Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hacker News stories for 10 AM on Saturday May 05, 2012

0.900 A nice, clean implementation of monads in Ruby comments

0.855 I Wanted to Predict Elections with Twitter and all I got was this Lousy Paper comments

0.802 The Internet Kill Switch; With Global Wiretapping Capability? comments

0.750 Taco Driven Development and Learning to Listen comments

0.588 Everything You Think You Know About Lean Business Planning Is Wrong comments

0.575 Engindex: the search engine index comments

0.571 Funklet: Javascript based drumming machine (Chrome only) comments

0.556 U.S., German auto companies agree on fast charging system comments

0.518 What If A Collapse Happened And Nobody Noticed? comments

0.476 Social Publishing is a Paris cafe comments

0.449 Codeplex Gets a Metro Makeover comments

0.407 Jailbreaking the Degree comments

0.346 Innovative new Email-Client comments

0.321 Who here believes the universe is a computer simulation? comments

0.308 Intelligence is Overrated: What You Really Need to Succeed comments

0.269 ICANN expects between 2,091 and 2,305 applications for new TLDs comments

0.269 Bouncers using Facebook to verify IDs comments

0.239 Anti-gang task force arrests John McAfee in Belize comments

0.205 Dropbox Offering 50 GB Of Free Storage For 2 Years comments

0.184 Create Underwater 3D Rockets in Photoshop CS5 comments

0.175 Comparing accuracy of the GPS-based iPhone running apps comments

0.170 HTC Won’t Hook Up One X Owners With Bootloader Unlock comments

0.152 WxPython: Adding and Removing Widgets Dynamically comments

0.138 Does Apple’s Growing Dependence on China Make It Vulnerable? comments

0.135 Git checkout -f without replacing local files not tracked in the repo comments

0.120 How to help new joiners involve in projects comments

0.113 Idea for Overdraft Protection comments

0.101 AT&T chief regrets offering unlimited data for iPhone comments

0.044 Amazon spoof reviews bring art of satire to website comments

0.034 Show HN: OpenCloud: multi-org, multi-account cloud management comments

0.026 Is gmail double logo interface is some glitch? comments

0.008 Ask HN: How do shares work? comments

0.005 Ask HN: How to security scan your web application? comments

0.005 Show HN: The way I’ll beat Facebook? comments

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