Friday, March 30, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 PM on Friday Mar 30, 2012

0.972 Why it’s wrong to call copyright infringement theft comments

0.923 Passing additional data to jQuery.Ajax callbacks comments

0.843 Here Are The Women of Y Combinator And They Are Awesome comments

0.738 Facebook is Building a Search Engine comments

0.617 Learn to read a binary font by reading a story comments

0.566 Monster beats by dr dre,beats by,the beats headphones,dre monster beats comments

0.566 Beats dr dre,monster beats dr,beats headphones,monster beats dr dre comments

0.562 Data Breach Sparks Worry comments

0.541 Desktop Linux: Free is too expensive comments

0.511 Lazy programmer? Not really comments

0.459 Twitter hoaxer comes clean and says: I did it to expose weak media comments

0.420 Using SIMD for hardware acceleration comments

0.418 Blackberry Bold 9900 Dakota comments

0.381 Why are fantasy world accents British? comments

0.285 Maxis developing new SimCity for 2013 release includes trailer comments

0.276 Beached Firefly Squid Light Up the Japanese Coast Image Cache comments

0.217 What is the meaning of this? » Yahoo User Interface Blog (YUIBlog) comments

0.203 Grep-as-you-type the entire Linux kernel source tree comments

0.193 An API that turns partial contacts into full contacts comments

0.193 How much does Pinterest actually make? — Tech News and Analysis&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher) comments

0.176 The Case of the Unintended Android Application Upgrade comments

0.157 Specialized Turbo e-bike is too fast and furious for the western world comments

0.079 Helping and Volunteering Opportunity comments

0.074 Foursquare revokes location API for ‘Girls Around Me’ app comments

0.068 China’s mobile phone subscriptions top a billion comments

0.048 Show HN: Let’s all connect on LinkedIn comments

0.020 Ask HN: Is tweetdeck down? comments

0.019 Hallmark Acquires SpiritClips To Let You Send Photo/Video E-Cards comments

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