Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 AM on Thursday May 03, 2012

0.892 When design mistakes are fatal (and what we can learn from them) comments

0.831 JavaScript Style Guides and Beautifiers comments

0.716 Is Andy Rubin trying to reboot the G1? comments

0.683 The dangers of relying on startup steroids comments

0.649 Programmers Being Dicks comments

0.629 Infographic - Social Media Linking Test comments

0.579 What is it like to have synesthesia? comments

0.545 Tizen 1.0 comments

0.521 Bashisms – a note on creating portable shell scripts comments

0.500 Thwarting the cleverest attackers comments

0.500 Use Trello, HipChat and Github to Boost your Productivity comments

0.487 Keeping Secrets on Facebook comments

0.467 Synergy Aircraft comments

0.467 EA not canceling Rockband after all comments

0.467 0x10c ARG by Notch comments

0.465 Male Nursing Scholarships - They really are a thing comments

0.432 Pogue: The Joy of Drawing on Glass comments

0.381 Startups and the Seductive Allure of Blogger/Media Coverage comments

0.355 Why don’t more developers contribute to open source? comments

0.345 Evernote Raises Another $70 Million comments

0.327 Why Israel will Never have an Instagram - Part I comments

0.322 WIKISPEED - Manufacturing and Scaling comments

0.322 Celebration, Murder and everything in between written by you comments

0.322 Why Israel will Never have an Instagram - Part II comments

0.320 April 2012: one Cisco vulnerability comments

0.313 Apple Will Use Liquidmetal In A ‘Breakthrough Product’ comments


0.247 Ways to check existence of JavaScript object comments

0.236 FAB expands across Europe - Now serving 16 countries comments

0.234 Metro style apps and the Win32 API comments

0.207 Spotlight / filtering for tabs/windows comments

0.198 Electric car conversion kit comments

0.197 Robotic birdplane perches on a human hand comments

0.115 CodePlex - New Look comments

0.108 Introducing Game of Webs comments

0.103 Microsoft opens New York research lab, hires mainly Yahoo researchers comments

0.091 Show HN: Keep Her Happy comments

0.087 DEA forgot about man they put in holding cell for 5 days without food or water comments

0.066 New robot butler “HERB” can microwave your dinner (w/ Video) comments

0.060 Apple’s 27 Guidelines for Mobile UX comments

0.045 Ask HN: Online Payment for SaaS Startup comments

0.044 Ask HN: Why doesn’t Google Analytics automatically sign in user? comments

0.028 Shown HN: T minus is the best-looking Android countdown app ever made comments

0.018 This App Turns “Slide To Unlock” Into a Game comments

0.003 EBay Adds Barcode Scanning, Personalization, Better Image Quality To iPad App comments

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