Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 AM on Thursday May 03, 2012

0.996 EU court: programming languages and program functionality are not copyrightable comments

0.989 Functional Programming and Python comments

0.981 Judge: An IP-Address Doesn’t Identify a Person (or BitTorrent Pirate) comments

0.977 Fighting the Recession: Britain’s Brightest Young Entrepreneurs comments

0.969 Programming languages ‘do not enjoy copyright protection,’ EU court says comments

0.939 No Galaxy Nexus for India comments

0.915 Is There Big Money in Big Data? comments

0.914 Pak Nuke Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan Wishes to Join Politics comments

0.913 Running a startup comments

0.911 Enstitute, School For Entrepreneurs, Emerges From New York Startup Scene comments

0.905 Big Data in Travel and Why People Not From These Parts Could Win comments

0.889 What happens when you rip off a site but forget to host the JS yourself comments

0.875 InfoQ: An Uncertain Future for Visual Studio Express comments

0.867 JS performance: try / catch versus checking for undefined comments

0.866 Website hosting with AWS for 51 cents a month? comments

0.862 Simple CouchDB Hosting comments

0.861 Science research may be freed from journals’ ‘unhealthy’ paywalls comments

0.853 Synaesthesia and programming. Help science. Take my (short) survey. comments

0.837 How to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet comments

0.831 “It’s your responsibility to understand the request, not ask more questions” comments

