Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 PM on Tuesday May 08, 2012

0.975 Tips for Optimizing Big Data comments

0.971 Kidnapped by Pirates at Sea? Here’s How Economics Can Save You comments

0.949 When will legal writing become a programming language? comments

0.948 Greatist Wants To Build A Brand Around Non-Sucky Health Content comments

0.912 Socrates on Books and why the Internet is breaking our brains. comments

0.899 More evidence that business schools blindly lead the seeing comments

0.895 Dawn of kitchen sink libraries in Ruby comments

0.875 Crusoeden Body’s Natural Hair Products comments

0.870 Simple OSX Dev Environment using Twitter Bootstrap, Python, and GAE comments

0.868 Twitter: We’re still the free-speech wing of the free-speech party comments

0.868 Yet Anthor Python ORM - Thing (Based on SQLAlchemy) comments

0.859 A set of top Computer Science blogs comments

0.858 Pirates Off Silicon Valley 133 Startups to Live on This Rogue Boat comments

0.857 Dicking people around considered harmful comments

0.851 How the technology works in Calculus 2 comments

0.847 U.S. Jury Hands Google Mixed Verdict on Oracle comments

0.846 How to build a personalized tech support hotline for Grandma comments

0.840 The Avengers: Why Pirates Failed To Prevent A Box Office Record comments

0.815 Haxioms and the “Delta model” comments

0.804 Benefits of Online Group Reservations comments

0.794 We break every rule of tech startups comments

0.785 From Hate Mail to 1 Million Likes comments

0.784 Infographic: 6 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout comments

0.777 IPv6 usage in top 1 million sites (Infographic) comments

0.774 What Would Simon Say: Scott Thompson comments

0.770 Demystifying jQuery’s .index() comments

0.762 The Mormons have produced a striking number of successful businesspeople comments

0.742 Venture Capital: the enemy is us. comments

0.741 Newton on Mathematics and Spiritual Purity comments

0.736 Apache OpenOffice 3.4 released comments

0.724 Useful, Saleable, Buildable: The Role Of UX In Defining Product Requirements comments

0.720 AWS Reserved Instances and Purchasing Strategy comments

0.715 TSA breaks $10K insulin pump which totally could have been a bomb comments

0.707 Forget About It: Making the Internet More Like Our Brains comments

0.707 U.S. military snipers are changing warfare comments

0.704 Tiny ToCS: Computer Science Publications in 140 chars or less comments

0.696 Slickest hosting configuration UI around comments

0.691 Insight into Google’s Input / Output machine comments

0.685 RIP Adam “MCA” Yauch, Professor Emeritus, Sounds of Science comments

0.667 Grow Up comments

0.665 Apple, Samsung drop ‘impressive’ number of patent claims against each other comments

0.662 Scheme and Common Lisp comments

0.656 Can MintChip Transform Money? comments

0.646 Some Thoughts On The Business Plan And Private Placement Memo comments

0.642 Maurice Sendak, Children’s Author, Dies at 83 comments

0.635 DHS Warns of Cyberattack on Natural Gas Pipeline Companies comments

0.631 Schooling, Income and Reverse Causation comments

0.631 Passpoint WiFi tech promises cellphone-like handoff between hotspots comments

0.620 UK Considering Requiring a License to View Porn comments

0.620 Privacy Simplified: Easy overviews of privacy policies by Yale Students comments

0.611 Google Self Driving Car..To Be On the Market in 3-5 Years comments

0.611 Compra online comments

0.604 How Florida brothers’ ‘pill mill’ operation fueled painkiller abuse epidemic comments

0.604 Feedback On Company Deck comments

0.594 Color’s next act: Teaming up with Verizon comments

0.582 Gunshots To Google: Teaching Tech Startups To Chicago’s Inner City comments

0.578 Immigrant entrepreneurs on the rise comments

0.576 Ustream Founder Joins Advisory Board of Dallas Startup GuideHop comments

0.572 Redefining software quality comments

