Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hacker News stories for 1 PM on Wednesday May 02, 2012

0.999 Are “big data” and data analysis practically distinct in the Silicon Valley? comments

0.966 YQL and The Pirate Bay comments

0.965 Node.js + Redis on OpenShift comments

0.929 My Thoughts on The 3rd ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer comments

0.912 Giant “flea-like” insects plagued dinosaurs 165 million years ago comments

0.910 Amazon money machine comments

0.907 JetBrains: Meta Programming System - Tutorial comments

0.905 If Oracle copyrights its APIs, programming will be changed for the worse comments

0.898 Megaupload Prosecution Is Lawless and Unconstitutional, Law Professor Says comments

0.885 The Cult of Positivity: If You Dream It, You Can’t Necessarily Become It comments

0.864 Negotiation Tips From A Hostage Negotiator comments

0.855 U.S. Department of the Interior ends up going Google for hosted e-mail comments

0.840 The New Science of Building Great Teams comments

0.823 WIP HTML5, Canvas, Node.js MMORPG comments

0.818 Google Refuses Request For Galaxy Nexus Source Code comments

0.809 Accurately migrate C# Using Statement in Java code comments

0.772 Love the process, not the product comments

0.763 Course: Become a web developer in 8 weeks comments

0.761 ‘Rogue’ Google engineer identified comments

0.757 Share your Startup (May 2012-All are welcome to share) comments

0.757 The reason online business is having trouble in India comments

0.749 MisoProject - JavaScript client-side data transformation and management library comments

0.748 World’s best universities giving free online courses comments

0.741 Mobs rule for great tit neighbors comments

0.735 Openlectures - Free education for anyone, anywhere. comments

0.728 RIM Distributes BlackBerry 10 Developer Toolkit comments

0.714 Yop, V comments

0.701 CJEU Decided in SAS v. WPL comments

0.700 GCC and static analysis comments

0.697 Mozilla slams CISPA, says the bill “infringes on our privacy.” comments

0.684 Are programmers busy? (Entertainment) comments

0.682 Ask HN: Who wants to learn to program with me? comments

0.681 Oracle and the End of Programming as We Know It comments

0.674 Advanced Attacks Call For New Defenses comments

0.659 Google BigQuery: web service to do interactive analysis of massive datasets comments

0.658 Bradley Horowitz - VC office hours through G+ hangouts comments

0.651 What is it like to work at Dropbox? comments

0.641 Airbnb signs giant SF SoMa office lease comments

0.610 Airbnb signs giant SoMa office lease comments

0.604 The Developer-Tester Divide comments

0.598 Scrap your type classes (and implement them at value level) comments

0.583 Just for fun: Turn any webpage into refrigerator poetry comments

0.569 Space Law: Is Asteroid Mining Legal? comments

0.565 Why We Must End Too Big to Fail comments

0.560 How to use a Google Spreadsheet as data in R comments

0.560 EBay gets social features comments

0.555 Common Lisp: The Untold Story comments

0.553 Meteor meets KnockoutJS comments

0.550 Deploying Play Framework 2 apps, with Java AND Scala, to Openshift comments

0.547 1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed comments

0.544 Google AdSense: Banned for Life? comments

0.540 Responsive design – harnessing the power of media queries comments

0.538 DHH RailsConf 2012 Keynote: Progress comments

0.517 Trust Me, I’m Lying comments

0.509 Interview with Mike Moritz of Sequoia Capital comments

0.500 LENR: science fact -vs- hype comments

0.499 Is a Smartphone in Amazon’s Hardware Future? comments

0.495 A Response to ‘How Geniuses Think’ comments

0.493 What are some popular myths in software development? comments

0.477 Le PERL est mort comments

0.477 Inside The First Production-Ready Electric Airplane | Popular Science comments

0.467 Technology-Minded comments

0.467 How to Overcome Inertia for Creative and Non-Creative Tasks comments

0.467 IWatch comments

0.467 Sliderocket Présumé comments

0.467 BlackBerry’s Glass Pads comments

0.461 Venus to Appear in Once-In-A-Lifetime Event comments

