Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 PM on Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

0.973 The Newbie’s Guide to Learning Clojure comments

0.939 Accelerator and Incubator Programs for Entrepreneurs comments

0.927 We don’t hire designers who can’t code comments

0.916 Utah and Georgia Fail to Learn from Illinois on Nexus Tax Issue comments

0.862 Harry Potter v. DRM: What book publishers should learn comments

0.840 Rise in allergies linked to war on bacteria comments

0.824 A Guide to Ambient Social Networking for Business Owners | Entrepreneur.com comments

0.770 So you want to crowdsource your design project? Don’t. Use Dribbble instead. comments

0.751 Too Many Clouds (or: Why I Don’t Use Evernote) comments

0.603 Phone Skills: How to Give Good Phone comments

0.602 Mozilla releases ‘BrowserQuest’ MMO to show off HTML5’s capabilities comments

0.588 A TedTalk On Why You Should Keep Your Goals to Yourself comments

0.584 Startup terror - 4 months without shipping code comments

0.580 Pepsi Denies Using Aborted Fetal Cells for Flavor Testing comments

0.571 Model-Based Robust Clustering comments

0.533 Case Study: Profiling the Front-End comments

0.524 Are we headed for the burst of a bubble in social media? SXSW sure felt like it comments

0.500 Livestream of NY Tech Meetup 27 March comments

0.467 Everlane comments

0.467 Deliver Mail comments

0.407 For those of you who like to poke fun at Portland… comments

0.380 Team Gamification we hacked Overnight. Simple. Efficient. Fun. comments

0.372 Why I Decided to Leave Google - A Response comments

0.349 Amazon, Eucalyptus Team on Hybrid Cloud comments

0.342 Sick of HN becoming a hateboard? Here’s an idea. comments

0.327 The least popular post I will ever write comments

0.290 CEOs Who Tweet Held in High Regard comments

0.283 Coding Horror: The End of Pagination comments

0.251 How We Migrated Core Applications to the Cloud comments

0.243 YC Demo Day Session 5: Hackpad, FamilyLeaf, Ark, Chute, 99dresses comments

0.203 Is San Francisco Trying to Kill AirBnb With a 15% Tax? comments

0.183 Rovio acquires Futuremark Games Studio comments

0.149 Donda Media’s First Project - “The Facebook of Websites” comments

0.073 The difficulties of third world hackers: The cost of electronic parts comments

0.058 Why The Heck Do You Need My Facebook Password? comments

0.001 In less than 1min, get a FREE Toddler iPhone/iPad App and a $50 gift certificate comments

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