Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 AM on Wednesday May 09, 2012

0.991 A short thought on the future of Microsoft comments

0.957 Katana - Kohana/CodeIgniter in Node.js comments

0.909 Finding Productivity through Obsession comments

0.877 The Principles of OOD comments

0.824 Engineer talent war and how to increase odds of creating successful startups comments

0.806 Web Hosting Chennai | Domain Resellers India comments

0.788 A Super-Efficient Email Process comments

0.781 Fruugo Shutting Down Helsinki Office, Blames Bad Press comments

0.745 Building a fully metamorphic PE packer using METASM comments

0.725 Amsterdam startup launches flight delays tool in eight countries comments

0.707 Pathwright - Everything you need to teach and sell beautiful online courses comments

0.705 US conservatives gain upper hand in Twitter politics comments

0.688 Queen’s Speech: Internet monitoring plan to have ‘strict safeguards’ comments

0.632 How to grow your ? comments

0.628 A story about Miles Davis and the nature of true genius comments

0.621 I’m calling this Bubble 2.0, and it’s ready to burst comments

0.588 Theorists claim they can prove that quantum wavefunctions are real comments

0.567 How To Make Money Online via Seth Godin comments

0.556 Overview of character sets, character encodings and Unicode comments

0.523 Website development company comments

0.513 Easy Front-end Unit Testing with JavaScript comments

0.500 AWS launches managed SQL Server plus Elastic Beanstalk for .Net comments

0.495 Chief Customer Officers Boost Customer Engagement comments

0.467 The Asymptote of DevOps Utopia comments

0.467 Immigration: The Albatross around the GOP’s Neck comments

0.467 The Morning After comments

0.455 How To Be More Interesting comments

0.450 Zero Dollar Books comments

0.439 Twitter resists US court’s demand for Occupy tweets comments

0.439 Beyond Smart TV: ‘Surfaces’ Prototype Reveals the Television of Tomorrow comments

0.431 How to write an effective Accessibility Statement comments

0.427 Job You Got Leaves You So Uninspired? comments

0.418 Cms website development comments

0.405 The New Hulu - Documenting the MENA’s Fastest Growing Startup comments

0.373 The wretched state of GPU transcoding comments

0.343 Columbia University janitor gets Univ. diploma after 20 yrs comments

0.333 TU Me - Telefonica’s Skype competitor comments

0.314 What Facebook taught me comments

0.308 Development Manager / Solution Architect comments

0.296 What is good design? comments

0.291 Using Dropbox as a Git repository comments

0.281 Cool Google Translate Trick comments

0.280 A Movie About The Travelling Salesman Algorithm. Not sure if serious… comments

0.252 LATEST LEAK samsung galaxy note with android… comments

0.229 Why don’t my teachers improve themselves? comments

0.203 Google Annotations Gallery comments

0.172 Why Instagram Is Worth $1 Billion (Or More) comments

0.160 CSS arrow please comments

0.151 Eclipse Emacs Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet pdf comments

0.146 Fix Radar or GTFO comments

0.142 EA Planning “Dead Space,” “Need for Speed” Sequel in 2013 comments

0.120 Why Apple will succeed without Steve Jobs - by ex-Apple Head of Marketing. comments

0.098 Trauma Therapy San Francisco comments

0.092 Augmented Reality Sandbox with Real-Time Water Flow Simulation comments

0.087 Samsung Galaxy S II gets Android 4.0 update. comments

0.074 Qatrix 0.9.3 is now released comments

0.068 The fast and easy-to-use social music sharing service for Facebook & Twitter comments

0.064 10 GIST Finalists will compete for $100,000 in Beirut comments

0.027 How Steve Jobs came to play FDR comments

0.024 Ask HN: Accepting clients payments comments

0.015 Ask HN: What’s Paydirt using for its animated demo? comments

0.009 Run your news service through FB, lose traffic when they change their site. comments

0.008 Show HN: - Free Your Paypal Account from Report Hell comments

0.006 Show HN: Facebook + Moustaches = Facetache comments

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