Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 PM on Wednesday May 02, 2012

0.971 A Functional Programming Influence Graph comments

0.966 Future of Copyright comments

0.937 VCs in Angels’ Clothing: The Sneaky New Trend of “Deal Scouts” in Silicon Valley comments

0.935 Five Memorable Books About Programming comments

0.899 EU’s top court: APIs can’t be copyrighted, would “monopolise ideas” comments

0.867 India’s National ID Program: Technical problems of reaching 1.2 billion people comments

0.851 How Big Data Transformed the Dairy Industry comments

0.850 Udacity - Build a search engine comments

0.827 Yahoo Survey Reveals Tablet Habits of the Average U.S. Home comments

0.826 Meet the Urban Datasexual comments

0.826 Findings, May 2012 comments

0.823 Changing from SQLite3 to PostgreSQL (RoR Tutorial 3.5 Exercises) comments

0.820 Improving Wikipedia with friendly competition comments

0.815 Twitter may be developing a “premium” version… comments

0.792 The Declining Role of Start-Ups comments

0.788 It’s back: Amazon’s $139 refurbished Kindle Fire deal returns for one more day comments

0.780 Microsoft says goodbye to Windows Live brand comments

0.753 Happiness from a few rules comments

0.729 Do your product manager interview questions get the real story? comments

0.727 Enticing Wikipedians back… with bacn comments

0.720 Entrepreneurship and optionality don’t mix comments

0.714 American Science and the Anti-Bacon Agenda comments

0.714 Why Harvard and MIT’s edX is a huge deal. comments

0.699 Best Practices Exist For A Reason comments

0.699 DEA apologizes for forgetting student in cell for 5 days comments

0.696 RelayRides, Insurance and a Fatal Crash comments

0.695 So I did some analysis on how people perceive you by your looks… comments

0.686 HTML5’s version of the blink tag? comments

0.683 “One should only lend to the rich” comments

0.680 How YC rejection opens more doors for you & your startup comments

0.667 Security questions are the dumbest thing the Internet has ever invented comments

0.662 JavaScript Templating with Handlebars.js comments

0.656 The PageRank and Water Connection comments

0.653 Pushing the borders out of Firefox performance comments

0.618 Competition, Startups, and Vision comments

0.614 Nanotech’s New Class of Drug Runners comments

0.600 Stop Being Poor: U.S. Piracy Watch List Hits A New Low With 2012 Report comments

0.599 The ReactOS team wants your money comments

0.592 Why movies are moving from 24 to 48 fps comments

0.588 Bonzi-Buddy Reborn as a Terminal Program comments

0.588 Reverse authentication for banking comments

0.571 How to pronounce PostgreSQL comments

0.571 Pinwheel Redesigns comments

0.571 Honest Movie Trailers comments

0.565 Show HN: Remember everything you learn on Khan Academy comments

0.554 The guy who made it so difficult to open your bag of potato chips comments

0.553 Building blocks for APIs comments

0.540 Funding Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research comments

0.532 Duke Nukem Forever goes back to being unreleased comments

0.531 Simplicity Matters by Rich Hickey (Keynote at RailsConf 2012) comments

0.526 The 2012 Forbes Fictional 15 comments

0.521 It’s 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, not 2012 comments

0.513 Static considered harmful (2011) comments

0.511 Technical Skills to Pay the Bills … And More comments

0.505 Powered by poo: Students use dog waste to light park comments

0.504 CloudFlare System Status comments

0.499 Does consciousness reside in both the brain and its interactions with the world? comments

0.476 Will Social Kill Itself? comments

0.472 BlinkDB: Bounded Errors and Bounded Response Times on Very Large Data comments

0.467 RIM’s Failed Hail Mary comments

0.467 Duh: A shell one-liner courtesy of GNU comments

0.458 A Ulam (Prime Number Spiral) Quilt comments

0.456 Amazon moving into sitcoms comments

0.449 USDA’s Wildlife Services program kills 50,000 harmless animals comments

0.449 PhoneGap 1.7.0 Released (with piles of fixes) comments

0.435 Google analytics for social media comments

0.434 Deep Copy In JavaScript comments

0.433 YouTube’s Content ID matches melodies to detect cover songs comments

0.429 Weavrs: autonomous, tweeting blog-bots comments

0.423 Lest We Forget The Talented Designers And Developers comments

0.419 How Apartment List ‘won’ a Webby comments

0.418 Confusing intent and outcome comments

0.416 Financial (Secret) Services comments

0.408 Amazon wants original comedy, children’s television ideas for Instant streaming comments

0.400 The Evolving Man (1987) comments

0.395 Terrorist Plots, Helped Along by the F.B.I. comments

0.381 Obama: Focus on Climate Change to Bolster the Economy comments

0.378 Lovely collection of online visualisations comments

0.365 Google takes down blog of Iranian security researcher comments

0.364 Why computer prices are decreasing comments

0.362 ‘Ridiculously Automated’ Dorm Room Draws Official School Inquiry comments

0.359 Darwinian selection continues to influence human evolution comments

0.357 Grubwithus has Chickens comments

0.354 From adding content to patrolling, Wikipedians do it all comments

0.354 Andreessen, Horowitz: Venture Capital’s New Bad Boys comments

0.352 Jim Simmons Donates $60M for Theory of Computing at UC Berkeley comments

