Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hacker News stories for 3 PM on Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

0.956 Microsoft Blocks Links To The Pirate Bay comments

0.922 10 weeks to kill ACTA: Europarl decided today to skip court and press for vote comments

0.914 What’s more expensive than college? Not going to College comments

0.907 I’m a Junior Developer – You probably are too comments

0.891 Startup Founders: It’s Okay To Take A Break (And Enjoy Life) comments

0.851 New Y Combinator Startup AnyVivo Sells Jellyfish Online comments

0.839 Supreme Court orders appeals court to reconsider gene patents comments

0.800 If you can see it, say it. comments

0.763 Pro-tip: How To Backup All Of Your GitHub Repositories In One Go comments

0.740 A Guide to Living Like the 1% (On a 99% Budget) comments

0.681 Top Universities by Reputation - 2012 comments

0.666 Cloud Computing As a Jobs Generator? Only Businesses Can Know The Answer comments

0.657 Opera buys Commendo to create predictive analytics powerhouse comments

0.631 GoDaddy Domains for $1.99 only comments

0.600 Duck Punching jQuery Ajax comments

0.586 What We Wish We Knew (Tales From a Portland Startup) comments

0.566 Form Label Proximity: Right Aligned is Easier to Scan comments

0.566 Harry Potter e-books finally on sale, DRM-free comments

0.561 Leaving Microsoft: Lessons Learned comments

0.526 The Startup Ethic and the Charitable Impulse comments

0.521 Re-think in orders of magnitude (scaling sales) comments

0.500 Scheme from Scratch comments

0.472 Cloud Development Best Practices comments

0.467 Andy Gilmore style unicode comments

0.467 McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity: the proof in the pudding comments

0.467 Interviewstreet Codesprints comments

0.467 Unless readable else confused comments

0.431 Porn Company Forces ISP To Hand Over Customer Data comments

0.404 Nokia Puts a Price on the Phone that Could Define Its Future comments

0.389 Concept for a Future Operating/File System comments

0.375 Tighter security imposed for SAT and ACT after cheating scandal comments

0.339 Brooklyn Beta Summer Camp comments

0.327 The least popular post I will ever write comments

0.293 PHP isset() and undefined vs. NULL variables comments

0.290 Woodcut Maps: Handcrafted wood-inlay maps, designed by you comments

0.258 State of Drupal presentation (March 2012) | Dries Buytaert comments

0.213 YC Demo Day Session 3: Crowdtilt, Flypad, Carsabi, Anyperk, TiKL, Dealupa comments

0.170 GeoGraph: A Proposed News Tool For Efficiently Geotargeting Content On Facebook comments

0.170 PostgreSQL needs a new load balancer comments

0.145 Real-Life Examples Of How Google’s “Search Plus” Pushes Google+ Over Relevancy comments

0.125 Presenting a Broken Image comments

0.042 Will mobile developers survive 2012 or will the web finally take over? comments

0.028 Temple Run - Android Apps on Google Play comments

0.013 Ask HN: How do I hire commissioned salespeople? comments

0.001 Ask HN: 25 year old skilled hacker, stuck as laborer in midwest. Please help comments

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