0.455 Scaling Instragram comments

0.453 Under ‘dark halo’ old galaxies have many more stars comments

0.446 Your on-line reflection - who you are, based on what you use. comments

0.446 Google’s alleged WiFi snooper has an Internet privacy patent comments

0.444 Entrepreneurship and optionality don’t mix comments

0.444 Does the Pebble Cause a Ripple In Apple’s Waters? comments

0.443 Motorola wins Xbox and Windows 7 ban in Germany comments

0.432 Free Job Postings Board comments

0.432 Women and Clouds comments

0.423 - stats says it all comments

0.423 Law and Ethics for Robot Soldiers comments

0.422 Opera report says Internet getting PC-less comments

0.421 EU court: Reverse engineering OK, API not protected by (c) and more comments

0.413 Google open sources ‘Ceres’, a non-linear least squares solver comments

0.412 Academic Blog Credit? comments

0.412 E2 visa manual for founders talking to immigration lawyers comments

0.407 Emitting JVM Bytecodes comments

0.395 CSS filter effects in action comments

0.393 SortaSQL comments

0.392 The Power of Measuring Customer Engagement comments

0.391 Ask HN: 45 Dutch students are visiting Berlin. Can we visit your startup? comments

0.391 Toolmarklets : online tools for web dude comments

0.388 EU launches Tech All Stars to support European innovation || via RudeBaguette comments

0.377 More Likely To Get Viruses Visiting A Religious Site Than A Porn Site comments

0.375 CloudFlare-WebOps for Everyone comments

0.373 Google Wi-Fi snooping: Assessing the FCC report comments

0.373 200 pages of technical content each month now for 40% less comments

0.372 Django: The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. comments

0.370 CareZone, A Service For Caregivers comments

0.365 Open the Code or Review It: Oracle CVE-2012-1675 comments

0.358 The Most Influential Angel Investors On AngelList comments

0.358 Hiring the Smartest People in the World comments

0.356 Don’t Let Your Tech Get in the Way comments

0.355 The Physics of The Hulk’s Jump comments

0.346 Workspace Reloader for VS: save your open files across project reloads comments

0.342 The C-suite needs to understand IT comments

0.339 Advert - Facebook comments

0.334 The 5 Types of Programmers comments

0.333 The Cost of Speed comments

0.328 A great latex math typesetting reference comments

0.327 Gondor Django Hosting Coming to UK comments

0.327 New York’s underground park of the future (video) comments

0.322 Student Abandoned by DEA and needs to drink his own urine to survive comments

0.318 ‘DDoS-as-a-Service’ being picked over C&C botnets comments

0.315 Expat game developer in China comments

0.314 Alternate Reality Games comments

0.310 Global warming: New research blames economic growth comments

0.308 Jquery or mootools? comments

0.306 HN redesign comments

0.303 How to Tell if Your Teen is Browsing Adult Sites comments

0.302 New vim plugin to view a tip at start up comments

0.294 Angola’s businesses beat most of Europe to 4G mobile services comments

0.294 The phone with a projector comments

0.287 So… tumbler is down, time for bed? comments

0.287 Raytraced Checkboard in 128b of JavaScript comments

0.280 Google bloat: embedded Credit Card comparisons comments

0.276 Lingua::Romana::Perligata - grammatically correct Latin which compiles to Perl comments

0.271 ‘Game Masters’ interactive exhibition coming to Australia comments

0.263 Like, perfect custom scrollbars dog, inspired by Lion. comments

0.262 AppHarbify – Simplifying open source deployment comments

0.260 ComScore Reports March 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share comments

0.257 UK to make academic research available free on the net comments

0.255 Spherical Task Light Sisifo Is Illuminating Eye Candy Beautiful comments

0.250 Double Down comments

0.250 Playing Chess with Golang comments

0.250 JsFiddle for Regular Expressions RegExpPlanet Review comments

0.242 Retina graphics for your website comments

0.233 The History of Key Design comments

0.231 “The Worst Web Experience I’ve Ever Had” - Another Samwers clone in the US comments

