Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 PM on Thursday May 03, 2012

0.998 7 Tips for Python & Django on Heroku, Testing, and more from a RoR developer comments

0.991 15 things I learned from 500 Startups (aka Fail Factory) comments

0.979 30% of UK File-Sharers Intend To Pirate More In The Next 12 Months comments

0.977 How some western entrepreneurs are abandoning Silicon Valley for Africa comments

0.974 Georgetown Law Library Finds 38% of Online Docs Gone from Web Pages Within 5yrs comments

0.965 Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Pitch Their Ideas To Venture Capitalists comments

0.952 Using Travis-CI with Python and Django comments

0.936 Mars rover reaches Endeavour crater, finds signs of ancient Martian water comments

0.927 What a 9-Year-Old Can Teach You About Selling comments

0.919 Highlights from the Stack Overflow worldwide Meetups comments

0.904 11 Web Startups to Watch in 2012 comments

0.888 GIMP 2.8 released after 3.5 years of work comments

0.881 A simple guide to API standards and formats comments

0.879 Apple product placement in Mission Impossible comments

0.856 Apache OpenOffice turns to SourceForge for Distribution comments

0.845 Spring 3 and Java EE 6 - An unfair and incomplete comparison comments

0.844 Turn your career into a work of art comments

0.831 Hilary Mason: From Tiny Links, Big Insights comments

0.824 Weighthacker - Quick Start Guide comments

0.820 I’m learning to code as a startup CEO comments

0.794 Free Comic Book Day: When Free Comic Books Mean Big Business comments

0.791 Europe’s space program heads to Jupiter comments

0.777 How to automagically go to DND in HipChat while in a Pomodoro comments

0.767 Free Comic Book Day: 5 things you need to know comments

0.765 Why girls aren’t pretty in pink comments

0.753 The Worst Data Breaches of the Past 5 Years: Part 2 comments

0.752 Samsung Galaxy S III comments

0.729 Single-Page CRUD Application with Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap comments

0.719 Splash Screens are evil, don’t use them comments

0.716 Stop Saying “No” to Your Designers comments

0.709 Visualizing English Word Origins comments

0.699 Product scope: where to draw the line comments

0.696 Redis Sentinel design draft comments

0.696 Another Genetic Quirk of the Solomon Islands - Blond Hair comments

0.686 The return of the Unix wars? comments

0.684 The rise of the LLC comments

0.682 Wordpress function Reference: capital P dangit comments

0.681 Oracle and the End of Programming As We Know It comments

0.667 Practical regular expression derivatives (for some definition of “practical”) comments

0.667 Abbott Increases Sustainable Packaging, Decreases Carbon Emissions comments

0.667 Two Phase Spam: Spammers that Impressed Me comments

0.655 John Langford & much of Yahoo Research NY Going to MSR comments

0.649 Top Tech Startups By Valuation comments

0.642 Software Design Principles comments

0.635 How I built Hopper in a week, without internet comments

0.625 New “spawn” function in Fexl makes it easy to interact with a child process. comments

0.625 Analyst, measure thyself comments

0.625 Streetlight Manifesto Proudly Boycotts Itself comments

0.616 Introducing a field guide to Twitter platform objects comments

0.589 Avaaz website under massive attack, from a government or large corporation? comments

0.585 Try Out the New Disqus 2012 comments

0.585 In Business - Frugal Innovation (BBC Radio 4 Programmes) comments

0.581 Samsung Galaxy S III Unveiled:4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display,Quad Core Exynos comments

0.571 “I absorb uncertainty.” comments

0.571 WP Theme Generator – Create your Own Theme in Minutes comments

0.570 “Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012″ To Begin Shortly comments

