Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hacker News stories for 1 AM on Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

0.897 Fake Chicken Worth Eating comments

0.825 A History of Silicon Valley comments

0.765 A Profile of Mojang – 150 venture capital proposals & more comments

0.727 Programming Languages Day 2012 coming up on Friday, June 29, 2012 comments

0.706 A History of Silicon ValleyEDIT comments

0.696 The dark side of Dubai - Johann Hari comments

0.629 Great Ideas Will Work comments

0.610 Is Iraq a safer place now? comments

0.513 4 Reasons GM is Investing in Car-Sharing comments

0.500 Michigan Fly Fishing comments

0.468 IMDTO- Super Simple Event Creator comments

0.450 My wife used Dressrush’s pitchdeck project to build her landing page comments

0.322 An interview with the President of Futuremark about Rovio acquisition comments

0.281 FamilyLeaf lets your mom stalk your life without the embarrassment comments

0.182 Deed story: Challenge yourself and others comments

0.144 Working around Android Webkit comments

0.142 Bootstrapped is better? Smugmug’s Camera Awesome vs Instagram comments

0.136 Adobe Launching Flash Player 11.2 and Premium Features for Gaming comments

0.132 Microsoft Courier on iPad comments

0.073 How Emacs changed my life - Yukihiro Matz comments

0.070 Microsoft Unveils New Plan to Speed Up the Web: Competes with SPDY comments

0.061 64-bit builds and new Core with HTML5 Plugins comments

0.061 Apple to Offer Refund to Australian Buyers of New iPad comments

0.027 Adobe Introduces Premium Features for Gaming with Flash Player 11.2 comments

0.015 Don’t change your iOS account details while your apps sell like hotcakes comments

0.007 Creating an Android ‘Hello World’ App with Subversion comments

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