0.566 Diabetic teen upset with TSA screeners at Salt Lake City Airport comments

0.556 Maurice Sendak 1928-2012 comments

0.552 The Nerd Parent’s Guide: When and how to introduce your kids to Star Wars comments

0.550 Getting Featured comments

0.550 SQL tooling, the ranking comments

0.549 Apache releases OpenOffice 3.4 comments

0.547 Nicotine vaccine in phase 1 trials comments

0.538 The thriving data ecosystem in NYC comments

0.537 I burned out at BigCo. Am I a fool for thinking I can avoid this at a startup? comments

0.535 Hot Spot for the Young, Techie and Rich in San Fran comments

0.529 Why We Brag comments

0.529 The Idea - Brainpad comments

0.519 What’s the Best Language for Safety Critical Software? comments

0.518 Japanese Humanoid Robot Can Keep Its Balance After Getting Kicked comments

0.518 HNers taking Coursera classes comments

0.511 Creating A Social Media Presence For Genex Logistics (B2B Case Study) comments

0.506 Chomsky - Jobs aren’t coming back comments

0.505 Solving the problem isn’t the problem comments

0.500 Fundamental Progress Solving Bufferbloat comments

0.500 How to 0wn conference proceedings comments

0.500 LESS Prefixer comments

0.500 Drug-Defying Germs From India Speed Post-Antibiotic Era comments

0.497 Our LKML-like Git workflow (works great for small teams) comments

0.496 The 10 best canned beers of 2012 comments

0.495 Video: Visualization Lessons from the NASA Blue Marble Project comments

0.493 Legit “Work From Home” Opportunities comments

0.488 Liquid cooled bulbs ready for summer (another LED replacement bulb) comments

0.481 Hack your way into Europe for longer than 90 Days comments

0.473 Multiple “root to” in Rails routes comments

0.467 The reports of dinosaurs dying of farts are greatly exaggerated comments

0.467 刷QB comments

0.467 An Airborne Wind Turbine is Here comments

0.467 Tienda ropa comments

0.467 London Hackspace comments

0.467 Metallic Hydrogen comments

0.467 LiteratePrograms comments

0.465 The flip side to Bill Gates’ charity billions comments

0.464 How do I stop “analyzing” and pick between two good choices? comments

0.459 European Entrepreneurs: Make your board work for you || via RudeBaguette comments

0.458 GapList – a lightning-fast List implementation comments

0.458 What Is And Is Not A Technology Company comments

0.453 Env: Environment Variables for Humans comments

0.451 Application Cache is a Douchebag comments

0.449 How to tame an alert() and get it to do your bidding comments

0.446 New RubyStack with RVM and DevKit support comments

0.437 Belching dinosaurs may have helped keep their world a hot one comments

0.432 Players Who Suit MUDs comments

0.430 The “Unauthorised Reproduction” of Treaties? comments

0.429 How to tame a Javascript alert() and get it to do your bidding comments

0.420 DSM 5: Psychiatry’s “Bible” Gets an Overhaul comments

0.418 Accelerating diversity in entrepreneurship with NewME comments

0.417 Psychiatry’s “Bible” Gets an Overhaul comments

0.417 Psychiatry’s “Bible” Gets an Overhaul comments

0.409 The Environmental Impact Of Your Pointless Googling comments

0.407 The Coming Demise of jQuery comments

0.398 Wikimedia revises TOS, will be effective from 25th May 2012 comments

0.391 How Engineering Colleges Ruin Geeks comments

0.390 Mark Cuban says Bubble is Confined to This Place and Sector comments

0.388 Apple HDTV rumor roundup comments

0.386 How well do various revision tools handle merge conflicts? comments

0.383 NYU’s hacker club motto: just ship it. comments

0.379 Meta-tools for exploring explanations comments

0.376 Xubuntu 12.04 with Xfce 4.8 - one giant leap and a mighty attractive desktop comments

0.375 Kiva.org’s Annual Report comments

0.374 Inside AnyVivo, The YC Startup That Wants To Be The Amazon.com For Pets & Plants comments

0.371 Yahoo CEO apologizes in memo, board meets comments

0.371 Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) C++ Coding Standards comments