0.343 What Your Computer Does While You Wait comments

0.342 Ingenious UI Idea For Dragging Files From Your Computer To Phone comments

0.337 Javascript software rasterizer comments

0.335 Using Proto-Personas for Executive Alignment comments

0.331 How Twitter Nearly Ruined Obama’s Secret Trip to Afghanistan comments

0.328 159 Billion URLs Indexed by SEOMoz’s MozScape comments

0.318 Google’s Self-Driving Car is for Real-Life Crawling (2010) comments

0.315 Single founder work flow/organization? comments

0.308 CloudFare is down (System Status) comments

0.291 Weebly CEO David Rusenko: It’s Time to Take Us Seriously comments

0.290 Klouchebag: The un-social social network measurement tool comments

0.282 Packaging & Distribution in the Digital Age: Or, Why Even Grandma Loves Apps comments

0.279 Avery’s Bucket List:Spread the word about SMA(Spinal Muscular Atrophy) comments

0.272 Gaming Customer Service comments

0.271 Anatomy of a Fedora 17 install image comments

0.267 Anonymous Analytics: Acquiring information through unconventional means comments

0.258 I can style a whole app with only four hex values and SASS. comments

0.256 Is there a bubble? comments

0.253 Toshiba’s new use for flexible technology comments

0.250 Get stuff done in the cloud. Go Google. comments

0.246 The fastest train in the world comments

0.245 Other Apps Could Learn from’s Location Features comments

0.244 Social Media and the SoftLayer Server Challenge comments

0.242 Steve Jobs’ Plan for a Willy Wonka-Style Celebration of the Millionth iMac comments

0.237 Gree acquires Funzio for $210M comments

0.237 How to Fork a Syllabus on GitHub comments

0.233 1Gbps wireless network made with red and green laser pointers comments

0.232 Theoretical Degree Inquiry comments

0.227 More fun with DateTime: the undocumented DateTimeKind value comments

0.221 Wikipedia’s Wales to help make UK academic research available for free online comments

0.214 159 Billion URLs comments

0.210 Finally - Sharks with frickin’ laser beams comments

0.193 Nielsen is wrong on mobile comments

0.190 Suggestions on advertising available office space? comments

0.186 Introduction to MapKit Framework for iPhone Development comments

0.178 Valve’s handbook for new employees comments

0.173 World events shown on a map comments

0.172 How to Make Money as a New Developer comments

0.163 Google Is Making a Huge and Annoying Mistake Google comments

0.153 Live Minecraft server connections comments

0.153 Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies pdf comments

0.141 Cloudflare Entirely Offline comments

0.120 Wedding Startup Appy Couple Has A Wait List 7,000-Strong comments

0.116 Yelp’s Post-IPO Earnings: $27.6M in Revenue, Up 59%, But Net Loss Triples comments

0.110 Double Fine chooses Moai comments

0.110 Is HTC purposefully handicapping its bootloader unlock tool on HTC One devices? comments

0.104 Coding guidelines for HTML and CSS comments

0.098 Princeton Review Founder Launches First Search comments

0.096 Timelapse of glacier that (perhaps) created the Titanic iceberg video comments

0.095 DMCA takedown notices Github has received comments

0.089 Create your own custom HTML tags/component…TODAY comments

0.086 Windows Live to be rebranded as Microsoft Account comments

0.080 Engage:BDR Launches A Real-Time Bidding Platform With Direct Buying comments

0.076 Show HN: MAXGIF, endless stupidly big GIFs comments

0.076 Amazon Cloud Drive Desktop Apps comments

0.074 Apple rejecting applications which use Dropbox. comments

0.071 3 passwords for your Facebook account comments

0.065 Petition Google: Please deprecate “content=’noodp’ name=’robots’” comments

0.058 Steve Jobs portraying Franklin Delano Roosevelt - ‘1984’ Macintosh TV commercial comments

0.047 How I reduced Google App Engine costs by 75% comments

0.046 Ask HN: Is religious behavior built into humanity? (see Rails, TDD, .Net, etc) comments

0.044 Crowdstar Raises $11.5M, Has Layoffs As It Leaves FB Behind comments

0.043 GREE acquires social mobile game dev Funzio comments

0.040 Facebook’s Recently Used Apps Module, Relationship with App Ecosystem comments

0.039 Ask HN: What type of insurance do you have for your startup? (not health) comments

0.036 Hacked Websites Serve Suspicious Android Apps (NotCompatible) comments

0.033 - Record your terminal sessions comments

0.031 EA Killing Rock Band for iPhone, Game Will Be Unplayable for Current Owners comments

0.029 MobiRuby’s Current Progress (Video) comments

0.020 Ask HN: Basecamp for Art and Code comments

0.019 Stypi (YC S11) has been acquired by Salesforce comments

0.018 Ask HN - projects that are crazy creative, like comments

0.014 Quantum Computing for Hackers - Hacker News London Meetup comments

0.014 Ask HN: Socialcam spamming Facebook newsfeeds and growing virally as a result? comments

0.008 INAppStoreWindow - A Mac App Store style Cocoa NSWindow subclass comments

0.008 Show HN: Remove the blur from blurry photos - Blurity comments

0.005 Satirical iPad Magazine Makes Amazing Use of HTML5 comments

0.001 Ask HN: Do you know a github project for a instagram-like web app? comments

0.001 Apple rejects iOS apps with Dropbox integration comments

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