Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 PM on Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

0.974 A beginner friendly Express.js Tutorial comments

0.970 SPDY vs. S&M: Microsoft and Google battle over the future of HTTP 2.0 comments

0.939 Rails 3.2.3.rc1 has been released comments

0.859 5 Tips to Increase your Followers on Twitter comments

0.785 51% of US Households Own An Apple Product comments

0.773 Idea Factory:Insights on Creativity from Bell Labs & Golden Age of Innovation comments

0.720 Microsoft’s new Open Sourced Stacks comments

0.715 Bill Gates Speech Transcript - Scalability Day 1997 comments

0.695 Jeff Bezos Finds Apollo 11 Rockets comments

0.658 Super earths total in the billions - may be hospitable comments

0.611 Why I Hate Social Media For Businesses comments

0.581 A social network for domains? comments

0.578 Asus Reveals Embarrassing Sales Stats comments

0.577 The Performance Golden Rule: 80-90% of web page load time is in the front-end comments

0.499 The Web Isn’t a Democracy, It’s a Meritocracy comments

0.474 Tricorder project comments

0.467 The Asymptote of DevOps Utopia comments

0.444 Gameplay, And The Importance Of Intrinsic Motivation comments

0.429 Happiness is a warm SCM comments

0.427 The Birdy - Track your expenses thru a daily email comments

0.420 Flexible and easy to customize css tags comments

0.410 Simple base wordpress theme. comments

0.409 ROI is a Vanity Metric and The Real Secret to YC’s Success comments

0.407 Gamification: Why gaining points is so appealing comments

0.383 What Red Hat Has Done is Worth So Much More Than a Billion comments

0.375 HipChat acquired by Atlassian comments

0.354 Support for Startups? comments

0.292 Greatest job posting ever comments

0.289 Solve My Biggest Problem and I’ll Solve Yours comments

0.286 Google’s self driving cars can navigate drive through restaurants. comments

0.276 How Forensics Claims Facebook Ownership Contract Is ‘Forged’ comments

0.262 Adobe will begin charging rev share for premium game features comments

0.250 Kronokraktor comments

0.197 Installation Of Vendor’s Patch Does Not Always Guarantee Security comments

0.194 New, easier-to-update Flash designed to snuff out malware attacks comments

0.186 Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to SlashdotTV (Video) comments

0.172 Walmart’s Sustainability Efforts Stall Under New Leadership comments

0.169 Biodigital Human, a successor to Google body comments

0.161 Science Fiction or Fact: ET Will Look Like Us comments

0.090 Tapose resurrects Courier concept for the iPad, rubs salt in your wounds comments

0.074 Google Apps Vault comments

0.072 Show HN: JavascriptU, workshops on modern JavaScript patterns & libraries comments

0.067 Google Apps Vault comments

0.055 FBI: US losing hacker war comments

0.004 Ask HN: Do you live in the UK? North UK, perhaps? comments

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