0.559 Learn Clojure’s lazy-sequences through elementary automata comments

0.555 What do you think of my startup? comments

0.553 Dan Loeb Alleges “Discrepancies” on Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson’s Resume comments

0.553 Using Google BigQuery to learn from GitHub data comments

0.551 Multiplying or dividing?&utm_content=FaceBook) comments

0.551 IP address not enough to identify online pirates, judge rules comments

0.550 Taxi Driver director launching a campaign on KickStarter without Hollywood comments

0.538 DEC Wars comments

0.533 Discovery Communications to Acquire To Revision3 comments

0.533 Revision3 Acquired by Discovery Channel comments

0.532 Samsung Galaxy S III comments

0.524 The Trust Molecule comments

0.521 Lies, damn lies and Cybercrime Statistics comments

0.510 EBay Puts Down Roots in NYC with Data-Focused Tech Center comments

0.500 Forget channel surfing: How Boxfish plans to revolutionize real-time TV search comments

0.488 Discovery Channel Buys Revision3 for $30 Million comments

0.488 Herb Sutter confirms no more support for C beyond C90 in Visual C++ comments

0.487 When Will LinkedIn Launch Their Own CRM System? comments

0.484 Take Your Ideas from Start to Finish with Wunderkit comments

0.482 Building segment trees with Golang, benchmark with JavaScript version comments

0.480 A Relevant Tale: How Google Killed Inktomi comments

0.479 It’s time for tech news to route around damage. Again. comments

0.479 Canadian Startup Verelo Hopes to Save Lives with Monitoring and Alert Services comments

0.471 All 11 Node.Philly 2012 Conference Presentation Videos (about Node.js) comments

0.467 Telomeres in Disease comments

0.465 Belt and Suspenders: Safety and Trust in a Distributed System comments

0.447 Why Do Developers Like Wikis? comments

0.437 Personal blog is launched comments

0.437 Why “Just How Small is the Atom” Has Most Views on TED-Ed comments

0.432 Android Game Development with libgdx - Prototype in a day, Part 1a comments

0.432 How Our Brains Set the World Spinning comments

0.429 An Open-Letter to Pagoda Box comments

0.420 Revision3 is officially bought comments

0.419 Windows and Node: Getting Started comments

0.408 Advice to find B2B beta-testers in tech-startups realm comments

0.407 John Jay Fellow Receives Good Citizenship Award comments

0.404 Impressive Client List Wasted comments

0.401 Project HiJack - connecting sensors to a smartphone’s headphone jack comments

0.394 Dan Loeb Alleges “Discrepancies” on Yahoo CEO’s Resume Related to CS Degree comments

0.389 Google Is Becoming Less Relevant As Apps Grow, Says Yelp comments

0.389 My dirty secret: I see a therapist comments

0.383 Entity Framework Interview Questions comments

0.375 Collusion: Add-ons for Firefox comments

0.363 What we focused on in our competitive iOS+OSX game comments

0.358 Intro to Colour for Research Reporting comments

0.356 Introducing Bloggy: A simple way to add a Jekyll blog to any Rails application comments

0.346 Facebook to Set I.P.O. Price Range at $28 to $35 comments

0.344 13 Million U.S. Facebook Users Not Using Privacy Controls comments

0.343 Shamus Young, Project Frontier, and Github comments

0.333 JavaFX on the Raspberry Pi comments

0.333 Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership comments

0.333 A Mechanical ExoHand, to Crush Your Enemies comments

0.331 Spamming & tricking the Amazon “Recently Viewed” list to sell artisan bread comments

0.330 EFF: Introducing the Coders’ Rights List comments

0.326 Autofill City & State from Zip Code with Ziptastic comments

0.326 Next galaxy, live streaming comments

0.321 Zombie ants have fungus on the brain, new research reveals comments

0.318 Google’s Fiber Makes MPAA Skittish. comments

0.315 80% of app developers don’t generate enough revenue to support a business comments

