Friday, March 30, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 AM on Friday Mar 30, 2012

0.904 RESTful thinking considered harmful comments

0.856 6 things they didn’t teach me at the academy comments

0.839 The Nature of Tipping Points comments

0.793 Ten Simple Rules for Starting a Company PLoS Computational Biology comments

0.778 Why do serial entrepreneurs exist comments

0.773 Missing Pieces Of Small Business Tech comments

0.770 Call For Hi-Tech Learning Approach comments

0.738 Hungry Part 2: The Trick to Not Feeling Cheated comments

0.721 Frighteningly UN-Ambitious Startup Ideas comments

0.658 R 2.15.0 is released comments

0.650 The Powerful Hidden Product Search in ShopWiki comments

0.630 Bringing Up a Young Reader on E-Books comments

0.630 Irradiating the hypothalamus reduces body fat by 30% in 10 weeks in mice comments

0.621 The online dating race in India comments

0.588 Rethinking Settings comments

0.571 Statistics with Julia comments

0.533 Bacteria converts carbon dioxide into liquid fuel comments

0.455 Karateka Fan Letter From John Romero (1985) comments

0.449 Catalogue Designing, Brochure Designer in Delhi NCR comments

0.449 Research In Motion is dead comments

0.435 Awful Security Questions comments

0.383 Best Buy Rethinks The Big-Box Model comments

0.375 Playffs 404 page comments

0.370 Cloud Computing: Leading From The Front – Part 1 comments

0.366 Why I Chose New York comments

0.354 The Coming Entanglement: Bill Joy and Danny Hillis comments

0.322 R&D Strategies of MNCs in India comments

0.308 How a Minimum Viable Audience Helps You Create a Successful Startup comments

0.286 Chrome 18 arrives with hardware-accelerated Canvas comments

0.272 Catalog Designing Delhi NCR | Graphic Design comments

0.269 New imagery shows brain neurons are arranged in 2D sheets comments

0.242 Real-life tap controller by tweets via Arduino kit. comments

0.227 CipherCloud Joins Cloud Security Alliance comments

0.221 Dell PartnerDirect Introduces Cloud Services & Solutions Certification comments

0.114 Google opening an online store soon comments

0.100 Rand Fishkin - Inbound Marketing for Startups (Video) comments

0.094 The pull request test/build bot comments

0.087 Giving Away Your Passwords comments

0.083 Pushing messages + Android = C2DM comments

0.082 Apple’s war on Android gets major blow in the form of 1994 “future tablet” video comments

0.055 10 Million hits a day with Wordpress using a $15 server comments

0.041 Facebook doesn’t add third sex, gay activist disables account comments

0.018 Show HN: Cockpito - Monitor and visualize your app/website metrics easily comments

0.016 KickStarter: Bonobo Chat: An app for talking with apes comments

0.013 Show HN: Instant Instructions for your application comments

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