Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 AM on Saturday Mar 31, 2012

0.945 Stackexchange: How can I find a good open source project to join? comments

0.939 Rails 3.2.3 has been released comments

0.896 A simple light weight IDE for Scala comments

0.893 MIT develops microfluidic chips that detect viruses in blood & toxins in water comments

0.848 The 44 Master Moves of Remarkable Entrepreneurs | Robin Sharma’s Blog comments

0.831 I don’t like the Dalai Lama comments

0.828 My Scala Elliptic Curve Cryptography Lib comments

0.780 The latest thing in pair programming is Spooning with Bitbucket comments

0.711 Banks are too big to see what’s coming comments

0.647 Weird Al Yankovic seeks $5 million in unpaid royalties comments

0.604 Solar Powered Plane Plans 1,500 Mile Trip To Morocco comments

0.600 Niall Ferguson and Peter Thiel At Harvard comments

0.574 Explore the entire Milky Way in your browser comments

0.500 لماذا ؟ comments

0.500 Timeline: Beautifully crafted open-source timelines comments

0.467 Sexism in IT comments

0.467 Swarm behavior comments

0.461 Coursera: Compiler Class, taught by Alex Aiken comments

0.398 MacOS KenDensed: The New Foxconn, Government Hacking & Nokia’s SIM Hate comments

0.322 Interview With B Horowitz: RG Verified Blogger comments

0.281 Visa, Mastercard and Discover warn of security breach comments

0.229 Bio as Bible: Managers Imitate Steve Jobs comments

0.197 So Long, And Thanks For All The Quantum Research comments

0.180 Largest space survey ever gains insights into Dark Energy comments

0.166 Coming Of Age comments

0.151 The $30 billion Social Security hack comments

0.131 Beem: A Jabber/XMPP client for Android comments

0.127 8bit Google Map - Monster Hunter: Yeti comments

0.114 The man behind FAKEGRIMLOCK comments

0.044 Use the Google Maps 8bit layer in any app comments

0.038 Ask HN: No Idea & Looking for Co-Founder in NYC comments

0.007 Google Maps for NES (video) comments

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