0.306 RubyMotion - Ruby for iOS comments

0.303 Draw Something loses 4M users in the past month comments

0.303 The Marvel’s Avengers Workout 2012 (Insane & Funny) comments

0.303 First look at the Galaxy S3 comments

0.301 Monitoring in the Cloud: Drip or Percolate? comments

0.297 Does Agile Create More Work For Marketing & PR? comments

0.288 Can You Decode This Probably Made-Up Text Lingo? comments

0.286 Why I’m not on the Julia bandwagon (yet) comments

0.286 “HTML7 magic” on Facebook comments

0.276 LINQ Interview Questions comments

0.274 FBI returns Riseup server to May First/People Link cabinet comments

0.271 ASP.NET MVC 3 Interview Questions comments

0.256 Knowledge sharing from the artist’s perspective comments

0.252 Does Collocation Inform the Impact of Collaboration? comments

0.247 APIs Help Deliver on Early Visions of the Internet comments

0.246 Let’s get physical(units) comments

0.246 Yahoo CEO might have lied about having CS degree comments

0.244 How Politico and the Drudge Report Created Fake News comments

0.238 How To Fix Popchips’ Racist Ad Campaign comments

0.237 Making a case for offline conversion tracking comments

0.235 Google Drive: Sync vs. Backup Explained (And Why You Need Both) comments

0.233 RedCritter Nets a Cool $750k in Funding for Gamifying Apps comments

0.231 Andreessen Envy comments

0.225 Google Analytics adds traceback links to reports comments

0.225 El Paso Times censors FBI probe into DA comments

0.225 Why the best cloud is still your own comments

0.223 A real MMO Asteroids comments

0.220 Add CSS vendor prefixes to your CSS using the command line comments

0.207 Revision3 Has Been Acquired By The Discovery Channel comments

0.200 Light-Field Photography Revolutionizes Imaging comments

0.199 John Langford on the end of YahooResearch comments

0.196 Made As A Joke Over Weekend, Pinstagram Blowing Up Fast comments

0.188 Oxford University IT staff ‘somewhat overwhelmed by Mac Malware comments

0.186 Bionic eye coming in 2013 comments

0.186 Arrow and Ellipsis Affordances on Buttons and Menus comments

0.182 Ubuntu’s Mark Shuttleworth on shaking up system software comments

0.171 Dropbox and Google Drive Face an Uphill Battle comments

0.169 Discovery Gets a Web Video Arm, Courtesy of Revision3 comments

0.163 BITS - Business Ideas to Share comments

0.160 Behind a Backend-as-a-Service Provider: The How and Why of Our Architecture. comments

0.157 16 Great UX Conversations On Quora comments

0.156 You down with BGP? comments

0.151 Show HN: Sign up for CallingVault Beta, private voicemail/SMS for the rest of us comments

0.145 Looking for Tech Cofounder / CTO comments

0.138 List of application of linear algebra comments

0.137 PayPal Rival WePay Raises $10M comments

0.130 40% of Teens Video Chat With Their Friends comments

0.125 What 3D software do you use for 3D printing? comments

0.124 Introducing collaborative lists that make sense comments

0.120 Double-Spending Attacks on Fast Payments in Bitcoin comments

0.117 Twitter Wants to Acquire Vancouver-born Mobile App Camera+ comments

0.117 The on-again, off-again, on-again saga of EA’s iOS Rock Band comments

0.106 Firebase Ruby brings realtime apps to the backend comments

0.097 WePay Raises $10 Million To Scale Its Online Payment Platform comments

0.093 Ask HN: How do you explain programming to non-programmers? comments

0.090 TechBASIC, a scientific BASIC environment for the iPad comments

0.090 Flipboard for Android comments

0.082 5 fun facts about Facebook’s IPO roadshow comments

0.080 Pinterest & Warby Parker: Rising Stars of SecondMarkets Post-Facebook IPO World comments

0.078 Slide Show: Security Gets Graphic comments

0.072 Inktomi’s Wild Ride - A Personal View of the Internet Bubble comments

0.071 New PHP Vulnerability:?-s may expose source code comments

0.068 Why Facebook Apps require disabling HTTPS? comments

0.062 NEW App Development crowd funding site comments

0.056 New CERT Tools Help Developers Find Vulnerabilities comments

0.049 Light Table Listens to feedback and dramatically lowers prices comments

0.046 Facebook IPO to Seek $85 Billion to $95 Billion Value comments

0.040 A new board menu and paying down design debt comments

0.040 Facebook IPO: Price Range Set — High-$20s to Mid-$30s comments

0.032 Boingo to offer its WiFi services to New York City subway stations comments

0.031 Show HN: RegExd | A JavaScript Regular Expression Builder, Tester, Formatter comments

0.030 Android malware now spreading through hacked Web sites comments

0.029 Show HN: Sortbox – Organize your Dropbox comments

0.024 Apple Rumor Patrol: The Next iPhone Is Coming Soon comments

0.023 EBay unveils all new iPad App 2.0 - includes barcode scanner comments

0.021 Beyond HTML5: Device APIs and PhoneGap with Brian Leroux from Adobe comments

0.014 IOS Dropbox app kerfuffle ends, but highlights confusion about guidelines comments

0.014 IOS Dropbox app kerfuffle ends, but highlights confusion about guidelines comments

0.014 Create native ios apps using RubyMotion comments

0.011 EFF Introduces Coders’ Rights List video comments

0.011 Google Brings More Real-Time Coverage, Google+ Comments To Google News comments

0.009 Ask HN: Good translation service for technical documentation? comments

0.005 Mobile Comment inShare34 Waze Makes Its First Step Beyond The Phone comments

0.004 Ask HN: What do you think of our app? comments

0.004 Ask HN: How much do Software Engineers make in your city? comments

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