0.828 Jimmy Wales Backs Government Scheme To Free Academic Research comments

0.823 Editorial Radar: Functional languages comments

0.820 Starting Clojure (mk. 2) comments

0.813 Project to build a 1-2 ton rideable 6 legged robot, for fun comments

0.808 When OOP Classes are not really necessary? comments

0.774 UK ISP starts Pirate Bay blockade comments

0.768 Why European Venture Loses So Much Money comments

0.753 Annealing the Library comments

0.725 Project Cybersyn comments

0.720 Antibodies, Attack Dogs & Success Cats: 3 New Product Lessons comments

0.714 Just do it comments

0.705 C++11: Future Chaining For Easy, Highly Threaded Execution comments

0.695 EA not killing Rock Band comments

0.685 Interview with database legend Mike Stonebraker (VoltDB, Vertica, PostgreSQL) comments

0.675 The secret to great ideas (and fix your home in the process) comments

0.673 Deezer Releases APIs To Court Developers In Latest Bid To Catch Up To Spotify comments

0.667 How smartphones and tablets are fueling commerce comments

0.636 Codeable Objects comments

0.636 Why we built Ziliot comments

0.625 Navbar in Django Admin comments

0.592 Want good programmers? Then EXCITE them comments

0.586 The Ultimate Java Resource Collection comments

0.581 Microsoft raises UK prices by a third and can’t rule out future hikes comments

0.578 How to think to win a Lotto comments

0.567 Are ad agencies anything like ‘The Pitch’? comments

0.555 Ways to encourage Entrepreneurship comments

0.551 Apple’s TV: Petite Glass in Every Corner of Your Home comments

0.548 A view’s responsibility — a lesson on JavaScript and the DOM comments

0.535 Working As A Real Team comments

0.533 Common Statistical Fallacies comments

0.530 Neo4j 1.8 Released, Now with Mutating Cypher comments

0.530 Researchers build 10 Ghz Optical transistor out of Silicon comments

0.525 IPL 2012: Pune vs. Mumbai Tonight comments

0.522 A Pub-Sub storage for Backbone using XMPP comments

0.521 How NOT to scale: My experience with in 2009 comments

0.520 In the Backyard, Grandma’s New Apartment comments

0.517 Why can’t a Govt. understand that its approach to guaranteed tax is incorrect? comments

0.513 What Startups Truly Do (in 8 Steps) comments

0.501 I Can Haz Self-Expression? comments

0.500 Infinite Plasma Fractal comments

0.500 An experiment with radical honesty comments

0.498 Let the adventurous journey begin: Passive Income comments

0.491 10m/500Mbps WDM visible light communication systems comments

0.489 Improving the Google/Apple calendar UI comments

0.479 Convert JavaScript to CoffeeScript (or vise versa) comments

0.467 Creative Insomnia comments

0.467 BlackBerry is not PALM comments

0.467 An Honest Rainbow comments

0.467 HTC HD2 T8585 comments

0.467 Plastic to Oil comments

0.457 Avaaz Attacked: Cyber-war vs People Power comments

0.446 Finally – GIMP 2.8 has been released comments

0.435 Ceres: solving complex problems using computing muscle comments

0.429 WordPress drag-and-drop eCommerce? Jigoshop with Headway Themes and PageLines comments

0.415 The Digital Age is Not a Solution comments

0.409 Glassmap Relay Technology comments

0.402 Boy urinates on school computers, causes $36,000 in damages comments

0.399 Want good programmers? Then PAY them. comments

0.386 GIMP 2.8 (Stable) Finally Available For Download comments

0.386 Google cranks up the V8 JavaScript engine comments

0.376 Custom software development comments

0.367 Soca attack: Serious Organised Crime Agency site taken down comments

0.363 Best battery electronics shop comments

0.363 CSS to Less comments

0.352 Banquo - measuring Shakespeare’s digital heartbeat comments

0.341 Samsung Issues Final Reminder About The Launch of Galaxy III SmartPhone comments

0.335 California named worst state for business in magazine survey comments

0.333 Xkcd: Exploits of a Mom comments

0.333 Fiverr clone comments

0.328 Cloudinary’s jQuery plugin for embedding and transforming images comments

0.322 Some of the story of ARM, including the visit to the 6502 creators comments

0.321 Worldometers - real time world statistics comments

0.315 Microsoft Hires 14 Yahoo Researchers to Kickstart New NYC Research Lab comments

0.314 Signal: the Instagram of Citizen Journalism? comments

0.314 Einstein’s Performance review comments

0.304 Features of 4shared that make it better than Dropbox/Google Drive comments

0.294 An Odyssee of Android testing comments

0.294 EA bows to pressure, iPhone Rock Band to remain playable comments

0.293 Vagrant box for Ubuntu Precise Pangolin (12.04 LTS 64bit) comments

0.284 SOCA website still down after mystery cyber attack comments

0.276 Sleek Animations with requestAnimationFrame comments

0.266 PHP-CGI remote code execution vulnttp:// comments

0.263 Linux Format Pulled from Barnes and Noble comments

0.263 Galaxy S III will be released today at London comments

0.254 Dropquest II: The Future is Now comments

0.246 How will the Olympics Benefit Sponsors and the UK comments

0.241 Unhosted: personal data freedom comments

0.239 DataSift Offers New Insights From Twitter Hose comments

0.226 Responsive Web Design comments

0.225 Microsoft to Unveil Spotify-like Music Service comments

0.225 Soca hack: Crime agency site taken down after attack comments

0.186 Cross-Browser Debugging CSS comments

0.182 Ubuntu’s Mark Shuttleworth on shaking up system software comments

0.167 LeBridge announces 10 startups it will be Caravaning from Paris to London comments

0.161 Minimally invasive way of building realtime web apps comments

0.151 PHP-CGI 0-day source code exposure vulnerability comments

0.149 Gitpilot, A Git collaboration GUI comments

0.145 1984 Apple Commercial comments

0.139 Maybe it is time you actually read that Google Drive Terms of Service comments

0.133 Starting Clojure Screencast. URL shortener web from scratch by Chas Emerik comments

0.124 How the Blind Are Reinventing the iPhone comments

0.122 Oxford University hit hard by Mac Flashback infections comments

0.121 Browse man pages in style with your personal manservant comments

0.121 Ux overview for Firefox. Awesome concepts for all platforms comments

0.121 737Max video rendering comments

0.119 Forgetful Chef gets a new look comments

0.101 Forking… pixel art comments

0.093 Cloning the iOS Ecosystem comments

0.068 Ask HN: Is +1 considered some form of Google intellectual property? comments

0.064 Evernote Raises $70M At $1B Valuation To Prep For IPO, And Next 100 Years comments

0.058 When is it the right time to protect your IP? comments

0.051 Social Media, Media Player comments

0.050 Some websites auto-downloading Malware onto Android devices comments

0.049 Show HN: Find days out near you in the UK comments

0.045 New startup using HTML5 for image process comments

0.042 HTML5 Adobe Photoshop clone comments

0.038 Looks Exactly Like Pinterest comments

0.036 Crawler/Scraper bot recommendations please comments

0.035 Android Is Either “Winning” Because Apple Is Letting It, Or Losing comments

0.033 Thinking outside the box video comments

0.015 Greta Sans Type System Specimen App comments

0.014 BlackBerry 10 testing device hands-on impressions (update: video) comments

0.011 Ask HN: What is the best laptop for Utbuntu - 12.04 comments

0.010 Propose HN: “Who Is Hiring” became too crowded. Set Karma Threshold. comments

0.007 IPad Keyboard Prototype: Text Editing comments

0.006 Show HN: Userscript to help navigate HN comments comments

0.005 Ask HN: How to get first 1,000 users? comments

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