0.368 Australian brilliance: AU government provides $11.7M for OLPC pilot comments

0.354 How Indian Brands Are Performing On Facebook? (SocialBakers April Report) comments

0.354 Firefox’s graphics performance on X11 comments

0.351 How to be the remote manager everybody loves comments

0.339 Inside The Ballmer Peak-a-thon: The Boozy Hackathon comments

0.337 Null References: My Billion Dollar Mistake comments

0.337 Star Wars: Machete Order comments

0.333 Google+ rolls out ‘Hangouts On Air’ worldwide comments

0.333 Heartbeat of a Bicycle City comments

0.321 People Power 2.0: How civilians helped win the Libyan information war. comments

0.313 The Online Ordering System comments

0.311 Heroku API down again :( comments

0.280 Computing fossils: Old tech holding on for dear life comments

0.265 IPv6: Europe ‘ahead’ in new net address scheme comments

0.264 4000 more Pi’s on the way from RS and Allied Electronics comments

0.258 NASA Testing GPS-Based Earthquake Detection System comments

0.257 Toshiba sees rebound as Apple leads demand for NAND comments

0.250 On Why I Am Not Buying RubyMotion comments

0.246 Hacking Society Highlight Reel comments

0.242 Pathwright Launches Platform To Let Anyone Create, Sell Branded Online Courses comments

0.238 Browsing for Homes via Phone Photo comments

0.237 The problem with controllers comments

0.230 Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC OneX vs iPhone 4S. comments

0.217 Google+: Solving a problem for the wrong customer comments

0.217 Railsconf 2012 Keynote: Simplicity Matters by Rich Hickey comments

0.214 (Ruby) Mendicant University has a new roadmap comments

0.207 My Whole Life Was Worth $258 - a step by step minimalist guide comments

0.192 Why are pages intentionally left blank? comments

0.190 Meet PastPages.org, the news homepage archive. (And help keep it alive) comments

0.189 History of Fedora and Red Hat Linux comments

0.188 Sensplore: captures Android motion sensor data and emails it to you as CSV comments

0.187 Is the Dirty Disk Problem the First Practical Chink in Cloud Security’s Armour? comments

0.186 Spry: Obnoxiously easy iOS development with RubyMotion comments

0.186 Sound Visualisation: A Vuemeter in WebGL comments

0.185 Microsoft to eliminate its Azure branding in billing portal comments

0.172 What are some typical ways a start up promote themeselves? comments

0.172 How to reclaim your Android UI from OEM skins like TouchWiz, Sense, and Blur comments

0.172 Control Centre: The systemd Linux init system comments

0.158 How’s the page looking? comments

0.144 Google’s Vic Gundotra tries Project Glass on for size comments

0.140 How to download JDK with curl comments

0.140 Playing the Investor Game comments

0.135 WebGL Demo – Seasons Explorer comments

0.130 Facebook’s PHP Vulnerability comments

0.127 Google Translate Beatboxing (click on the speaker icon) comments

0.118 Kindle Fire Usage Declined After Holiday Boost, iPad Back To Pre-Fire Levels comments

0.117 Hackers disrupt the gameplay of Zynga’s YoVille social game comments

0.113 Suggest PG: A Virtual YC comments

0.110 T-Mobile Expansion to Include iPhone Compatibility comments

0.110 MIT Creates Tech For Moving Files Across Devices With A Swipe comments

0.109 Memoir of a Web App: Origins comments

0.107 AOL looking to sell TechCrunch and Engadget for $70-$100 million comments

0.092 Augmented Reality Sandbox with Real-Time Water Flow Simulation comments

0.084 Why Facebook frictionless sharing apps are suffering, and what it means comments

0.074 The worlds first global ISP comments

0.065 How to enforce password complexity on Linux comments

0.064 Show HN: PicoCrew: Validate your idea, build your team, gather customers. comments

0.044 A squeeze page or a landing page? comments

0.043 How a mobile game is changing children’s eating habits. Video comments

0.040 Apple rumored to be readying new $799 MacBook Air comments

0.035 Show HN Judgmint: Turn guilt into good. Hopefully. comments

0.033 Sony Announces List Of Phones ready for ICS Update comments

0.032 T-Mobile planning network compatibility with Apple’s iPhone by end of year comments

0.026 Show HN: Dynamically Generated GIF in Less.js comments

0.017 HTML5 Audio — The State of Play comments

0.017 Upload an image using Objective C (iOS) comments

0.016 Ask HN: When you started your company what were the major technical hurdles? comments

0.016 New & Improved Mac App Interfaces for OSX comments

0.011 Ask HN: Any founders here on H1B? comments

0.008 Show HN: Codepoints for Mac, the easiest way to find Unicode characters comments

0.005 Ask HN: Why does StackOverflow close so many useful topics? comments

0.004 Show HN: My MVP - InformationCollector.com comments

0.003 Ask HN: Would you pay to have web app built? comments

0.001 Show HN: Android app for COLOURlovers.com patterns comments

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