefits of Yoga For Kids comments

0.487 Disney researchers put gesture recognition in door knobs, chairs, fish tanks comments

0.466 Impressions of Play Framework 1.2.4 vs 2.0 comments

0.453 Can social media make you famous? comments

0.430 Galaxy S3 Announcement Has Disappointments comments

0.359 Amazon will develop its own online TV shows comments

0.349 Be generous. comments

0.339 JavaScript object secret comments

0.314 Interactive Facebook Valuation Calculator comments

0.299 European e-identity plan to be unveiled this month comments

0.284 Android is dead comments

0.256 Software art: mp3 player (only 176kb) comments

0.201 DocTrackr lets you control your documents — wherever they are comments

0.154 Google’s New Proposed Metrics For Ads – A Giant Leap For Online Advertising? comments

0.147 Michael Arrington is the new CEO of Yahoo comments

0.145 The day he was arrested, Anonymous’s “Sabu” helped the FBI comments

0.064 Show HN: PicoCrew: Validate your idea, build your team, gather customers. comments

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