Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hacker News stories for 1 AM on Thursday Mar 29, 2012

0.989 Rise of Y Combinator signifies the age of the incubator in Silicon Valley comments

0.984 Effective unit testing of node.js code comments

0.814 Can’t Beat the CS6 Beta: Adobe Photoshop Leads the Way comments

0.802 ABCD Model for Building Thought Leadership comments

0.801 Common Mistakes as Python Web Developer comments

0.777 Philosophy and the practice of Bayesian statistics comments

0.762 Bigger data, better intelligence for government comments

0.719 Agile coaching - lessons learned comments

0.699 New rules expand the universe of unlicensed spectrum comments

0.696 Seth’s Blog: Making big decisions about money comments

0.685 Five Ways to Make Corporate Space More Creative comments

0.651 Swedish telecom operators want to block Skype comments

0.649 When Ruby Meets Java - The Power of Torquebox comments

0.511 FreedomPop’s plan to become the anti-carrier comments

0.509 Ubi-Camera: Take Photos With Your Hands comments

0.508 What aspects of incarceration couldn’t be guessed by who hasn’t experienced it? comments

0.497 Thoughts on Subscription eCommerce: Curation vs Personalization and More comments

0.492 Questions for new product inventors comments

0.474 Zero Install - Deploy your project with XML comments

0.467 Make a Kegerator comments

0.435 “RESTful” job trends from 2006 thru today comments

0.429 President Obama: Pardon Environmental Activist Tim DeChristopher comments

0.395 Revised Ivy Bridge launch schedule confirmed comments

0.332 “Get to Know the New C++11 Initialization Forms” By Danny Kalev comments

0.329 Facebook Cover Modeling Opportunity by Imparali Custom Tailors comments

0.314 Early days in a DIY biological revolution comments

0.308 Tap to alt text comments

0.295 More Than Half Of All Households In America Now Own An Apple Device comments

0.289 Are conversations better when they are open or closed? comments

0.268 SQL Server Database Backup and Restore Database comments

0.202 Google’s Grand Plan comments

0.197 Ex-Googler Fears Google’s Greed comments

0.181 Pinerly: Analytics For Pinterest First Look comments

0.169 Hands-on with Aereo: $12 monthly broadcast TV with DVR live-streams comments

0.142 They Know Where You Live comments

0.142 MIT shows 3d solar-cell towers comments

0.141 IOS does support paid upgrades comments

0.134 Protecting your Facebook privacy at work comments

0.091 HN - Ranking prognose comments

0.064 Amazing HTML5/CSS3/Js (canvas) experiment comments

0.043 Songkick’s Spotify gamble pays off: 100,000 new users comments

0.023 Show HN: Whydown – yet another advanced downforeveryoneorjustme clone comments

0.010 Show HN: CrowdPiper - experiments using popular social networks comments

0.008 Ask HN: Any Android developers want to do a port? comments

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