0.229 Nokia 808 PureView hits markets this month comments

0.222 Google’s knol is over comments

0.221 Real ‘Beautiful Mind’: college dropout became mathematical genius after mugging comments

0.221 Hacker Monthly Issue #24 - May 2012 comments

0.213 Export Trello Boards to clean HTML comments

0.210 Jeremy Keith on Website Optimization comments

0.210 The Nook: How Microsoft and Barnes and Noble compete against Google and Amazon comments

0.206 How the Washington Post is improving site performance comments

0.201 Television gone digital: What to expect - It’s where they engage comments

0.198 Domain Driven Design Strategies for Dealing With Legacy Systems (video) comments

0.197 Mothers day quotes comments

0.195 Coaxing out every possible dollar: a “Pricing Page” test you can launch today comments

0.188 A gallery view for Craigslist (using R) comments

0.186 Estimating Games comments

0.185 Bing revamps its search page with much cleaner design comments

0.183 Interior Department Chooses Gmail Over Microsoft Cloud comments

0.176 Creating a Windows Metro style application in C++ comments

0.160 Help Us Create the Ultimate Cheat Sheet: 10 Rules for Starting a Small Business comments

0.160 Roll your own Pixel Qi devices comments

0.158 ShareJS – Live concurrent editing in your app comments

0.154 How early exposure to Dungeons & Dragons manifests later in life comments

0.152 Applying the scientific method to the art of entrepreneurship comments

0.126 Samsung Aims to Get in Touch With Media Player comments

0.103 What do engineers at CloudFactory do to wind up when they get tired of hacking? comments

0.098 DIY Mobile Commerce Store comments

0.096 Live webstreaming from the International Space Station symposium in Berlin comments

0.091 Atbr (large-scale in-memory key-value store) now has Apache Thrift support comments

0.090 Open Space: Wired’s New Portal to the Commercial Space Race comments

0.089 Non Newtonian Fluid comments

0.085 How MLG became the largest gaming league comments

0.085 Quantum Computing for Hackers comments

0.080 SPDY performance on mobile networks comments

0.077 Adobe Brackets: An open-source code editor for HTML/CSS/JavaScript comments

0.076 Salesforce Acquires YC-Backed Collaborative Text Editor Stypi comments

0.071 Pair (YC W12) raises $4.2M round of funding comments

0.071 ShowHN: VP8(WebM) Network Camera for your iPhone comments

0.067 Malware for Macs Lucrative, Security Researchers Say comments

0.066 Kickstarter video game project exposed as a scam comments

0.064 Ask HN: Job switch from web dev to automation testing comments

0.062 Dropbox confirms Apple is rejecting apps that use its SDK comments

0.056 Open, free access to academic research? This will be a seismic shift comments

0.053 Jeph Jacques has an idea for a video game comments

0.053 Google chrome repository takes ages to send the response headers comments

0.049 SPDY performance on mobile networks comments

0.049 HTML5 Boilerplate removes pink text-selection highlight comments

0.043 Apple rejecting apps that integrate with Rdio and Dropbox by Dustin Curtis comments

0.042 Ask HN: Is there a standard for including license, attribution within code? comments

0.038 How to use Secret Keys in Google App Engine comments

0.038 Game of Thrones Faithfully Reconstructed in LEGO video comments

0.031 In response to HN comments: Prime Factorization T-shirts now available. comments

0.029 Gree to Buy Funzio for $210 Million to Add ‘Crime City’ comments

0.026 Interior Selects Google Apps for Government comments

0.023 Show HN: easier responsive Android apps with Scala comments

0.022 Show HN: My first open source release, Automatic Songkick Artist Tracker comments

0.019 Ask HN: How do I get founders/partners? comments

0.013 I need an iPhone 4 comments

0.011 How I bypassed Apple App Store Reviewer. comments

0.010 CrestaTech Grabs $13M To Bring Region-Free TV Reception To Any Device comments

0.009 1/3 Firefox users vulnerable to known flaws; IE and Chrome continue to gain comments

0.008 The timeline of the evolution of an iPhone App comments

0.007 Show HN: My Music Hack Day project–control your Sonos speaker comments

0.004 New Firefox design will offer uniform look across desktop and mobile comments

0.003 The wait is finally over: Spotify finally launches its new iPad app comments

0.001 Show HN: YouCube, playing 6 YouTube videos on a cube comments

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