Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 AM on Thursday Mar 22, 2012

0.785 Tail call optimization in Ruby comments

0.768 Social Network Turns Technical Writer into Hollywood Author comments

0.733 What it’s like working with the Spotify API comments

0.723 Are Straight People Born That Way? comments

0.673 Are You Part of Steven Pinker’s “Science-flunking Intellectual Elite”? comments

0.629 U.S. oil & gas production will spark new “industrial revolution” comments

0.588 GCC 4.7.0 released comments

0.571 Score your Resumes here comments

0.571 Budget 2012: Impact on small firms comments

0.571 Put Your Inbox in the Upstairs Bathroom comments

0.529 Another blast from the past: reverse engineering and repairing a BigTrak comments

0.520 Red Wine, Tartaric Acid And The Secret Of Superconductivity comments

0.500 Clue to male baldness discovered comments


0.461 Full Control comments

0.412 Cultivating Genius comments

0.397 Wimdu vs Airbnb – the battle for Europe hots up ahead of London 2012 Olympics comments

0.369 Disruptive change fuels innovation, innovation creates disruptive change comments

0.363 Tyannnic Control with Genetic Monsters in the Hunger Games trilogy comments

0.314 Facebook is broken. comments

0.302 HPC cluster with GPU accelerated servers and liquid cooling solution comments

0.300 Adobe unveils Photoshop CS6 beta comments

0.294 Shell - Get input from editor (vim/nano/emacs/textmate?) comments

0.253 JAMP - JSON Actor Message Protocol comments

0.227 Ruby 1.9.3 + Evernote + Thrift comments

0.197 Photoshop CS6 Beta Download comments

0.182 Anonymous leader “Commander X” unveils how Anonymous work comments

0.173 Yokie: People-powered Search + Discovery using Twitter comments

0.155 Nvidia GTX 680 launch video leaks comments

0.148 Music helps children learn maths comments

0.117 Trying to compete with the iPhone - a sad story comments

0.112 Nezumi: iPhone app to manage your Heroku apps on the go comments

0.103 Need a PhD Topic? How about cops in traffic comments

0.092 Is Pinterest the next Facebook? - Fortune Tech comments

0.069 PHP 4 End of Life announcement - cPanel comments

0.064 ‘Super-connected cities’ and video games tax credits comments

0.009 YouTube now offers to fix camera shake and video exposure with a single click comments

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