Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 AM on Thursday Mar 22, 2012

0.994 A lesson Tech can learn from politics - end the phony outrage comments

0.909 A Short Lesson in Perspective comments

0.907 Strong parameters: Handle mass assignment in controller instead of model comments

0.882 Scientists Devise a Blood Test to Predict Heart Attack comments

0.830 Growing the Engineering Team: the Importance of Clean, Tested Code comments

0.820 Testing FTW comments

0.699 Pirate Bay plans to build aerial server drones with $35 Linux computer comments

0.688 Today I wrote some code comments

0.644 Dismissing the Social Media Debate comments

0.632 Sunny Leone Learns Hindi comments

0.610 How To Disappear Completely And Never be Found comments

0.571 RubyConfIndia 2012 Leader Board comments

0.565 Building HavenCo: A hosting provider in the country of SeaLand Video comments

0.545 The Test: Civilization at a Crossroads comments

0.545 Women Key to Successful Startups, Suggest Studies comments

0.510 Judge: BitTorrent Downloads Are Protected Anonymous Speech comments

0.491 AutobahnPython 0.5.0 released comments

0.467 Commodore VIC-Slim comments

0.427 Nvidia finally releases a 28nm Kepler-based GPU, the GTX 680 comments

0.395 Why my cookies turned green: a post on chemistry comments

0.393 Hacker Trade - Applying YC’s philosophy to freelance contracting comments

0.343 GitHub’s JavaScript Styleguide comments

0.313 Android 5.0 Jelly Bean said to launch in Q3 comments

0.304 Microsoft readying Windows 8 for “resolutionary” tablets comments

0.284 Some Kids are Making a Battlestar Galactica Viper Flight Simulator comments

0.254 Let me tell you something my friend… comments

0.196 I’m not good enough to work on open source software comments

0.178 Ask HN: Why do I find it so difficult to learn to code? comments

0.165 Review: Bad Apple comments

0.145 Could It Be Nokia That Beats-Out Apple In Mobile? comments

0.141 France announces crackdown on people reading extremist Web sites comments

0.135 Your Facebook password should be none of your boss’ business comments

0.116 Anandtech review of NVidia’s new GPU architecture comments

0.116 Bitcoin Seeks New Life In Africa comments

0.116 Ask HN: Why did YC fund two startups that do exactly the same thing? comments

0.102 7 simple steps for thwarting hactivists comments

0.050 Verizon: Biggest threat to corporate nets in 2011? Hactivists, not cybercrooks comments

0.036 Pivotal Tracker - Chrome Extension comments

0.034 Angry Birds Space Now Available (Updated:With Hands-On) comments

0.032 5th Hacker News Cologne Meetup comments

0.017 Is this app really too sexy for your iphone? comments

0.007 How I made an iPhone App in less than 24 hours: Putting it all together comments

0.006 Ask HN: What printed IT magazines do you read? (if any). comments

0.002 Why this works with Safari and not with Chrome? Need help with impress.js comments

0.002 Pivotal Tracker - Mac OS X App comments

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